Marketing Articles

To Be Read:

Articles I’ve Found Useful:

  • I read this interview on Book Promotion, and it sparked some good thoughts on possible directions, and maybe a few small steps I could feel not too uncomfortable with in the not too distant future. It also includes other interesting-loooking links.  I plan on returning to explore further.
  • I think this Rough Sketch of a WiP will be very helpful as I reconstruct Blood and Breath and prepare to revise Chameleon’s Dish.
  • This interview on publishing and Marketing to Kindle was useful and insightful, and contains other interesting links I will be exploring in coming weeks.
  • I read this very informative and thought-provoking article on Author Platforms.  This resonated strongly with me, and helped me to see a more defined shape the platform I have been constructing.  I will be returning to read part 2 of this series.
  • This information-packed article on Creating a Sell Sheet opened my eyes to a new aspect of marketing.  I am alight with new ideas , and thrilled to have found a site that invites me back for more, more, more!
  • I loved this article on engaging those who are not avid readers by including them in our writer platforms.  My thinking is already beginning to shift, and I believe this resonates well with my goal of reaching those who will find value or inspiration in my writing, whether they consider themselves readers, or not.
  • This highly informative post on Smashwords publishing not only gave me a starting place for my ebook research, but has links to many other informative articles, too.  I plan on spending more time in research here.

7 thoughts on “Marketing Articles

        1. I think you’re right – it would give me an added incentive to do the research I’ve been setting aside for other things, and I could share it with others (maybe even with recommendations/brief usability reviews.. now you’ve got me thinking!).

          I usually do some blog renovations in the winter, so it’s perfect timing for after the new year.

          Thanks so much! =D

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