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A Time for Growth: August 20, 2017

Hey there!

Are you ready for the solar eclipse?

It’s not going to be such a big deal where we are, in upstate New York. We’ll see about 66% of the sun covered, but that’s not enough to make it dark. If you’re in The Eclipse Zone, may you safely enjoy.

In other news, our financial circumstances have lightened, and we’re in the midst of allocating funds to things that have been put off for far longer than we intended, as well as considering how to build the business – and have some fun after a long spell of needing to be somewhere beyond careful.

It feels good to be able to relax a little, and feel more abundance in our lives.

Have you ever felt this way?

Do you have eclipse plans?

  • Trueborn Series: Add 3,333 words/week to Foul Deeds Will Rise (until draft completed). 3,359/3,333 words. Primary goal complete for this week.

You never told me that you have a child, little rabbit.” When Niaan turned to face Kilyp, he was watching her with his head tipped. She couldn’t read the emotions that weaved through his scent.

“I have no child. Ysirt was made motherless in the attack – he lost both mother and Huntmother. No child should be left without both, and so I will serve.”

“Ah, little rabbit. Always, you will serve. I nay understand the nature of huntmothering – but I have a deep ken of yours. You will give until you have nay a crumb left to share, and then you will try to give still more. But the child is right. For this night, it’s for me to tend your needs, bring you pleasure, and see that you have your rest.”

Drea was free.

Free to go to Devin, or just sit around the house all day, without worrying about the suffocating schedule of Tim’s treatments, or the ceaseless “breathe; hiss” of living with him –

She was missing that sound. She hadn’t realized that til just now – but she was missing it. It was part of Tim, part of the background of life here in this place. She’d only been without it when Tim was in the hospital. But that’s not where he was now; his things would still be here if he was; the emeergency workers always took portable oxygen, and she’d have a call waiting to come with a bag for him, because they didn’t take that kind of thing in the ambulance. More, he wouldn’t have driven his own car to the hospital; if he was sick enough to go, he’d need a ride.

He was gone, and he didn’t want her to know where, or why.

  • Enterprise Early Days Arc: Continue revisions on this project for my WIPpet Wednesday posts. This week’s post: If They Had Touched Secondary goal complete for this week.

Her feelings for this human had proven repeatedly that they were beyond her ability to control, or even contain. There was no possibility that she would have been able to do so if they had touched in so intimate a manner.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for August and September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November.. Tentative August blogging schedule followed. #weekendcoffeeshare; #SoCS; WIPpet. Primary goal; good progress.

  • Other Platforms: Spend 3 hours/week with my Facebook Writer page, Instagram, Pinterest, and Patreon. Continue with Twitter #writingcrew and #AllStarTrek sprints/chats regularly. Dabble in other social media (LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Wattpad, etc.) 1 hour/week. 1.5/3 hours; mins. Stretch goal; a little progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 11 hours each week. 11/11 hours; Southern Saratoga County YMCA Farmer’s Market; promotion/ business communication; prepared for website launch; printing. Primary goal COMPLETED for this week!

  • Personal professional Development: Finish reading/exercises from Prosperity for Writers . Complete my writing business plan using this excellent article by Angela Ackerman as a guide. PSW: 73% read; 62% exercises in progreess. Business Plan: Step 4/7 in progress from June. Secondary goal; good progress.

  • Hometending: Complete 3 hometending sprints/day 5x/week; an additional sprint in all rooms except the kids’ (since they don’t want me in their rooms); and 3 yardtending sprints/week. Adapted: 1 hour home/yardtending each week.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least one hour of physical activity 5x/week, and two hours of strenuous activity weekly (including Baby Steps to 5K); meditate and journal 8x/week. Some activity. Meditate/journal 7/8. Solid progress; simmering reworking of this goal; life is in the way.

  • Paying It Forward: Spend 3 hours/week on back business for local crit group; and 2 hours/week on beta projects Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood. About 1.5/3 hours on Crit Group Project 1 /2. Finally getting to a plac where I can give these some lomg-awaited attention.

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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

4 thoughts on “A Time for Growth: August 20, 2017

    1. The beginning part of the week will be sparse on progress of the measurable kind…but things should smooth out toward the end, and some stuff is getting moved along….

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