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Sowing and Blossoming: May 2017 Goals

Hi there!

We’re a few days into May, and it’s time for a new batch of goals…some might look familiar, while others are brand new for a new month. This is a bit long, so let’s just go ahead and get to it, okay?


  • Story A Day May:  Main project – Write daily flash story of about ~333 words. Side: Write a Star Trek: Enterprise  fan fiction drabble (100 word story) for my Cowled arc, based on prompt and words from fans. Primary goal. First stories drafted; 2/31 for both projects (I’ll have a page set up by Sunday, to link here)!

  • Trueborn: Complete draft of Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2). Target: 2 scenes/week, after #StaD stories. Finish by May 25. Secondary goal. Modest beginning; reread Scene 45 outline, and POV character’s last completed scene.

  • Kifo Island Series: Complete draft of The Last House (a Kifo prequel) . (Approximate word count TBD). Target 3,333 words per week, after #STAD stories and FDWR; complete by May 31. Tertiary goal.


  • Story a Day May : Main Project: Necessary planning/plotting/research for flash fiction stories (333 words/less, with exceptions) exploring July’s Still Nameless: Kifo Island #8, using #StaD prompts. Side Project: Cowled arc  ;necessary planning/plotting/research for drabbles (100 word stories) carrying “Countdown” forward, using #StaD and fan prompts. Primary goal. Early planning in progress for Day Two stories; simmering. Day 2/31 complete.

  • Kifo Island: Complete plotting as needed to complete rough draft of The Last House. Begin hybrid planning for Still Nameless, using The Story Toolkit  and The Writer’s Coloring Bookget through basic character sketches. Secondary goal. Simmering SN as I begin creating related stories.


  • The IDIC Romance: On Any Tuesday Night (was First Contact, With Jazz), Completes lessons 2 (Promises), and 3 of Holly Lisle’s Revision Course  by April 30. Aim for 3 hours/week (timing TBD). Primary goal.

  • Short Stories: “Miss Spider and Mister Fly”; Confirm copy editing if ready this month; take any other necessary steps. Secondary goal.


  • #StaD Cowled drabbles: Submit to as completed. Secondary goal. Day 1/31 completed.

Social Media:

  • Kindness Challenge: Write twice/weekly posts on weekly themes (7 week challenge, so it will continue through and a bit beyond this round. Respond to comments daily, and visit at least 3 other participants each week. Primary goal. First post is up: 1/14 completed. Self-love: Meditation; journaling. Other-love: Ami snuggles; hometending with love and intention; personal walk.

  • Story a Day May: Post daily –I’m sharing the planning, along with favorite lines to the stories, and links to the complete writings, in separate posts to keep things from getting too long. Visit at least 1 other participant daily. Secondary goal. Day 1/31 posted. Three visits made.  Fell a bit behind with posting and commenting.


  • Homeschooling: Complete rough drafts of third quarter reports for both kids (due 6/15/17). Continue adding to Flickr portfolios for this school year as circumstances warrant. Primary goal.

  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Complete three 27 thing flings each room, each week. Two flings on porch, and two 27 minute yardtending sessions weekly. At least six General Hometending rounds per day, 6 times/week. Secondary goal. Hometending: 2/6. Round 1/3: All. Round 1 /2: Yardtending, porch.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Primary goal. Videos, walks, business and relationship stuff, canoodling and conniving.

  • Career Furtherance: Complete Patreon profile and launch site. Assist my Acomplice in his efforts to launch his cottage industry; aim for 10 hours/week. Secondary goal. Monday conversation regarding PicMonkey branding tutorial, Marketing With Muscle, and assorted labeling details. 1 hour45 minutes/10 hours; gave him some homework. Simmering ideas for Patreon.

  • Beta reading/critiques: Complete at least first five chapters of both beta novels. Catch up with crits for my local group (I’m behind 3 at the moment). Tertiary goal.


  • Journal and meditate five mornings and two evenings each week. Primary goal. Morning: 2/5 complete; evening 0/3 complete.

  • Fitness: Get a cumulative total of at least 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes) moderate physical activity 5 days weekly; 123 minutes (2 hours, 3 minutes) twice weekly, and 4 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, yardtending, etc.) each week, using my Samsung Health app for guidance and accountability. Secondary goal. Mowed lawn Sunday; my app stopped working, but I’m calling it a win. 81 minutes on Monday – not a win, but not vegetating, either. 111: 1/5.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Marketing: Sign up for and keep up with fellow writer (and unschooling mom) Gwen Montoya’s 30 day course, Marketing With Muscle.  This will help both my Accomplice and I as we move forward to the place where we are selling our creative efforts.

  • Website/Blog Development: Make basic sketches of new pages; prioritize; begin implementation.

  • Smart Change: Reread Chapters 3 and 4/ complete/worksheets; create an approach plan, going forward.

  • Intuitive Eating: Reread early chapters; consider how to incorporate into Smart Change.

  • JuNoWriMo: Organize/flesh out lists of blog topics; create one sentence sketches for all ideas; develop sketches into rough outlines for at least 50 posts.

  • Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2018: Gather links and sketch out base idea for these posts.

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The Doll Maker for #StaD May; Day Three

Hello there, and welcome to my Story a Day May “Show My Work” post! This is where I give you a sneak peek into how I’m creating two (very short) stories, every day this May (yep; less than 24 hours from my first reading of the prompt to a committed story, even if I’m not quite that fast at posting them!

Ready to read?

Well then, what are we waiting for?

The prompt, by writer Kylie Quillanan. 

People called him The Doll Maker. Nobody ever wondered aloud why every doll had the same face.

Main Project Premise:

  • Ophelia sits with Marilyn through a hallucinogenic trip.

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • Ophelia finds Marilyn sitting in the middle of a pile of Raggedy Anne dolls, tearing and cutting at their faces with scissors she’s jabbing into their faces. Only she’s high on something, because she’s stabbing herself without even knowing it, the blood smearing on the fabric of the doll faces, and she’s singing and muttering about some invisible man. “They call him the Doll Maker. No one ever talks about it, but – shhh! It’s a secret!” She goes still and strange, then whispers, “They all have the same face. Every. Single. One!”

Favorite Bit of Still and Strange

The sounds are more distinct; she can follow them through a vast room with wine-red walls and marble trimmings. It makes her think of an empty heart. She hurries through – she doesn’t like this space, or this house. But it’s where her sister lives –

And something about Marilyn’s message says that she’s in trouble.



Side Project Premise:

  • Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval speak candidly about a sensitive topic or two.

Word List:


  • platitude

  • perfidious

  • kerfluffle

Anonymous Donor:

  • sewage

  • waterfall

  • wolf-pack

  • clemency

  • bog roll (Aussie for toilet paper)

  • side-effect

  • privacy

  • eyebrow

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval are discussing “matters of great pitch and moment”: that Soval has heard himself referred to alternately as The Doll Maker, Mr. Pointy, and That Perfidious Vulcan Bastard. Forrest’s attempts to excuse or explain with human platitudes are weak; that when Soval learns there is a deeper concern for his friend.

Favorite Bit of Put Your Eyebrow Down”:

Put your eyebrow down, Soval. Vulcan hearing confounds human privacy. This kerfluffle is a side-effect.”

Your platitudes are insincere, Maxwell. You’re troubled.”

To see this story in full, as it posts, visit my page

And, if you’d like to learn more about Julie Duffy  and Story A Day May, click the links and learn away!