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#lifeonespresso for #weekendcoffeeshare, September 9,2017

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I can’t remember the last time I had an uneventful week! I seem to be living #lifeonespresso these days (if that’s not a hashtag, it should be!)

Some of this week’s highlights:


  • It rained. Hard. All Day. We got the remnants of Harvey, not the brunt of the storm. I send blessings to all those who had much worse to contend with than a roof that drips in hard rain. I’m sitting on reasonably high ground in upstate New York; I’m not complaining.


  • Jim and I went out for a few hours. We did laundry, some preliminary canvassing for a sectional sofa that will hold four adult-sized Burtons, and going out to eat, just the two of us, which still feels a bit like playing hooky! Our son Jeremiah, who turned 16 on Saturday, making him eligible for his learner’s permit. He gathered necessary paperwork, reviewed the driver’s manual he downloaded to his phone a few months ago, and retook some practice tests while we were gone, and had things pretty well in line by the time we got home. He filled me in on what I had to fill in, so to speak. He’s had his sights set on driving since he was 11…that’s a lot of personal motivation! =)


  • There were a lot of people at the DMV after the holiday weekend, but Jeremiah had everything in order, so it was a breeze. His paperwork was processed, his photo taken, his cell phone turned over to me (I don’t think it would have occurred to him to cheat; he’s a very honest sort), and he went into the testing room.He emerged only a few minutes later, having aced the test – 0 incorrect answers! He said there were no questions that he didn’t see in the practice tests. After, we got pizza – passing a permit test as a 16 year old boy is hungry work, apparently  – and he had his first ever experience behind the wheel in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He was nervous and thought he did poorly, but I told him he was pretty good for a first-timer. I don’t think I added any silver hairs. Those are more likely to come from my daughter, who’s more prone to taking risks. =)


  • Jim’s car was ready at the shop – and our new fridge was delivered! The old one was 2 years old when we moved into our house; and the 16 year old mentioned above was 4 months old then! It served well, but it’s ready for a life of semi-retirement, holding the components for Chef Bluebead’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces. Jim and I picked up the car, then went to the Y. I’d planned to use the track, since it was raining again, but it was closed, so I walked in and around the neighboring mall. After, we stopped at a salad place for lunch, then Jim grabbed a few groceries while I bought new running shoes.


  • Jeremiah and I came back from our walk, an hour before the skies opened up in a potent thunderstorm. After it was over, I found two soggy boxes at the end of the walkway. The base components for our hot sauce gift buckets in the making had arrived, and I set up two prototypes (small and large). Miah observed that they seemed a little too dark. I decided tissue paper and lighter trims would help, along with the magnets I’m still designing. We decided to combine the shopping expedition with a driving practice session. Just as we got to the intersection for the plaza, Jeremiah realized he’d forgotten his wallet, and thus his permit. So we did the shopping, had a snack, then returned home to pick up his wallet and head to the parking lot of the local school. He was more confident and willing to experiment on his second attempt, and is developing a sense of the car’s operations. Just as he was finishing up, another storm rolled in, and we sat and watched the edges of a very low, heavy cloud roiling, breaking apart, and producing rain. It was amazing, beautiful, and a little terrifying. When the storm passed, I drove the few miles home, and saw a double rainbow on the steep hill on our country road. Once we were home, Jim told me that a local country store is willing to carry Chef Bluebeard’s sauces – our first store placement, and a huge step for our tiny little newborn company!


  • I’m pleasantly achy, since I just finished my final walk in my #couchto5K program (I needed to finish by the end of the weekend, so I’ve done over 3 miles 3 days in a row, twice with my new hand weights and running shoes. It’s slated to be a quieter day, as Jim and I gear up for Chef Bluebeard’s first-ever Tugboat Roundup on the Erie Canal. I love this event, and am looking forward to the unofficial kickoff of the fall festival/craft fair season.

Well, I’ve said plenty, and now I really do want to hear about your week. =) Has it been #lifeonespresso, a lazy Sunday morning cuppa, or somewhere in between?

Share a steaming mug with some of the other #weekendcoffeeshare folks, and join in with your own at Diana’s Part-Time Monster Blog!

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Growth’s KISS: September 3, 2017

Hey there!

It’s a brand new month. Yesterday, I became the mother of someone legally old enough to drive.

On Tuesday, I’ll be taking him to the DMV to take his permit test. Once he passes, my life’s going to include helping him learn the things he needs to know to be a safe driver.

Which leads me to my mantra for September:

Keep It Simple.

My September goals  follow a trend I’ve been practicing for the last several months, as I learn the balance between what I want to do, and what I actually can accommodate in a busy family life, and at the budding stage of our family business.

I’m excited for new challenges, and for finishing those I’m still in the midst of…

So, here we go…on to my Keep It Simple September goals!

What growth do you plan for this month?

  • Story A Day September: Create one 333 word story for Trueborn; Solemates, and one 100-word TnT fan fiction drabble each day, to challenge prompts. Day One done; Day Two finished just past midnight. Primary goal; up to date.
  • Trueborn Series: Add 2,222 words/week to Trueborn: Foul Deeds Will Rise, until complete. Secondary goal; after StoryADay completed for day.
  • Kifo Island Series: Add 3,333 words/week to The Last House (until draft completed). Stretch goal; after other drafting goals met for day/week.

  • Story A Day September: Continue call for TnT word prompt lists. Plot as needed to achieve drafting goals. First set of prompts in play; simmering Day 3. Primary goal; good progress.
  • Trueborn: Solemates: Use daily stories for notetaking, character sketching, outlining, and other materials that will allow me to plot the novel in October. Secondary goal.

  • Other Star Trek Enterprise TnT Fan Fiction: Enterprise Early Days Arc and Cogenitor/Expanse Limbo Arc (may include new writing). Continue revisions on these projects any day I choose, if I’ve completed an hour of HTRYN. Stretch goal.

  • Explore Duotrope; compile list of 25 paying short story/novella markets. Choose 5 to research in greater depth. This is self-explanatory. Primary goal; left over from August.

  • Explore ten of the sites I have in my various email feeds; choose 3 for further exploration. Secondary goal; left over from August.

  • Fan Fiction: Post stories from Cogenitor/Expanse Limbo Arc to as revised. Stretch goal; after 5 Duotrope and 3 email sites compiled each week.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November. #weekendcoffeeshare posted; #8sunday scheduled. Missed #SoCS (may post Sunday). Primary goal; good progress.

  • October special features blogpost drafts: Revise, package, and schedule this project. Once I’ve got two weeks’ worth ready, announce the project with schedule (I do better at these things when I commit to a time frame). Secondary goal.

  • Connecting: Visit at least 3 posters/week from every hop/challenge I participate in. Visit at least two other Story A Day posters/day, on average. Touch base with other social media platforms at least once weekly. Posted a few pics from Miah’s birthday to my Instagram account. Stretch goal; modest progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 15 hours each week. 11/15 hours for blended week.Primary goal; good progress.

  • Va-Va-Video Course: Complete the three week session, and keep current with the Facebook Page 3 times/week. Watched first two videos, completed challenge, skimmed Facebook page (1/3 visits) and made my intro. Stretch goal; solid progress.

  • Hometending: Complete 1.5 hours of hometending/week. 1.75/1.5 hours for blended week.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least 8 hours physical activity/week, (including finishing Baby Steps to 5K/ beginning Run 5K programs); meditate and journal 8x/week. Activity for blended week: 11.15 /8 hours. Meditate/journal: 7/8.

  • Paying It Forward: Spend 3 hours/week on back business for local crit group (until caught up); and 3 hours/week on beta projects Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood/ related material . Crit group: 15 min/3 hours on Moon Murder Chapter 3. Betas: 3.5/3 hours for blended week, finished/returned “Patrick and Sarah” Chapter 2; highlighted Spellfire’s Kiss, Chapter 3 for commenting.

Kait Nolan’s  ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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Growth Reflected Upon Over Coffee: #ROW80 August Final and #weekendcoffeeshare for September 1, 2017

If we were having coffee…

I’d thank you for meeting me for a cuppa on the run. There’s lots going on, and I’m combining indulgence with business today. I’m glad you’re still willing to get together!

August is over, and September means new challenges: Story A Day September and Va-Va Video career development for my writing, and for our blossoming hot sauce business.

Tomorrow, our firstborn turns sixteen years old. He and I are headed out to eat and do things he wants to do – a walk in a local park, and a stop by a lumber store, because he wants to make himself a desk. Sixteen is legal driving age in NY, but since it’s Labor Day Weekend, I’ll be taking him for his learner’s permit test on Tuesday. It all happened so fast!

Chef Bluebeard and I will be at the Waterford Harbor Farmer’s Market on Sunday, and have Monday off. Planning a mellow family day with a fire.

Well, lovely as it is to see you, I’ve got to get back to work, which means final accounting for my August ROW80 goals.

What’s on your weekend agenda? Another cuppa?
Find more #weekendcoffeeshare here!

  • Trueborn Series: Add 3,333 words/week to Foul Deeds Will Rise (until draft completed). 3,472/3,333. Primary goal COMPLETED for this week! Added 11,284 words for the month, and am into the climactic scenes of the novel. Solid progress.
  • Kifo Island Series: Add 5,555 words/week between Still Nameless and The Last House (until drafts completed). 461/5,555 words this week. 2,642 words added this month. Secondary goal; a bit of progress.

  • Story A Day September: Choose themes for main stories (Solemates, my November NaNoWriMo project) and TnT fanfiction drabbles; plot to the degree possible. Put out general call for word prompt lists. I’ve requested words as part of the Author’s Notes for “Highly Classified Mission,” and received one batch. No plotting to speak of. Primary goal; good progress.
  • Kifo Island Series: Plot as needed for SN, using hybrid form of The Writer’s Coloring Book and The Story Toolkit. Secondary goal; no progress.

  • Enterprise Early Days Arc: Continue revisions on this project for my WIPpet Wednesday posts. This week’s post: It’s All Yours Secondary goal COMPLETE for week/month!


  • Explore Duotrope; compile list of 25 paying short story/novella markets. Choose 5 to research in greater depth. Primary goal; no progress.

  • Explore ten of the sites I have in my various email feeds; choose 3 for further exploration. Secondary goal; no progress.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for August/ September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November.. WIPpet done; simmering weekend posts, and September schedule. Primary goal; good progress.

  • JuNoWriMo blogpost drafts: Organize and schedule raw material for completion and revision. Spend 1 hour/ week on this project. Secondary goal COMPLETED for this week! 2/4 weeks completed; some progress.

  • Other Platforms: Spend 3 hours/week with my Facebook Writer page; Instagram Pinterest, and Patreon. Continue with Twitter #writingcrew and #AllStarTrek sprints/chats regularly. Dabble in other social media (LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Wattpad, etc.) 1 hour/week. 1.5/3 hours; mins/1 hour; Quora. Stretch goal; some of each major throughout the month; good progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 11 hours each week. 11/11 hours; worked on website. Primary goal COMPLETED for this week; good progress for the month.

  • Personal professional Development: Finish reading/exercises from Prosperity for Writers. Complete my writing business plan using this excellent article by Angela Ackerman as a guide. PSW: 73% read; 58% exercises, which take a bit longer to complete. Business Plan: Step 4/7 in progress from June. Secondary goal; good progress throughout the month.

  • Unschooltending: Draft kids’ 2017-2018 IHIPs (Individualized Home Instruction Plans), due Friday, August 4, and draft fourth quarter reports (due September 15), since those are easier to do in conjunction with each other; submit Lise’s test results, which got lost in the hustle. Sent fourth quarter reports a month early; mailed Lise’s test scores. Goal COMPLETED!

  • Hometending: Complete 1 hour of hometending/week. 1 hr, 30 minutes/1 hr. Goal EXCEEDED for this week; solid progress through the month.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at six hours physical activity/week, (including Baby Steps to 5K); meditate and journal 8x/week. Activity 7.5/6 hours; Meditate/journal 5/8. Solid progress this week, and for the month.

  • Paying It Forward: Spend 3 hours/week on back business for local crit group; and 2 hours/week on beta projects Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood. Crit Group: 2.5/ 3 hours. Finished Chapter Two of SK, sent to author; 1.5 /2 hours. Modest progress throughout the latter third of the month.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80 –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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September 4, 2001 – or was that just yesterday? An uncertain young mother and a giant (10 pound, 2 ounce, 22.5 inches!) baby boy named Jeremiah, in Livingston, Montana. 16 years, in the blink of an eye – and now he’s a giant (6’3″ and growing!) young man. Tempis fugit!
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The Practicing Mindfulness Edition: #weekendcoffeeshare and #SoCS

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I thought I’d get to this post earlier in the day, but that earlier in the day was instead filled with the ever-present Other Things.

You see, my Accomplice is starting a business, I am engaged in goals around that, my writing (it’s July #CampNaNoWriMo, and I’m writing a book without a plot for the first time in a few years, so the writing feels more…vivid than it has of late), and learning about marketing, platform and design. More, my daughter became a teenager a week ago, and my son will be going on a camping trip out of state with friends. He’s visited out of state friends before, but never for camping.

My kids are growing up, and their parents’ horizons are expanding too. For all of us, this is a time of exciting change and shifting. They are becoming adults. Jeremiah will be 16 in early September. He’s been studying the driver’s manual and the state licensing laws already, because he’s a practical, safety-minded person who also happens to love doing research on things that interest him.

We’re at that point where many families are dealing with “teenage rebellion.” As a matter of fact, I was told be a family member, back when the kids were 8 and 5, that “all teenagers rebel, even if only a little.” Because we don’t impose rules on our kids, and haven’t since they were 7 and 4, I was assured their teenage years were going to be disastrous.

And they certainly could be. I wasn’t a very nice mother, before I made a conscious, and very difficult to enact, decision that I needed to become a kinder, gentler, more respectful version of myself.

My kids, shortly after this change, referred to my former self as “Mean Mommy.” As in, “Back when you were a Mean Mommy.”

That hurt, to hear them say it. It still hurts that it was true, even though it’s been years since I lived up to that title.

But that’s a litlte off topic. I wanted to say, that if I had gone on down that Mean Mommy path I was on, I would almost certainly be in big trouble right about now. I’ve spawned a fifteen year old who is about 6’3” tall – and burly about the chest and shoulders, like his father – only bigger.

If I had made myself his enemy, way back then when he was still much smaller than me, I might be in very deep trouble now. Instead, I have an almost-a-man son with whom a maintain a close and connected relationship, even as he stretches toward independence. We don’t just tolerate one another, or have a state of truce.

We enjoy one another’s company. We take long walks together, where he shares his thoughts, and, sometimes, asks me for advice or opinions on his plans for the future. He’s recently discovered an interest in in local history, and we’ve visited several significant sites together.

I know that if I need to tell him I disagree or have serious plans about something he wants to do, that he’ll consider my opinion – because I’ve earned his trust and his respect.

As I said above, it wasn’t an easy change. The life I had as a child offers little in the way of positive examples, beyond that my parents did foster a sense of curiosity and a desire for learning, and they could be goofy and loving.

But the reality includes the shadow of abuse. Physical violence, screaming and shouting, inconsistent and sometimes harsh punishment, emotional manipulation and abandonment, and intentional, systemic humiliation were all a part of my childhood, and, at one point, I was very close to bequeathing them to my own children as their birthright.

I didn’t decide one day to change the entire way I raised my children, and then do it. The process of deciding took nearly a year. That was followed by a great deal of research and learning.

At first, I had to be mindful every moment – every thought, gesture, and word. I made a tremendous number of mistakes and missteps. I relapsed more than once, falling back on those old patterns I’d known since I was a small child.

If I hadn’t practiced mindfulness, I wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t be the mother of two teensI know I can guide without controlling. Whose judgment I trust, within the parameters of the maturity they’ve attained.

When I think about the way life might have been, I’m profoundly thankful that I chose mindfulness instead.

The post is a joint venture of Stream of Consciousness Saturday, hosted by Linda G.Hill, and the #weekendcoffeeshare, back at its original home at Part-Time Monster Blog.

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Building An Independent Adult: March 8, 2017

Hey there!

Before we get into today’s update, I’d love to chat for a couple of minutes. First, I want to salute all women everywhere, and all men who treat us as the equals we are. Whether you’re striking, or going about your normal life, or something else, I’m thinking of you, and celebrating you, today.

I’m also celebrating my son, who told me on Monday that he hasn’t thought of himself as a kid for about a year now. We were out doing errands, and the conversation included his plans for the future, what he’s learning, music he enjoys, and more. Before we left the house, he helped me rescue a sparrow who had gotten trapped on our enclosed porch, and was too frightened to see the open door.

Then, today, when one of the kitchen sink drains was clogged, he decided to explore basic plumbing.

It’s amazing, seeing him taking on adult challenges, undaunted. He’s got one foot in the adult world, and one in childhood. He’s breathtaking. =D

It doesn’t seem so long ago – but long enough for him to be a head TALLER than me now!

If you’re a parent, have you ever found yourself quite suddenly looking at one of your children in an entirely new light?

If you aren’t a parent, have you had that kind of perception shift with a character?

Do you intend to do anything to observe International Women’s Day?


  • Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2): Reread existing material; complete draft (10/50 scenes). Primary goal. Reread: Scene 15/40 complete and I’m sooo glad I’m taking a revision class, because this isn’t even close to a clean draft!

  • Fan Fiction (The IDIC Romance): Draft three chapters for Love and Loss, based upon the drabbles I wrote in February. Secondary goal. Shifted one scene, designated scenes for Chapter 1/3, and took notes for fleshing out the drabbles, and adding scenes and passages to draft to complete the chapter.



  • The IDIC Romance: Progress with revisions for On Any Tuesday Night (was First Contact, With Jazz), as I work through lessons 2- of Holly Lisle’s Revision Course. Continue revisions for A Backdrop of Stars  1-7. Primary goal. OATN Worksheets: p 9/82 (Scene 3) in progress. 1,103 words of Chapter Two rewrite drafted.

Social Media:

  • Blogging Features: Continue biweekly Mindful Monday and Skywatch Friday posts, as well as weekly #SoCS, #8sunday, WIPpet Wednesday, and Weekend Coffee share posts. Develop rough schedule to pre-produce April posts where possible; have all drafts in website interface or Scrivener by March 31. Tertiary goal. #Mindful (#BOAW2017) complete.


  • Homeschool Administration: Draft, proof, and submit second quarter reports, due March 15. Create Flickr portfolios for this school year. Primary goal. Reports proofed and submitted Sunday evening – that’s right! I submitted them over a week early, thanks to being sick and not really up to much beyond administrative things late last week.

  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Complete three 27 thing flings each room, each week. One 27 thing fling on porch and/or yard each week. 33 General Hometending rounds weekly. Secondary goal. Family; bedroom: 1/3; Porch: 1/1; general: 10/33. A combination of busy days, then a very tired Tuesday, have slowed me down a bit more than I wanted, here.
  • Photo digitalization: Scan 27 travel photos per week. Tertiary goal. Pulled this week’s photos.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Primary goal. Conversation; videos; gaming; bird rescue; shopping; lunch; snuggling; television.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group. Tertiary goal. Write-in; online interaction; critique piece in progress: page 14/19.

  • Paying it Forward: Offer beta reading, reviews, and promotional posts for other writers. Side goal. Shared many of the other #BOAW posts.


  • Journal six mornings and four evenings each week. Meditate six mornings and three evenings weekly. Primary goal. Morning: 2/6 journal/ meditation. Evening: 0/4 journal; 0/3 meditation.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 99 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly; 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes) twice weekly, and 9 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.). Secondary goal. 99 minutes: 3/5; 111 minutes: 1/2; Strenuous:0/9 hours.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Draft CV and revise. Pulled up document and reread; simmering.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80 –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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And now, back on the ROW80 blog, too!

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Building A Rebellious Teen: February 15, 2017

Hey there!

Well, it’s finally happened. I was warned, long ago, by a family member who stated authoritatively:

“All teenagers rebel, at least a little.”

She was sure our shift from authoritarian to partnership parenting would be a disaster. Our oldest was only 8 at the time, and we had a ways to go before any teens lived with us, so I didn’t argue.

It took the teen who calls me “Mom” almost 15.5 years to get around to what he calls his “cunning rebellion.” It was totally unexpected, when the moment came.

So, what happened?

Tuesday afternoon, I was chatting with him while I got some dishes soaking in the sink. Usually, I make it known that help with this ongoing cycle in our lives is appreciated, but this time there weren’t that many dishes to attend to, so I told him, “I don’t need any help with these dishes.”

I went to do something in another room, and, when I returned in a couple of minutes, the rebellion was in full swing, right there at the kitchen sink.

That’s right – my 15 year old son was washing the dishes!

When I asked if this was the teenage rebellion I’d been warned about, he confirmed, saying, “I finally got around to it.”

 I’m building rebels, one kindness at a time! =D

Other than the rampant and rather sudsy adolescent rebellion, it was a peaceful session. A foot of snow on Sunday set the mood for simmering and more targeted focus. I’m very close to wrapping up one of my major goals, and I’ve moved significantly closer on a few others.

I’m well set up for the second half of the month, which is good, because it looks to be busier than the first, with several outside activities.

Were you  ever a rebellious teen? 

  • Note: Goals engaged with during this session are detailed in this update. For complete goals lists, click the links below.


  • Kifo Island: Write 5,000 words/week The Far Shore (KIC #6), until complete. Primary goal. Scene 24/24 in progress. 5,867/5,000 words; 68,389/~65,000 total (Scrivener count). I’m ahead of projected word count for the novel, and my weekly goal, but I expect to have this finished by Sunday’s update, because waiting to write a couple thousand more words at the most seems a bit silly, and I want to be finished!

  • Fan Fiction: Draft one new chapter each for “Cowled”  and Love and Loss. Side goal. Journaled notes for Cowled; reread notes; simmered, and wrote 189 words. I suspect the chapter will be in the 2-5K range; I’ll know more as I move through it. Simmering a plan on how to draw the drabbles together for the basis of a LAL chapter.


  • Kifo Island: Sea Changes: Continue rough revision for crit group; scenes 7-10. Tertiary goal. Highlighted Scene 7; simmering for revisions.


  • Blog Hops: #Loveuary : Write a daily drabble focused on the next chapters of Love and Loss, using a prompt pool from my fans; visit other posters as I can. #atozchallenge: Sign up for the challenge and complete any loose ends and unfinished businessby the end of the month, all posts should be finished and scheduled (to both website and blog). Primary goal. #Loveuary Drabbles: 14/28 complete. I’m having so much fun with this!

  • Blogging Features: Continue biweekly Mindful Monday posts, as well as weekly #SoCS, #8sunday, WIPpet Wednesday, and Weekend Coffee share posts. Add biweekly SkyWatch Friday posts. Develop rough schedule to pre-produce April posts. Secondary goal. Mindful Monday post completed. Skywatch in progress forFriday.


  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, and kitchen. Complete three 27 thing flings each room, each week. Bedroom, living room, and bathroom: two 27 thing fling each room each week. 29 General Hometending rounds weekly. Secondary goal. Bedroom 2/2. General: 27/29.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Primary goal. Conversation; flirting; canoodling; snuggling; video watching; punning.

  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Secondary goal. Upcoming “busy spell”: Couples’ workout Thursday; Homeschool teen pizza party with daughter Friday; Allegiance with son on Sunday. Welcome to Night Vale Live Show with daughter in April (tickets purchased!) Kids and I in early planning for Unschoolers Rock the Campround Ten in July!

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group. Tertiary goal. Virtual wordsprints and visiting the group page; working on my revision piece and posting to group.


  • Journal six mornings and three evenings each week. Meditate five mornings and two evenings weekly. Primary goal. Morning: 3/6 journal; 3/5 meditation. Evening: 1/3 journal; 1/2 meditation.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 90 minutes moderate physical activity 6 days weekly; 99 minutes twice weekly, and 8 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.). Secondary goal. 90 minutes: 3/6; 99 minutes: 3/2; Strenuous: 3:10/ 8 hours; snowshoveling.

  • Smart Change: Reread early chapters/worksheets; create an approach plan. Side goal. Rereading Chapter Three; Question 1/3 in progress for 4/5 goals; this is the beginning of my approach plan.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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And now, back on the ROW80 blog, too!

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The Joy of Skulls: #JusJoJan Day 12

Welcome to Day Twelve of Just Jot it January, where, for a month – well, we jot. Whatever. However. Wherever. Whyever. It’s graciously hosted by Linda G.Hill. 

Today’s prompt,skullscomes to us courtesy of Dean at Dean’z Doodlez.

I almost wrote a Trip and T’Pol story – except, after many days of insisting, persistently and purportedly logically, T’Pol must have been feeling a little playful. All I could pick up from her today were little fluffy pieces of this and that which went rather jarringly with the bloodier bits she was sharing – of being trapped, and knowing that her life, Trip’s, and their unborn twins’ were all at stake…but all of these are in fragmented images, like shattered bones, at the moment, and much more in images and emotional flashes than in anything that’s really ready to be shared in anything more than that scattered manner above.

Maybe, in some weird way, that carcasslike paragraph up there fits the theme…

Anyway, I’ve decided to go another way.

This is Yorick. I met him in a Manhattan beauty salon whose name I no longer remember. The very idea of this extremely country upstate girl who grew up next to a field where silage corn and timothy hay were grown, who watched the haying from her bedroom window, and who’s seldom given much of any thought at all to matters of fashion, would be in a Manhattan beauty salon was one of those simply amazing confluences of circumstance that lead me to create unabashedly run-on and purple passages.

Without the Internet, it probably never would have happened….but that’s not the point today. The point is that I met Yorick, and had fun with him. And I took pretty pictures, so I can smile about skulls while I share these with you.

Skulls also make me think of my daughter. That’s not gruesome – really!

You see, my little girl like bones. Always has – maybe always will. She’s got a fairly good grasp of human, equine, and mastodon anatomy, as you can see! Look at that joy, that goofy five-year old horse skull grin on ther little face! That, my friends, is LOVE!

Sometimes people wonder why we choose to live like this, why our children have lived lives free of school and lessons, and asked what we DO, how our kids learn, when they aren’t subject to any curriculum…

Here’s a little hint of an answer, in these images.

They learn.

Oh, yes! They learn.

And, while they’re doing it, their faces look like this! =D

Suddenly, I’m finding skulls to be things of beauty, and not just because they support so much.

Maybe that’s what T’Pol wanted me to see today? Don’t know, but, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to tell you that I have a headache that’s insisting my own skull is too tight. I’m trying to stave off a potential incipient migraine. I’m not going to proofread this; despite having other writing I could and maybe should be doing, tonight, I think I’m going to set aside the laptop earlier tonight, take a hot shower, and maybe try to rest it away.

May we all keep what’s in our skulls in place, and fill them with thoughts that make that face in front of that skull grin like this little girl!


That’s it for me today…find more jottings right here!