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The Secret for #StaD May; Day Eight

Hello there, and welcome to my Story a Day May “Show My Work” post! This is where I give you a sneak peek into how I’m creating two (very short, and very different) stories, every day this May. Yep, that’s right; less than 24 hours from my first reading of the prompt to a committed story, even if I’m not quite that fast at posting them!

Ready to read?

Well then, what are we waiting for?

Story A Day May 8 prompt,  by artist, writer, and long-time StoryADay participant Marta Pelrine-Bacon. .

She waited a week before revealing the secret.

Main Project Premise:

  • Marilyn has a secret in a box.

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • Marilyn wants to keep her secret, but circumstances utterly beyond her control may force her to reveal it regardless of her wishes.

My Favorite Bit of Secret in a Box

Marilyn keeps her secret in its box, tucked under the cushion of her couch. None of the housekeepers ever come in here; she makes sure they won’t ever want to.

Side Project Premise:

Standard disclaimer. I don’t own them, I don’t profit from them, but they insist on telling me their stories, so I’m sharing them with you.

  • T’Pol’s secret comes out while she’s working at Yellowstone Global Park.

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • T’Pol had done all she was able to conceal the secret of her species identity. But when this information is discovered, will there be a powerful backlash that affects not only her research and career, but also human/Vulcan relations.

Word List:

Prompt Word Donors:


  • wardrobe

  • A-line skirt

  • Scottish

  • tartan

  • teardrop

  • kaleidoscope

  • clutch

  • acrylic

  • nail art

  • silk robe

  • catsuit

  • goosebumps

  • luminous


  • topaz

  • aquamarine

  • pink diamond

Favorite Bit from Was It My Attire?

Point is, doesn’t matter if you wore a burlap sack, silk robe, or catsuit – you give me goosebumps. You, my dear Vulcan, are luminous.”

To see the drabbles in sequence, as they post, visit my page! 

And, if you’d like to learn more about Julie Duffy and Story A Day May,  click the links and learn away!


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