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She’s 13 Now for #StoryADay May; Day Sixteen

The Prompt:

  • Write a story that investigates a turning point in your protagonist’s past.

Fair Warning:  This post is NSFW, or for younger kids peeking over shoulders….

She’s 13 Now

13 year olds don’t cry, right?

She bites her lip, hard enough that her lip splits and bleeds. But she doesn’t cry about it; she just swallows the blood and keeps biting. She could eat the cake, but she doesn’t want to. All the servants have left, and she could have a cigarette, or a whole pack, if she wanted them. But what good is that, when there’s no one here to sneak around behind. Defiance needs an audience to be any fun at all.

That’s when the front door crashed open, and there were voices and crashing and laughter – drunken laughter.

Mom, and two men.

“Shh, stop – don’t know where the kid is.”

“Oh, come on, Desiree. We want you!”

“Yeah. We want you – now!”

Marilyn got up from the chair that was supposed to have been her Birthday Throne, and flattened herself against the wall nearest the foyer. And there was Mom, already more than half naked, her breasts being attacked by one man while the other was unzipping her skin-tight jeans -his were already around his ankles, showing what was clearly one hell of a fine ass that made Marilyn think of Brad and his ass, which she’d touched only through his jeans –

Brad, who wanted her to try heroin, and wanted her…

She’d always said no – but now –

She slips off to her mother’s room – Mom isn’t going to leave the foyer for a while, and she only brings her men to the guest room, even if she does. Somehow, she seems to think Marilyn won’t know about it if she fucks half the male population of the town in the far wing. Like she doesn’t even remember all the times she never got that far.

Marilyn witnessed her first orgy when she was ten.

She calls Brad. It only takes a minute to tell him to come to the side door, and straight up to this room. Then she runs a bubble bath in Mom’s huge garden tub – they can start right here. She strips out of her clothes, feeling naughty and desirable, her skin hot and hungry as she slips into the water and starts touching her breasts the way that man had done to Mom.

When Brad arrives, he’s bulging the front of his jeans. Maybe she should be scared, but that bulge makes her hungrier.

“Come fuck me, Brad.”

She’d thought he would argue, but all he does is strip, and climb in with her. It’s over almost before they start. It hurts, but Marilyn doesn’t care. And she cares even less when they go to Mom’s bed, and Brad helps her to shoot up for the very first time, and then there is only beauty and touching and the taste of Brad’s sweatslick flesh.

She is a woman now, and she chooses for herself.

Will Marilyn’s mother discover what she’s done?
If so, how will she react?

What’s next for Marilyn?

Any guesses?

Come back tomorrow for another installment, and we can explore this new story seed together!


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