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Exuberantly Exploring Everything: #AtoZChallenge for April 6, 2017

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:



On Today’s Menu? Everything!

    What’s on the menu today?

    Exuberant play!

    A diet rich in everything

    Everywhere learning

    Taking time, learning from



                                  At A Midsummer Night's (Plushtache) Dream!
                                  At A Midsummer Night’s (Plushtache) Dream!

    What happens when the classroom is never part of the learning equation? When exuberant babies become exploring toddlers and beyond, growing and learning naturally?  When they aren’t moving from subject to subject, from school bus to desk back to bus and then homework and bedtime, so they can get up and do it all over again, day after day?

    Well, for one thing, that exuberance little kids take in learning new things doesn’t go away. When life isn’t split up into subjects, into things that “count” and others that don’t – everything, everyone, everywhere is a chance to learn.  

    And learn they do!  It’s as natural as breath, to them – a steady diet of things to explore  and get excited about.

    And me?

    I get to be a little part of it all, as I expedite their learning.

    That makes me pretty exuberant, too!

    What gets you excited?
    What about your kids?
    Is there something you can do today to embrace exuberance?

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