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And Now, Catching Up: #ROW80 R2/ #12WeekYear MidWeek 10

Hi there, ROWers and friends!

So far, this week has been about catching up…

  • on sleep, after a busy weekend.
  • with hometending, after setting that aside to focus on a short story contest submission.
  • with self-care, after that was set aside along with sleep for a few days.
  • with goals that have been left too long, while others took precedence.

I’m not likely to get everything caught up in a single week, but that’s okay. The goals I have for this round are all relevant to my life, and any moved forward move me closer to my vision of what my future should be.

Is there/are there things you’d like to get caught up with?

Share it in the comments!


Goal Status:

  • Goal Completed.
  • In Progress.
  • Black: Still Waiting.
  • 86’ed.
  • Goal Change.


I write 1,667 words/day (average) on Still Nameless, till complete,for JuNoWriMo.

  • June 3: 1,175; June 4: 2,098; June 5: 1,691.

I write a 100-250 word flash fiction for #thursthreads, using prompt.

I draft my share of the JuNoWriMo Pep Talk Newsletter text by 2am Friday.

  • Week Two drafted; Weeks Three and Four aren’t set up yet; if they aren’t ready in time, I’ll adapt the goal.

I participate in Story A Day’s Write On Wednesday and draft a retrospective post.


I revise, set up, test, and schedule my JuNoWriMo newsletters (as possible) by 2am Friday.

I complete spot revisions Story A Day fan fiction pieces and post.

I polish my #thursthreads piece and submit.

I beta one chapter Stained Blood. 

  • in progress – Chapter 10: 2/7 pages completed.


I complete Pixels to Platform Breadcrumbs Exercise.

I complete Pixels to Platform Mood Board.

I complete Pixels to Platform Play Sheets for Module 2, Video 2.

  • Author Photo Sheet mostly finished; 1/4.

I watch Module 3 Video 1.

I assess M3V1 Play Sheets; assess time needed for completion.

I learn enough about Adaucity to use microphone for at least one reading.

  • Started reading the FAQ.

I explore chapbooks loaned to me; choose 3 to read this week.

I read 3 poetry chapbooks; simmer. 

  • 1/3 in progress.


I review my Summer Blogging Plan; make adjustments as indicated.

I read through JuNoWriMo 2017 files; determine if/what of that content I can use/repurpose.

I create a schedule for creating content based on Pixels to Platform and Blogging Cheat Sheet learning.

I respond to all pending comments.

I revise my About page, based on Pixels to Platform learning.

I add a Welcome page, based on Pixels to Platform learning.

Other Social Media

I update my profile.

I keep up with #AllStarTrek, ROW80, #accountabilitygirls, P2P Facebook group, and general Twitter, Facebook, and email. (In progress; a little of most).

I post and browse at least once on Instagram and Pinterest, because I miss them.

  • Posted to Instagram.

Family Finances:

I read at least one post at 1500 Days. 

I post my first gig to Fiverr.

  • Came up with a tagline :”I am, therefore I write.” Rough draft of a description – stay tuned for updates; it’s currently scrawled in my notebook. Scanned the next few items on the profile; it’s all coming clearer.

I post two more items to yard sale site(s); update item 1.

I choose three more items to prep for sale, and take images.

I find titles for Gus and motorcycle.

I complete Phase One of the administrative task begun last week.

I complete review of PayPal auto payments and list these in my planner.

I rough out family budget, and facilitate our making decisions about questionable expenses.


I continue my bedroom reset (declutter, move and reorganize bookcase; move and organize cabinets; bring in chair).

  • Bookcase declutter; general tidying.

I do two hometending rounds each in garage and porch.

I do 2 rounds in each common room – bathroom, dining, kitchen, and living room.

  • Each room: 1/2 complete.

I do a sinkful of dishes daily (on average), and laundry at least 5 times this week. 

  • Dishes 3/7; laundry 2/5.


I move rest of branches to containment.

I weed/clean flowerbeds.

I mow/ facilitate mowing of meadow (I mean, backyard) .

I take decorations off mailbox post.

I place radio fence flags once range is set.


I complete my Weekly To-Dos and post to Slack.

I complete rough draft of Lise’s third quarter homeschool report.

I choose three more recipes for this week.

  • Ziti, pasta primavera, chicken and vegetables.

I make this week’s recipes.

  • Ziti; 1/3.

I help Lise with Smokey, her puppy.

I take Noli to dog park twice.

I take a long walk with Noli each day.

  • Skipped Tuesday, due to sleep, headache, and puppy-sitting so Lise can sleep. Will double up later in the week to compensate.

I test radio fence, and move receiver box to Noli’s spare collar.

I begin training Noli to the radio fence.

I get an average of 5 hours’ sleep each day.

  • 3 on Sunday, 7 on Monday, 7.5 on Tuesday.


I meditate and journal each morning.

  • Missed Sunday and Monday, caught Tuesday; 1/7.

I read one inspirational article.

I meditate two afternoons.

I meditate and journal before sleep 5 times.

I light a candle and read from Sleep before bed 5 times.

I use a sleep meditation at bedtime 5 times.

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