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“You Wouldn’t Dare” for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Wrayburn.

Hello there, fellow WIPpeteers – and, to those just along for the ride – welcome! Hop in, get comfy…but don’t leave popcorn in the center seat!

But right now, it’s time for another installment of my TnT fan fiction story, adapted from Humanity’s Enterprise. It’s a patchwork of stories, written in different styles, at different times, and for different projects. I’m slowly figuring out how to pull them all together into a coherent whole that explores just how and why T’Pol was the one Vulcan chosen to accompany Enterprise NX-01 on her maiden voyage.

I’ve decided to use this story, once revision gets to a point I’m comfortable with, as my intiation into Wattpad. So please don’t hesitate to let me know if something’s not working for you – it will make a better story in the long run!


Trip’s facing the music – in the form of Ensign Hoshi Sato, who has her own tune to play…

Here’s the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I don’t make money from them; I just love them, and I tell the stories they give me as well as I can.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is October 4, 2017.
  • I have 4 paragraphs for you today.

“You Wouldn’t Dare”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Want to test that theory, Trip?”

“ That’s Commander Tucker to you. And I can order you not to say anything to my mother about what happens on the Bridge. I’m your superior officer.”

“I’ve done my homework, Trip. A Vulcan High Command rank of Sub-Commander supersedes yours, in case you didn’t know. So what you were doing out there was technically insubordination. But you’re right. Maybe it’s not your mother I should speak to. I do have a direct line to Admiral Forest -”

Will Hoshi make good on her threat?

Can Trip dissuade her?

What’s T’Pol up to?

Any guesses?

If you enjoyed this snippet, and want something more before next Wednesday, you can pop over to my page.

And, as always, clicking the little blue froggy above will carry you on to other WIPpet offerings from our talented and diverse group of writerly folks. You can even add your own date-related excerpt if you’re so inclined!

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First Blocks in the Foundation: #ROW80 October 4, 2017

The first update of every round comes quickly; but, this time, I feel like I’ve got more than random progress to report – and the update is a whole lot simpler than those I’ve done previously.

Why is that?

All right, I know I asked the question just to be able to answer it – but this might help more folks than just me, so here we go:

This round, my first with The 12-Week Year, involves not just setting goals, but creating weekly action plans that support and move me toward the completion of those plans. So, throughout the week, I need only schedule the action steps, then execute.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that…but I’m still working my way through the learning process – and this is as far as I’ve gotten, right now…I’m planning to move further along after I sleep, and, in a week or two, to have fine-tuned the entire process.

Until then, though – my first-ever 12 Week Year/ROW80 Update!

Week 1 Action Plan Progress:

  • Blue with Overstrike: Completed.

  • Green: In Progress.

  • Black: Not Yet Begun

  • Note: My final September update will be posted on Sunday, October 8.

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete two chapters Spellfire; one Stained. Weeks: 1-5

  • Spellfire: Chapter Four (1 /2 for the week) in progress; page 7/13 complete.

Complete five hometending rounds on porch; three in study; and one in bedroom. Weeks 1-3.

  • Bedroom round completed; top of cabinet; some clutter policed.

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice twice weekly. Weeks 1-3.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Complete Modules One/Two. Week 1.

SEO Course:

Get idea of dates for this course/set base schedule. Week 1

  • I now know when the course will launch, and have set my tentative schedule. 


Complete three hours of How to Revise Your Novel lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night.” Weeks 1-12.

  • 1/3 hours completed; Lesson 5/22 in progress; Scene Card 21/21 in progress.


Complete Planning elements.Weeks 1-2.

OctPoWriMo 2017: 

Complete 7/31 poems. Week 1.

  • 3/7 poems completed for Week 1.

Chef Bluebeard:

Format UPC code labels; experiment with sticker paper: Week 1.

Create discount program and signage: Week 1.

Respond to L.S. and order more books. Week 1.

  • Contacted editor; once shipping price confirmed, will pay.

Create event calendar to avoid overbooking. Week 1.

Work events as needed. Weeks 1-12.

  • Worked Sunday/Monday markets.

Contact three venues and three stores for sales. Week 1.

  • Contacted 1/3 venues; already full.

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Samsung Health:

Catch up 5K Week 3/Complete Week 4: Week 1

  • I made up the two workouts I missed last week due to having a cold.

Tai chi, yoga, reiki:

Tai chi: Attend class twice weekly; either Monday evening, or Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons: Weeks 1-12.

  • Tai chi 1 /2 completed Tuesday.

Cook a vegetable based meal/snack.

  • Cook a vegetable based meal/snack on Wednesday: Weeks 1-2.

Personal Expression:

Purchase three new bras.

Buy bra at Lane Bryant/order 1 at ThirdLove. Week 1.

  • 1/3: Cacique bra purchased at Lane Bryant; now know my size for ThirdLove.

Assess jewelry; purchase new pieces as they speak to me.

  • Go through the jewelry I already have; save and/or discard as I choose. Week 1- 3.

Evaluate wardrobe as the season changes.

Purchase jeans at Lane Bryant, and running socks. Week 1.


Kait Nolan’s ROW80  –

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