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Nocturnal Namaste: #atozchallenge for April 17, 2017

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

Nove Otto


Nocturnal Namaste

    We live nocturnal namaste

    Learn far beyond the end of day

    Does it matter what hours we sleep?

    If we’re awake beneath full moon

    and all sound asleep at high noon?

    Does the sun control what we reap?

    Why should the coming of the night

    make all learning and love take flight?

    Why ask why? This is peace we’ll keep.

                       A stormy August nighttime sky - we were all peacefully inside. 
                       A stormy August nighttime sky – we were all peacefully inside. 

    In many families, school is a part of family life, and its schedule is a large part in determining household rhythms. Bedtimes are a useful tool in helping kids to get up on time; chore charts  can facilitate a smoother transition through all the things that need to be done before the school day begins, and, when it ends, there may be homework, extracurriculars, chores, dinner time, baths and showers, and then on again to bed to get ready to do it all again.

    I’ve often heard that things can get a little crazy in these families, when off days and vacations come around, and the familiar structure is suspended.

    If you have kids in school, you might know a lot more about this than I do – I lived it as a child, but never have as a parent.

    Unschooling liberates us from that schedule, and, instead, we tend to follow more natural rhythms, based on readiness to sleep or wake. There are four of us, and we often flow at four different rates.

    It’s not quite 8 am, Thursday, December 29, as I write this. There’s no school this week, but, if there was, I would be hearing the bus trundle by anytime now. We live in the country, without a lot of traffic, and, if I’m awake, that bus is hard to miss.

    Jeremiah’s in the kitchen, making macaroni and cheese and eating Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Triscuits. We chatted for a few minutes; I haven’t slept yet, and he’s just getting up. Neither my Accomplice or I remembered to set up the coffeepot for the morning brew, so he was willing to do that when I asked.

    Lise is asleep. She was still up after 2 am, chatting with one of her best friends from a neighboring state via Skype, and filming a new Littlest Pet Shop drama sketch she thought of earlier in the day.

    I can’t imagine having to compel these growing kids with interests and circadian rhythms of their own to go to bed at a certain time, regardless of how busy their minds might be, or what they might be in the middle of. I can’t imagine having to drag them our of pleasant dreams and needed sleep, to rush them through morning routines so they could get on that loud, smelly, intrusive bus….

    But most of all, I can’t imagine losing out on all the nighttime namaste, the flowing of four people from sleep to waking, each of us in our own orbit. Because, often, at night, those orbits intersect, and there is conversation, connection, and wonder in it.

    It might be a more predictable life, with the framework of school’s schedule imposed on our lives – but something magical, and of great value, would be lost.

    Do you or someone you love tend more toward nocturnal living?

    How does this affect your day-to-day life?

    Naturally you’re in need of more nifty N posts! No problem! Click this link or the icon below, and nose around the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge – nothin’ to it!

    Now let me take this moment to invite you to come on back tomorrow, when we’ll be open for explorations of openness!

           One of these Victorian Street Walkers is tireder than the other!
           One of these Victorian Street Walkers is tireder than the other!


    I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

    4 thoughts on “Nocturnal Namaste: #atozchallenge for April 17, 2017

      1. Sorry the site gave your trouble. It did come through the second time! I got a bit consumed by the novel I’m drafting this month, but I’ll be round to visit you soon! =)

    1. I enjoyed reading your post. We homeschooled from K-10th grade – but were anything but unschooling. As a former teacher, I thrived on structure and it was all my children knew. It is fun for me to get a glimpse into your mind because it’s so different from mine. As an interesting side note – both my children are taking college courses now and one of them works a 4 am shift – the other is such a night owl she is usually awake when he leaves for work! Me – I’m fast asleep at 10pm! 🙂

      1. Some families thrive on structure. Each of us does better with flow, although my Accomplice likes more structure in his sleep and waking than the rest of us. When I did use bedtimes, it was a constant struggle, because both kids have definitely inherited nocturnal tendencies I’ve had since I was a kid.
        Doing away with those expectations freed us ALL to sleep and wake when we need to. As the kids near adulthood, they’re also increasingly respectful of others’ need to sleep.
        It sounds like you’ve all settled into routines that work for you, so, as in many things, it seems there are many routes to similar places in life!
        At 9, my very responsible, entrepreneurial son decided he wanted to buy a new 3DS for his tenth birthday. He saved his money, which we agreed to match, and he worked odd home and yard maintenance jobs for his grandparents. He kept to the schedule they set, made his own lunch (although I offered), and got himself up and out (with me as his insurance plan). Even on only a few hours’ sleep, as happened a time or two when he couldn’t sleep, he worked up to 8 hours, doing what he was asked to the best of his ability, and impressing his grandfather with his mature approach.
        I love hearing about how people whose minds differ from mine think and approach life, too, so I’m very glad your found me, so we can share!

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