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Another Beginning:  ROW80 Round One/12 Week Year Two Goals

Happy 2018, everyone!

As has become the custom, I’m running later than I wanted to be. Life has been very busy of late, as I and my family learn to deal with the realities of terminal illness. The ROW80 “break” was filled, for me, with adjustments – moving furniture, accepting and adapting to Jim’s new limitations, taking on new responsibilities, and seeking joy amid sorrow.

I also spent some time thinking about my 2018 Round 1/ 12 Week Year Two goals. I was stumped, for a while, because so much is uncertain in my life, beyond that the changes will keep coming, and are likely to be disruptive.

I finally decided to create goals that are less specific than my usual. I’ve separated them by category, but also by Doing/Being.

I may not manage all, most, or any of these goals – but I have a need for a direction and goals of my own, even now…

On Wednesday, I’ll share my progress-to-date, as well as the Action Plan for Week One.

Blue with Overstrike: Goal Completed.

Green:  In Progress.

Black: Still Waiting.

Relationships, Family, and Home: 


  • Tend to family and home through cleaning, rearranging, homeschooling, and meeting needs.
  • Touch base with all family members weekly; facilitate what they need/want as I am able.


  • Gather and consider ideas on how to make our home a sweeter place.
  • Simply be with my beloveds, and enjoy the spaces we’re creating in our home and our lives.



  • Make and enact plans for business liquidation; family finances; and personal professional development as possible.
  • Evaluate family finances while Jim is still able; assure I can access all relevant accounts; secondary priority.
  • Devote one hour to personal professional development, five days weekly; tertiary priority.


  • Take time to feel my way and the needs of those around me; ask for and accept help as needed/offered.
  • Spend a few moments five days weekly organizing these ideas and available/potential resources into plans/actions, and honoring those who offered them.

Body, Mind, and Soul:


  • Get adequate exercise; stress relief; entertainment; nutrition; and rest.


  • Dedicate time to personal and interpersonal mind/body/soul practices.
  • Practice journaling and meditation at least five times weekly.
  • Take breaks/touch base with other family members as needed throughout the week. 


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