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Spontaneous Building: 12 Week Year/#ROW80 Week 2 Final Update

Hey there!

As I noted in my midweek update, which I didn’t get posted until Friday, the week began with a fall festival and a dinner for two, and quickly moved on to a rather stressful drive to Rochester, New Hampshire, where I discovered I’d left my computer bag sitting on the family room table – 4 hours away – an occurrence which meant that I did no work on any of my goals from then until early Friday morning.

That was compounded by the fact that, although we’d had this trip planned for months, I somehow forgot to take that fact into consideration while planning my very first 12 Week Year, so the workload was unrealistic even if I had taken the laptop and decided to work (not something I do well when I travel, under the best of circumstances).

And then…

Last night, I happened across a local friend’s Facebook picture. He and his wife were waiting in a very long line for the annual Candlelight Tour of the General Philip Schuyler House – an event I planned to attend, but somehow thought was scheduled for Monday night, even though that really doesn’t make much sense.

So, I decided to feed my Hamilton passion (Schuyler was Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law); a way for me to partake in my rich local history (the Battles of Saratoga were fought in my hometown); and indulge in some writing research (parts of my Philodosia story occur in this house, by night).

I waited about 2 hours in line. Chatted with the folks in front of me, and, after a while, volunteers and rangers (the Schuyler House became part of Saratoga National Historical Park in 1950) moved along the line sharing information and stories, and taking questions.

We only toured the downstairs rooms: main hall with surveying office at the end (this was a working country house, not a mansion); parlor, dining room, and the kitchen where only slaves and servants generally entered. In the kitchen (maybe my favorite room), I joined the Old Saratoga Historical Association, and volunteered for training on giving the tour, which would be #awesomewow!

Needless to say, my Week Two doesn’t look stellar – but progress toward goals isn’t all that matters in life, and it was a full-rich week, in other ways.

How do you handle it when life offers treasures that weren’t in your game plan?

Useful Links:

Schuyler House by Day, September, 2016. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.

Week 2 Action Plan Progress:

  • Blue: Completed.

  • Green: In Progress.

  • Black: Not Yet Begun

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete beta reading for two chapters Spellfire; one Stained. Weeks: 1-5

  • No progress on Spellfire this week.

  • Chapter Four of Stained completed (but not readable by author, so I need to resent the file); Chapter Five highlighted for future comments.

  • About 33% progress for Week 2.

Complete five hometending rounds on porch; three in study; and one in bedroom: Weeks 1-3.

  • All rooms addressed and quotas met (although I’m a little shocked I managed it).

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice twice weekly: Weeks 1-3.

  • No progress this week, by mutual decision.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform Course:

Complete Module One: Week 2.

  • No progress this week.

Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel Course:

Complete three hours of lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night.” Weeks 1-12.

  • No progress this week.


Complete Planning elements: Weeks 1-2.

  • No progress this week.

OctPoWriMo 2017:

Complete 31 poems. Week 15.

  • 14/31 poems completed.

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Chef Bluebeard:

Create social media schedule: Week 2.

  • Prototype schedule created; I’ll use it for this year, then assess it in Year 2.


Contact three venues and three stores for sales. Weeks 1-3.

  • About 15% of goal completed for Week 2.

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Samsung Health:

Complete 5K Week 10: Week 2-7

  • Runs from Friday, October 6, and Monday, October 9 completed; still 2 behind.

  • About 50% of goal completed for Week 2.

Tai chi, yoga, reiki:

Tai chi: Attend class twice weekly; either Monday evening, or Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons: Weeks 1-12.

  • I was away on all available class days.

  • No progress this week.

Cook a vegetable based meal.

Cook a vegetable based meal on Wednesday: Weeks 1-2.

  • Helped prepare a veggie-rich Wednesday meal.

  • 50% of goal completed for Week 2.

Personal Expression:

Assess jewelry; purchase new pieces as they speak to me.

Go through the jewelry I already have; save and/or discard as I choose: Week 2 3.

  • Went through heart-shaped trinket box which holds most of my jewelry.

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Evaluate wardrobe as the season changes.

Purchase snow and driving gloves: Week 2-4.

  • No progress this week.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80 –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

ROW Along, or Cheer Us On!

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I Think It’s Safe to Say….#SoCS

I think it’s safe to say that we have a successful small business.

Okay, it’s still not bringing in enough cash to meet our expenses, but it’s growing, and building a reputation, and we’re gradually expanding, while at the same time trying to save ourselves the headaches of goig ino debt to finance the business.

But Chef Bluebeard’s hot sauces are a going concern.

That’s a little dizzying to me, considering that we launched our sales in late June, and, at the time, we had one battered car we sweated taking the 5 miles to the one local farmer’s market we worked each week.

It’s now just over 3 months later, and I’m typing this post from our county fairgrounds, where we’re working a swap meet and bike show that’s attracting clubs from all over the state. We’ve made back our booth rental, and we’ve got three hours left to go for this event. We tend to do a bit better as the day goes on, and this event includes alcohol which can be carried throughout the venue. It’s also cool and overcast, with showers – good weather to think about warming up your taste buds!

I actually stopped for a while in the middle of the last sentence. Met a very nice couple, and sold them two bottles of sauce. And stopped again after that sentence to sell another. That makes our count a respectable 8 for the day, so far, and still a bit over 2 hours to go.

So, as I said, we’re finding our pace, and hitting our stride. The next adventure is going to be contacting a woman I ran into outsidea craft store yesterday; by some coincidence, we struck up a conversation, and she organizes craft shows and associated events. So we may have more opportunities in 2018 than we can handle. =)

Also on the agenda – getting the sauce into stores. I finally have a better label solution – since we began, I’ve been printing the labels on regular paper, two to a page, and Jim has been cutting them out and taping them to the bottles. I found sticker sheets, though, and they print fine. It’s still an interim solution – the job is getting to be a bit much for my aging printer, and it’s one of those things I’d happily delegate to a local small business – but, until I have the time and energy to find a printer willing to take on some custom work, sticker sheets should yield 3 labels per page, and, now that we have UPC codes, we are ready to start querying local independent stores. We’re especially looking for those who deal in specialty or related items – and there are quite a few in the area, many of which cater to tourists in the summer season.

We’re still at the beginning of things, still feeling our way along…but gaining confidence as we go, and learning all the time.

P.S. We got to 11 bottles, by the time the event wrapped up – and rumor has it that it was a very slow year. Tomorrow, we’re off to a craft fair….and more sales. =D

What can you safely say today?

This has been a stream-of-consciousness post to Joey’s prompt: “save/safe” for Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Find the rules here, or visit more posters here.

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Foundations of Growth: Where ROW80 Meets the 12 Week Year

As we move into the final months of the year, I’m trying a new approach to goal-setting and attainment – The 12-Week Year. I’ll have more details on the hows and whys of this change in my upcoming sponsor post. For now, though, let’s get on with the goals, shall we?

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete beta readings for Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood (giving back and paying forward).

  • I enjoy giving back to and supporting my fellow writers, and deepen my understanding of revisions by assisting others. I also spread goodwill that may return to me when I need extra eyes and/or detailed readings, myself.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each of these books by giving myself an evening of leisure to cap off the effort expended.

Declutter/clean/ organize porch; my side of bedroom; and my study; making these spaces useful and tidy.

  • I function better, and am more inspired, in a tidier environment. As cooler weather settles in, I’ll be home more. I want the entry to our home and my personal spaces to be useful and embracing.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each area by spending some time in it – reading, journaling, having a cup of coffee, listening to music – just some time to quietly and privately enjoy what I’ve accomplished.

Complete required homeschool obligations, including facilitating Jeremiah’s driving practice.

  • Completing the requirements is the price paid for our lifestyle. Jeremiah’s driving will help him become a safe and conscientious driver– a crucial step on his path to adulthood.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion/submission of the reports with an evening of relaxation once the reports have been emailed (prior to December 1, 2017). I’ll celebrate assisting Miah by continuing to enjoy our time together, and sprinkling adventures along the way.


Complete the DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform Course and Montoya Digital Marketing’s upcoming SEO course, and devote 3 hours weekly to How to Revise Your Novel.

  • It’s time to build the foundations of my writing career upon the bedrock of knowledge.
  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each course with an hour or two of reflection/brianstorming/dreaming accompanied by a beverage of my choice. I’ll celebrate completing each week’s revision time with an Enterprise episode or fanfiction hour.

Plan, plot, and draft one fantasy novel (Trueborn: Solemates), and write a poem a day for OctPoWriMo.

  • Writers write, and I will keep that top of mind as I develop the non-drafting aspects of my writing career.
  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each stage of the novel creation by reading one work of fiction from my Kindle library, and purchasing another (because books!). I’ll celebrate the completion of my OctPoWriMo challenge by compiling the poems and associated drawings into a rough chapbook.

Increase sales of Chef Bluebeard/related products and services to $750/week.

  • Helping my Accomplice attain his goals makes me a better Accomplice, and adds depth and texture to our marriage. Also, we all have to eat, and like having things like electricity and the internet.

  • I’ll celebrate the attainment of this income level with Jim, and with the kids, in a way that will be relevant for us all…since I won’t be the only one involved in this, I don’t want to be the only one determining the nature of that celebration.

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Complete the 5K Training Samsung Health, and begin the 10K program, outdoors or at indoor tracks.

  • I want to be fit and mobile a as I age, and I enjoy the challenge of training. I feel better when I’m regularly increasing my fitness levels.
  • I’ll celebrate the end of the 5K Training with the purchase of 2 pound hand weights and running socks, and the end of the 12 Week Year 10K training by investigating 5K races for 2018.

Attend tai chi class twice weekly, health and weather permitting, and explore yoga and reiki at ReVibe.

  • For me, mindfulness is an integral element of fitness. I enjoy this peaceful community, and the beauty, challenge, and discipline these forms require as I develop deeper spiritual awareness.
  • I’ll celebrate this goal – by doing it! The doing will be its own reward, each time.

Cook a vegetable based meal or snack 3 times weekly.

  • I love nearly all vegetables, but tend to forget to prepare and eat them. This can be as simple as baking a sweet potato, or as elaborate as I care to get.

  • I’ll celebrate attaining this goal by going out to enjoy a vegetarian meal.

Personal Expression:

Purchase three new bras from three sources, and evaluate.

  • I, uh, haven’t bought new bras in five years, and, needless to say, it’s far past time I did! I want to explore, and find the best fit and style for my taste and needs.
  • I’ll celebrate attaining this goal by retiring my existing bras – and by getting one more of whichever is my favorite of the new three.

Assess my jewelry and other accessories, and purchase new pieces under $20 as they speak to me.

  • I often forget I have jewelry I love, and hang onto pieces that no longer speak to me. Aquiring a pretty here and there, and wearing them, lifts my mood and my self-image.
  • I’ll celebrate the attainment of this goal by finding and purchasing a more efficient place to store my pretty little treasures when I’m not wearing them.

Evaluate my wardrobe as the season changes, purchasing a second pair of jeans; gloves; and other items as needed.

  • I tend to forget/deprioritize buying clothing (see bra goal above!).
  • I’ll celebrate this one by enjoying my new, well-fitting clothing!

Learn more about The 12 Week Year!

Cheer Us On, or ROW Along!

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Growth Goes On: September 27, 2017

Hey there!

Remember my mantra for September?

Keep It Simple.

Okay….it’s a good mantra. Not necessarily one I’m very good at…but it’s like I’ve always told my kids. Practice makes better.

Not necessarily perfect.

So, I’m going to keep practicing. I’m currently working through the early exercises of The 12 Week Year, to practice in another way. I have a good feeling that, with this as a framework, I’m going to see the shift I need to find the best way to set goals that make my wide-angle mind, and, at the same time, move forward in a more direct, focused manner that also leaves time for the rest of life.

I’ll have more to say in my Round 4 goals post (that will be up on Sunday or Monday; I kind of have to go through the process first), and I’ll have more on the hows and whys of the process.

In the meantime, I can say that I’m excited to be seeing things in a new way!

For now, though – my Keep It Simple September goals!

What do the last days of September hold for you?

  • Story A Day September: Continue call for TnT word prompt lists. Plot as needed to achieve drafting goals. Minor plotting ongoing. Primary goal on target.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November. #ROW80 Gap Sunday (a day late) and 2017 EOR3 Updates posted/shared. Primary goal; some progress.

  • Connecting: Visit at least 3 posters/week from every hop/challenge I participate in. Visit at least two other Story A Day posters/day, on average. Touch base with other social media platforms at least once weekly.Visited ROW80 posters. Stretch goal; a bit of progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 15 hours each week. 9.5/15 hours: worked two farmer’s markets; booked weekend event for November; contacted lead for December event; simmering social media. Primary goal on target.

  • Hometending: Complete 1.5 hours of hometending/week. 30 min./1.5 hours. Goal on target.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least 8 hours physical activity/week, (including finishing Baby Steps to 5K/ beginning Run 5K programs); meditate and journal 8x/week. Activity: 2.6/8 hours (have a bit of a cold; taking it easy). Meditate 3/8; journal: 3/8. Goal a bit off target.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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Growth in the Gap: September 24, 2017

Hey there!

There’s currently no round in effect, but my goals are set on the monthly plan, so I’ve still got a week left with them. I also like the rhythm of updating regularly.

I’ll be keeping these goals, with two additions:

  • I’ll be using The 12 Week Year to work out my goals for the 12 week period beginning on October 1.

My mantra for September:

Keep It Simple.

I’m not sure I’ve managed that as well as I wanted to, but I have strived to at the least let go of thinking I can do it all, just because I want to…now, I’m learning how to better assess the time and energy I have available, and how much I can get done while still making room for friends, family, and fun.

That’s what Round Four and beyond will be about – learning those parameters, so I can move forward productively and sanely.

I siad this at the beginning of the month, and it’s still true:

I’m excited for new challenges, and for finishing those I’m still in the midst of…

What will you be doing “in the gap”?

  • Story A Day September: Create one 333 word story for Trueborn; Solemates, and one 100-word TnT fan fiction drabble  each day, to challenge prompts. Day 23/30 finished for both, Primary goal COMPLETED for this week; on target for the month.
  • Trueborn Series: Add 2,222 words/week to Trueborn: Foul Deeds Will Rise, until complete. 2,235/2,222 words. Secondary goal; on target for this week.
  • Kifo Island Series: Add 3,333 words/week to The Last House (until draft completed). 3,352/ 3,333 words. Stretch goal EXCEEDED for this week.

  • Story A Day September: Continue call for TnT word prompt lists. Plot as needed to achieve drafting goals. Minor plotting ongoing. Primary goal COMPLETED for this week!

  • Explore Duotrope; compile list of 25 paying short story/novella markets. Choose 5 to research in greater depth. Writer’s Market 2018: bought the Kindle book. 8/25 markets; Primary goal; modest progress.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November. WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Midweek; #8Sunday; #weekendcoffeeshare posted/shared..Primary goal; solid progress.

  • Connecting: Visit at least 3 posters/week from every hop/challenge I participate in. Visit at least two other Story A Day posters/day, on average. Touch base with other social media platforms at least once weekly. Visited all Sunday/Wed. ROW80 peeps. Stretch goal; a bit of progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 15 hours each week. 21.5/15 hours; worked on social icon downloading; upgraded display/signage; magnet designed and banner designed/ordered; worked craft fair. Primary goal EXCEEDED for this week!

  • Personal professional Development: Complete and post September Patreon offerings. Finish reading/exercises from Prosperity for Writers. Complete my writing business plan using this excellent article by Angela Ackerman as a guide.. Secondary goal; some progress.

  • Va-Va-Video Course: Complete the three week session, and keep current with the Facebook Page 3 times/week. This suffered from attrition. Class ended; I barely got started. Have access to facebook group page for the rest of the week, so...Adapted: Get all relevant materials from Facebook group page for later reference/potential catchup before page vanishes. Stretch goal.

  • Hometending: Complete 1.5 hours of hometending/week. 1.75/1.5 hours. Goal EXCEEDED for this week!

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least 8 hours physical activity/week, (including finishing Baby Steps to 5K/ beginning Run 5K programs); meditate and journal 8x/week. Activity: 8.26 /8 hours. Meditate 8/8; journal: 7/8. Goal nearly completed for this week.

Kait Nolan’s  ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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Building a Writing Structure: My 2017 ROW80 Goals: EOR3

Hey there!

Below are the intentions I set forth at the beginning of the year. I wrote then that they were subject to change…and there are some changes here, and more to come as I shift to a new way of looking at goal-setting (I’ll be sharing more of that when I post my Round 4 goals, and there’ll be more detail on the process in my upcoming sponsor post).

For now, though – the update.

Did you set aspirations for 2017?

How are you doing with them?

  • Complete Hanging Manuscripts from 2015-2016. Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2); Nearing completion; currently adding 2.222 words/week. On target.

  • Complete short stories for #StoryADay May and September. September: 46/60 stories complete; on target.

  • Complete Rose and Jeremy and Philodosia novella rough drafts. This hasn’t happened yet, and is now a stretch goal for 2017.

  • Rose and Jeremy and Philodosia novellas: Plan/plot remaining chapters. Simmering; Rose and Jeremy #2 still at Step 12/22. Moving this to stretch goal status for 2017.

  • Kifo Island: Plan/plot two novels for 2017, using The Story Toolkit. Create timeline and series bible. Planning complete for both; plotting gave way to more of a discovery-based method; will resume if/as needed.On target.

  • Trueborn Weft: Plan/plot one new novel. Earliest stages of planning for Solemates, in tandem with my Story A Day September Challenge stories. May leave some of the plotting undone, so I can write with the discovery method. On target.

  • Monthly Challenges: Story a Day: Rough sketches/plots for 31 May and 30 September stories. OctPoWriMo: Draft 31 new poems. September stories as stated above; sparks being gathered for poems. On target.

  • The IDIC Romance: Timeline: Begin TnT fan fiction – Enterprise/TOS crossover epic timeline. Take notes and simmer future projects while creating timeline. Star Trek Chronology Project: Watch episodes 183 –350. Projects simmering and in creation. Episodes complete through 320. On target.

  • Short Stories: Complete revisions on “Miss Spider and Mister Fly;”andPresence.” “MsaMF” (now “Being Colette” completed. “Presence” set aside for 2018. Adapted target COMPLETED!

  • Kifo Island: Sea Changes: Complete rough revision for crit group, and complete second revison using Holly Lisle’s HTRYN plan. (Adapted goal). Moving this to 2018.

  • Revise Rose and Jeremy and Philodosia novellas. They have to be writen to be revised. Deleting goal.

  • Complete revisions on existing poetry.

  • Miss Spider and Mister Fly”: Return edited mss to editors; follow through until publication. Goal COMPLETED!

  • Self-Publish A Splash of Red,” “Monday Morning Coffee,” Philodosia novella, and at least one poetry chapbook. I have more left to learn than originally thought. Taking this more slowly; deleting goal.

  • Fan Fiction: Submit On Any Tuesday Night; Love and Loss, and A Backdrop of Stars to fan fiction sites as completed.

  • Research at least ten new short story venues. Gathering a list of publications accepting submission. On target.

  • Complete Just Jot It January , Love is in da Blog  , and 2017 Kindness Challenge. Kindness Challenge set aside out of kindness to myself; Adapted goal COMPLETED!

  • Develop rhythms for blogging during routine and intensive writing months. Maintain and fine-tine throughout the year. Some progress; on target.

  • Synchronize blog and website; brand together; create pages for site; expand visibility. This changed; letting website go. Setting goal aside for 2018.

  • Move relevant posts from The Unfettered Life and Trueborn Jottings to website and blog. Deleting goal.


  • Complete all 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 homeschool paperwork and required testing; assess to see when Jeremiah completes high school requirements. All 2016-2017 paperwork completed. 2017-2018 IHIPs completed and accepted by district. On target.

  • Organize all files on laptop and email files. No progress.

  • Scan all analog photos; organize into files. No progress.

  • Complete reorganizations/resets of family room, study, kitchen, and porch. Maintain. Off target.

  • Continue reorganizations/resets of living room, bedroom, bathroom. Declutter/beautify yard. Off target.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Yes, every week. On target!

  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Yes, every week. On target!

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group. On target!

  • Paying it Forward: Offer beta reading, reviews, and promotional posts for other writers. Betas in progress. On target.


  • Increase journaling and meditation to morning and evenings, daily. Still not so great at the night routine, but still trying. Some progress.

  • Increase cumulative moderate physical activity to at least 2 hours, 6 days weekly, and 12 hours strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cadio, weights, etc) monthly by end of year. Off target, but good progress.

  • Intuitive Eating: Begin applying principles to my own eating habits. Nothing new.
  • Smart Change: Develop and begin pursuing a plan to change one habit. Nothing new.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Return part-time to the workplace. Deleted goal, but now working part-time for our small business, so…Goal COMPLETED!

  • Create a marketing/business plan. Working on this from a variety of angles, from the practical to online courses, and encompassing both Chef Bluebeard and my writing. On target.

  • Assist my Accomplice in creating his business plan/job search/product marketing. Yes, in many ways! On target!

  • Listen to the 8 (oops, 9!) books currently on my Audible account. 7/9 in progress. On target.

  • Read 24 books this year; average 2 each month. 18/24 complete. On target.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80 –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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Growth’s Season; #ROW80 End of Round 3, 2017

Hello there!

ROW80 2017 Round Three is in the books.

My theme for the round was “Growth,” and life conspired to be sure I honored it.

  • August: We invested in our business; bought two new vehicles, a website, and supplies;, added two more weekly farmer’s markets.

  • September: launched my Chaostivity 10K with Story A Day September. My son turned 16 on the 2nd, and I’m facilitating his driving practice. Markets and events abound; and several classes and courses on marketing, branding, and design in a flurry that mimics the falling leaves.

    What did that mean for my Round 3 goals?

  • Trueborn Series: Complete draft of Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2); Will resume once both Kifo novels are complete. Adapted – since this is the longest of the three unfinished projects, and the closest to completion (I’m nearly to the climax) I moved it to primary position. Added 19,210 words this round. Secondary (now Primary) goal; good progress.


  • Kifo Island Series: Complete drafts of Still Nameless (Kifo Island #8) and The Last House (A Kifo Island prequel). Adapted: Now Secondary goal; deleting SN till Round 4. Modest progress on THL: added 10,793 words; reached to midpoint or just past it for all three POV characters. Nothing added for SN. Primary (now secondary) goal; modest progress.
  • Blogposts: Complete all finite series begun during JuNoWriMo. Adapted: Complete October Secret Project posts, write intro material as/if needed. Stretch goal; began mapping out the schedule for the October Special Project. Very modest progress.

  • Plot/outline blog posts as needed to complete the drafting goal above. Adapted: Moved to primary position..Did some pre-production organization. Secondary (now Primary) goal; no real progress.


  • Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel Spend 50 hours revising “On Any Tuesday Night.” Start once Still Nameless Act One Beat Sheet is complete. Adapted: Spend 25 hours on classwork. 9/50 (now 25) hours completed. Primary goal; modest progress.

  • Blogposts: Revise blogposts for use through November 2017. Adapted: Revise posts for October’s Still Secret Project. I worked out a rough schedule for the October project, and reviewed the basic topics. Secondary goal; slight progress.

  • Sea Changes (Kifo Island #1): Organize the manuscript – one of the cats dumped it. Make a decision regarding sharing it with critique group, or waiting to run it through HTRYN. Stretch goal COMPLETED (July)!

  • Miss Spider and Mister Fly” Title of this short story is now “Being Colette”: Complete any details/authorize copy edits needed for publication. I believe the last round of revisions has been completed. Primary goal COMPLETED!

  • Read guidelines and sketch rough ideas for all projects I’d like to submit in 2017. Secondary goal deleted in August.

  • Explore Duotrope; Compile list of 25 paying short story/novella markets. Research these; choose ten to pursue further. 8/25 markets compiled. Stretch goal; very modest progress.

  • Blogging: Polish/package/schedule/publish relevant blogposts to return to /maintain regular blogging schedule, and prepare for November NaNoWriMo. Keeping mostly to schedule for September; some preliminary planning for October’s Special Project posting. Primary goal; good progress.

  • Other Platforms: Create a cohesive brand across my Facebook Writer page; Pinterest, Patreon, and Instagram. Did more for Chef Bluebeard than for myself; but making progress on both. Created social media accounts for business. Secondary goal; steady progress.

  • Explore other avenues: Twitter (#writingcrew and #AllStarTrek sprints/chats); LinkedIn; Medium; Quora; and Wattpad). At least a bit here in all but LinkedIn. Stretch goal; good progress.

  • Complete my writing business plan using this excellent article by Angela Ackerman as a guide; begin enacting it. Adapted: Work through Prosperity for Writers and The 12 Week Year; then move on to completing the business plan using knowledge gained from those sources. 38% with PFW exercises; Completed 12WY readthrough. Foundations being laid. Step 4/7 with business plan (from June). Primary goal; some progress.

  • Refine labeling/branding/platform/marketing for my Accomplice, and branding for myself; complete the PicMonkey branding tutorial for both ventures. Adapted: moving PicMonkey to Round Four. Great progress for Chef Bluebeard: product and supply purchases; seeking and marketing to new venues; Facebook ads; other marketing and design; new classes. A bit for myself, too. Secondary goal; great progress.

  • Hometending: Spend 30 minutes at least 5x/week in mindful cleaning and/or yardtending; draft kids’ 2017-2018 IHIPs (Individualized Home Instruction Plans) and complete testing submission and reporting; deal with subscriptions and other business that tends to get pushed aside. Adapted: Complete 1.5 hours hometending each week. Lots of other business dealt with! Great progress!

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least one hour of physical activity 5x/week, and two hours of strenuous activity weekly (including Baby Steps to 5K); meditate and journal 8x/week. Completed physical goals; not quite up to target for mindfulness goals, but close. Great progress here!

  • Lifetending: Reading: Crank It Out (from June goals); 20K A Day; Prosperity for Writers. Audiobooks; The Upside of Your Dark Side (from June goals); and Practicing Mindfulness; and The Star Trek Chronology Project  Episodes 281: Redemption Part 1290: A Matter of Time. Adapted: Watch STCP to Episode 320 (Deep Space 9: “Past Prologue”). Complete 6 books, 2 audiobooks, and keep up with Welcome to Night Vale podcasts. Completed all but PFW. Steady progress.

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