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Spontaneous Building: 12 Week Year/#ROW80 Week 2 Final Update

Hey there!

As I noted in my midweek update, which I didn’t get posted until Friday, the week began with a fall festival and a dinner for two, and quickly moved on to a rather stressful drive to Rochester, New Hampshire, where I discovered I’d left my computer bag sitting on the family room table – 4 hours away – an occurrence which meant that I did no work on any of my goals from then until early Friday morning.

That was compounded by the fact that, although we’d had this trip planned for months, I somehow forgot to take that fact into consideration while planning my very first 12 Week Year, so the workload was unrealistic even if I had taken the laptop and decided to work (not something I do well when I travel, under the best of circumstances).

And then…

Last night, I happened across a local friend’s Facebook picture. He and his wife were waiting in a very long line for the annual Candlelight Tour of the General Philip Schuyler House – an event I planned to attend, but somehow thought was scheduled for Monday night, even though that really doesn’t make much sense.

So, I decided to feed my Hamilton passion (Schuyler was Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law); a way for me to partake in my rich local history (the Battles of Saratoga were fought in my hometown); and indulge in some writing research (parts of my Philodosia story occur in this house, by night).

I waited about 2 hours in line. Chatted with the folks in front of me, and, after a while, volunteers and rangers (the Schuyler House became part of Saratoga National Historical Park in 1950) moved along the line sharing information and stories, and taking questions.

We only toured the downstairs rooms: main hall with surveying office at the end (this was a working country house, not a mansion); parlor, dining room, and the kitchen where only slaves and servants generally entered. In the kitchen (maybe my favorite room), I joined the Old Saratoga Historical Association, and volunteered for training on giving the tour, which would be #awesomewow!

Needless to say, my Week Two doesn’t look stellar – but progress toward goals isn’t all that matters in life, and it was a full-rich week, in other ways.

How do you handle it when life offers treasures that weren’t in your game plan?

Useful Links:

Schuyler House by Day, September, 2016. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.

Week 2 Action Plan Progress:

  • Blue: Completed.

  • Green: In Progress.

  • Black: Not Yet Begun

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete beta reading for two chapters Spellfire; one Stained. Weeks: 1-5

  • No progress on Spellfire this week.

  • Chapter Four of Stained completed (but not readable by author, so I need to resent the file); Chapter Five highlighted for future comments.

  • About 33% progress for Week 2.

Complete five hometending rounds on porch; three in study; and one in bedroom: Weeks 1-3.

  • All rooms addressed and quotas met (although I’m a little shocked I managed it).

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice twice weekly: Weeks 1-3.

  • No progress this week, by mutual decision.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform Course:

Complete Module One: Week 2.

  • No progress this week.

Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel Course:

Complete three hours of lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night.” Weeks 1-12.

  • No progress this week.


Complete Planning elements: Weeks 1-2.

  • No progress this week.

OctPoWriMo 2017:

Complete 31 poems. Week 15.

  • 14/31 poems completed.

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Chef Bluebeard:

Create social media schedule: Week 2.

  • Prototype schedule created; I’ll use it for this year, then assess it in Year 2.


Contact three venues and three stores for sales. Weeks 1-3.

  • About 15% of goal completed for Week 2.

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Samsung Health:

Complete 5K Week 10: Week 2-7

  • Runs from Friday, October 6, and Monday, October 9 completed; still 2 behind.

  • About 50% of goal completed for Week 2.

Tai chi, yoga, reiki:

Tai chi: Attend class twice weekly; either Monday evening, or Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons: Weeks 1-12.

  • I was away on all available class days.

  • No progress this week.

Cook a vegetable based meal.

Cook a vegetable based meal on Wednesday: Weeks 1-2.

  • Helped prepare a veggie-rich Wednesday meal.

  • 50% of goal completed for Week 2.

Personal Expression:

Assess jewelry; purchase new pieces as they speak to me.

Go through the jewelry I already have; save and/or discard as I choose: Week 2 3.

  • Went through heart-shaped trinket box which holds most of my jewelry.

  • Goal COMPLETED for Week 2.

Evaluate wardrobe as the season changes.

Purchase snow and driving gloves: Week 2-4.

  • No progress this week.

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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

9 thoughts on “Spontaneous Building: 12 Week Year/#ROW80 Week 2 Final Update

    1. I love this idea, and even have a few black and white pis to start with, I should be able to start posting next week! =)

      And I’m never too busy to hear from you, Bee! =D

        1. I’m looking forward to making them! It will be a lovely change of pace from the everyday. And life HAS been very busy and mentally strenuous; this could be a balm for that. =)

  1. It looks like it was a great week even if you didn’t get everything done. Sometimes it’s good to get away from it anyway(please tell my brain that so I can believe it too).
    And that tour sounds like it would be a lot of fun(for a history nerd like me, anyway :D)

  2. Sounds like a very productive week to me. Sometimes, it’s not about the goals we plan on doing, but the goals that pop up. It was probably meant to be that you left your computer behind.
    Best wishes in the coming week.

    1. I panicked a bit when I realized it wasn’t anywhere in the car. Jim was sure he saw Jeremiah taking it to load…but the truth is, I generally want to do that myself, and usually after everything else is loaded, so I can be sure it won’t be jostled.

      I just had lots else to think of, making sure I, we, and the kids all had what we needed.

      But. honestly, I think you’re right. My focus was more on being than doing, and, lately, that hasn’t happened as much as I’d like.

      A lovely thing about the 12 Week Year is that I can adjust as I go, and I’m not feeling anything close to the sense of panic I’ve often felt when I get behind, because I can pick up the slack over the next week or two (which should be calmer than much of the summer was) and still end up much closer to where I want to go.

      Thanks for your kind words! =D

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