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“Space Smells Like Cinnamon” for #StoryADay May; Day Twenty-Two

The Prompt:

  • Write a story (set in your novel’s world) that makes sensation a priority. Use all five senses.

“Space Smells Like Cinnamon”

“Space smells like cinnamon.”

Was that her own voice, sounding so hollow and space-emptied? So small in the vastness and the endless cold?

But why would that matter? Whether she said it or someone else did – maybe her couch, but then she is her couch, and her couch is her, and, together, they are the sum of the universe – it’s still true.

Space smells like cinnamon. So she says it again, and again, until all those sibilant “s” sounds get spikily pierced and punched by the sharp “p” and “k”. The other sounds – the “l”, “m”, and “n” are the salve that soothes the soreness, and the vowels are gentle breezes – carrying the smell of cinnamon.

“Space smells like cinnamon. Space smells like cinnamon. Space smells like cinnamon.”

This is the entire truth of the universe – and she would know. She is the universe – well, she and the couch. Together, they are everything, everything, everything. They are cinnamon-scented space, and the feel of the words – their taste, which is cinnamon and cold vast emptiness.

But they’re only mostly empty, contained in a skin of stars numbingly cold and penetrated by the points the sharp sounds had poked into them – those are their stars, the fires burning forever and forever and forever on their skin, because they are infinite.

Infinite, endless.

They touch everything, and nothing. They are everything, and they are a vacuum. They hold everything, and feel nothing at all.




No one.

Space smells like cinnamon, and tastes like existence.

Marilyn sinks into the couch, and the universe, and wonders why she’s everything, and still feels so all alone.

What’s going on with Marilyn?

Is she going to be okay?

Where is Ophelia?

Any guesses?

Come back tomorrow for another installment, and we can explore this new story seed together!


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