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“SNAFU”: #StaD May; Day Four

Standard disclaimer. I don’t own them, I don’t profit from them, but they insist on telling me their stories, so I’m sharing them with you:


“What’s this, Lizzie? A stakeout?”

“The name’s Elizabeth.”

“Such a tart mouth – hey! What’s with the handcuffs?”

“You’ll just make this SNAFU worse, big brother.”

“How the hell could I do that?”

“No tap dancing around the truth, Trip. You’re itching to put your spaceboot so far up somebody’s ass that he needs a proctogolist to get it out.”

“No, I’m not.”


“So everybody thinks. I haven’t done anything illicit. And now you’ve got me hogtied.”

“You can’t tell me you don’t want to kick him in the – “

“Nope. This guy’s gettin’ it right in the genitalia.”


Is Elizabeth going to let Trip go?

Is Trip going to make ‘this guy’ regret what he’s done?

And what IS that, anyway?

Any guesses?

Come back tomorrow for another 100 word installment, or visit the brand-new series link!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

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