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Quietudes and Queries -#atozchallenge for April 20

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

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Quietudes and Queries

The nighttime can bring

quietudes and queries.

The silence can sing

when attention tarries.


Quietudes and queries

in the deep of night.

From life’s bowl of cherries,

New ideas take flight.


The silence can sing

if we listen to it.

Thoughts silent as owl’s wing,

landing where we sit.


When attention tarries

and darkness embraces,

ideas sing like canaries

and light up young faces.

               Moon over Saratoga Apple, Schuylerville, NY, October, 2014.
               Moon over Saratoga Apple, Schuylerville, NY, October, 2014.

I know I’ve had quite a lot to say about our nocturnal life – but that’s with good reason. It might seem strange to those accustomed to a more typical schedule, but it’s in the wee hours that some of the best of our magic happens.

I’m not exactly sure why, although I’ve tried to figure it out. It might be the quiet – not necessarily in the house, because quiet isn’t always assured. Maybe it’s the darkness – because, even though the house might be brightly lit, the darkness outside is embracing, holding the house in its comforting arms.

Or maybe it’s just that nighttime interaction carries an ease we don’t usually have in the daylight. Then there are friends to talk to, hometending beckoning, a thousand and more distractions that seem to melt away as the darkness settles and deepens.

So much inspiration has come from these times. When our son was 8, he tried to build a time machine. Last week, both kids were playing Donkey Konga Jr. for two nights. There have been times when we shared snacks, cleaned things, practiced art, or just snuggled together to have long, rambling conversations that delve into personal hopes and dreams, philosophy, ethics, memories, speculation, and more…

In the end, the reasons why the nighttime is a time for quietudes and queries is less important than that I remain present to it, willing to set aside whatever else I might have been doing when the opportunity arises, and to give this time to my children – and myself.

Do you notice a shift in your home when nighttime settles?

Have you ever taken the chance to connect with your children in the embrace of darkness?

Quick -here’s the link, and the icon, to carry you to the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge!

This is a (not so) quiet reminder to stop in tomorrow, where we’ll be exploring the realities of relating.

          The peace of nighttime, perfectly exhibited on a Christmas tree.
          The peace of nighttime, perfectly exhibited on a Christmas tree.


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