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Growth, Gains and Gaps: #atozchallenge for April 8, 2017

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

Gra Reformata


Gaps We Don’t Mind

“Mind the gap”, the British say.

Don’t fall into the space between

Tomorrow and today.


But what if gaps are possibilities?

And offer more than continuities?


What if growth happens that way?

In the spaces left unseen?

In scraps and simple bits of play?


And what if gaps are possibilities?

And offer more than continuities?

Learning each and every day

Isn’t usually tidy or clean.

It doesn’t to a timetable stay.


And what if gaps are possibilities?

And offer more than continuities?


Gains and growth along the way

No need for college or a dean

We simply learn as we may.


We see the gaps as possibilities.

They offer more than continuities.


“Mind the gap”, the British say.

Don’t fall into the space between

Tomorrow and today.


But to us the gap is unmolded clay.

Such potential in the space between

What we learn tomorrow and ask today,
We wouldn’t have it any other way.

                                    Boyo and his seven year old gap!
                                    Boyo and his seven year old gap!

I’d like to say I came up with the idea of connecting “Mind the Gaps”  to unschooling, but I’d be lying if I did. I first heard it from Vickie Bergman at (Demand Euphoria) at the Northeast Unschooling Conference, when Jeremiah and I attended her presentation.

I hadn’t expected him to stay and pay attention through the hour-long talk. He was not quite 12, and there were a lot of other things he could be doing: games, arts, friends, food, and things to buy, not to mention cable in our room that was way better than what we have at home (he was very motivated by Cartoon Network, particularly Total Drama Island).

But he stayed, and paid attention, and we discussed what we learned several times after that. It was the point at which I first noticed him reaching for adult levels of understanding.

                    Midnight Marshmallow Toothpick engineering!
                    Midnight Marshmallow Toothpick engineering!

Will my kids enter adulthood with the same knowledge base they’d have, if they were in school? Not a chance. Am I concerned about that – about the gaps in what they know? Not anymore. After all, a gap today doesn’t mean a gap forever. If they choose to fill them, they can do that when they’ve got the need or desire to do so.

You see, there are always gaps. It’s just that the ones schooling creates are so endemic they tend to seem like the air – unavoidable, and maybe even necessary. For sure, they’re socially accepted as a normal part of a child’s life.

A schooled child can’t know the level of freedom my children do – there are always boundaries imposed by the school schedule, the classwork, the homework, the things that need to be done to get ready for school, or ready for bed so they can be rested for school.

In the gaps lies actual freedom – to have days that stretch into a lifetime of choosing how they will spend their time. Given this freedom from age 7, at 11, my Cartoon Network loving son could choose to forgo the charms of Total Drama for an hour, and sit in a conference room, attentively listening to and learning from a talk intended for parents, but where he was equally welcome.

Sometimes, there’s magic in the gaps – and there’s always potential.

Got gaps in your growing collection of G posts?  Gee, you must know what to do by now – click this link, or the icon below, and go for a ride on the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge gondola!

Have you encountered gaps in your school education?

How did you fill them?

Tomorrow is a “dark day” here in #atozchallenge-land, but here’s your invitatio to join me on Monday, April 17 for a bit of a historical hangout. =)

                                     And, just like that, he's fifteen!
                                     And, just like that, he’s fifteen!


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