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All or Nothing for #StoryADay May; Day Nineteen

The Prompt:

  • Imagine the first (significant) meeting between your protagonist and a secondary character.

All or Nothing

“All or nothing… it’s all or nothing…all or nothing now!”

The lyrics are ridiculous; Ophelia thinks maybe a dog could do better, if only he could talk. Or that theoretical troop of chimpanzees with a typewriter…

But the beat is absolutely perfect for running to, so Ophelia puts up with the inane singing of the latest boy band. She’d ignore them, but she can’t. She tried getting a karaoke version, but the song was everywhere last summer – she heard it whenever she listened to the track, and it was worse if the lyrics weren’t there, because then she got them as an earworm for hours or days.

“All or nothing… it’s all or nothing…all or nothing now!”

Better just to have the lyrics in her mind during her run, and be able to let them go after.

“All or nothing… it’s all or nothing…all or nothing now!”

“All or nothing… it’s all or nothing…all or nothing now!”

“All or nothing… it’s all or -”

Ophelia stops listening, and slows to do a double-take at the fruit stand. Tomaru usually keeps something sweet waiting for her – guava, mango, pineapple wedges. She tries to pay, but he never takes her money – he says her smiles are payment enough.

But today there’s a strange young woman standing there. She’s model tall, model thin, model blonde, model beautiful.

And she’s holding a picture of Ophelia, and showing it to Tomaru, who is shaking his head while glancing covertly her way – he knowa when to expect her for her afternoon run.

She slows to a walk, taking her earbuds out so she can hear as she edges closer. The young woman is focused on Tomaru, not the street, so she gets close enough to hear.

“You’re sure you never saw her?” She’s bright pink from the sun, blue-eyed, and she has a mainland accent – Midwest, Ophelia thinks, but that’s mostly a guess based on movies. “My priv – I heard she’s lived near here her whole life.”

“I can tell you nothing.” Tomaru isn’t the kind to give away information.

“Are you sure?” The young blonde woman leans in close to the fruit man, and says, “She’s my half-sister.” Ophelia covers her mouth so she won’t gasp, because the woman isn’t done. “You see, he came here on business – and did some funny business with this Ophelia Morgan’s mom.”

“I can tell you nothing.” Tomaru is consistent.

Ophelia steps forward. “I’m Ophelia Morgan,” she says, then takes a deep breath as the woman turns toward her.

Here it goes – all or nothing, right now.

How will this meeting go?

Will these sisters accept one another?

Any guesses?

Come back tomorrow for another installment, and we can explore this new story seed together!


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