The IDIC Romance: A Star Trek: Enterprise TnT Fan Fiction Adventure

Season One One-Offs:

Season Two One-Offs:

Season Three:

Xindi Arc; Pre-”Harbinger”:

Xindi Arc, Post-”Harbinger”:

Season Four:

Home” Arc:

Post “Bound” Arc:

Demons”and “Terra Prime” Arc:

During the Six-Year Gap:

  • Phoenix Time, May 8, 2015: R: T’Pol’s anger flashes hot and burns Trip, who’s staggering in the corridors ranting incoherently about, “phoenix time”…and that’s the most normal part of this story. #StaD Prompt: Fairy Tale Redux.  Guest Prompt from Phil Guinta: You’re walking along a busy city street on your way to work. A short distance ahead, a well-dressed man approaches. He stands out from the crowd only because he is staggering and stumbling as if drunk, but it’s only 8:30 in the morning. As he draws closer, you notice that he has a swollen eye and a bloody nose. He collides with a parking meter and nearly falls over. No one comes to his aid, so you decide to take the initiative.You reach out to steady him and ask what happened…
  • Apples and Peanut Butter”, May 6, 2015:  PG-13: Graphic novels, pregnancy cravings, and a lot of sweetness….
    • #STaD Prompt: Ripped From the Headlines. Guest Prompt: Joe R. Lansdale: On the day they saw the blue star swell to gigantic proportions, everyone went blind but Hardy. He was already blind, had been from birth, but he had lifted his head to the heavens because he felt a peculiar warmth. Moments later the others were still blind, but he could see. All the colors of the spectrum. Even viewed by moonlight, the brightness of it all frightened and puzzled him. 


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