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Sowing Onward: April 30, 2017

As April waxes into May, it’s time for me to evaluate my ROW8o progress. Often, I wait to do this until the month is officially over, and make an additional post for it. But it occurs to me that it might be more efficient to do the major post now, and add any extra progress to the first May update, so I can just use my regular schedule.

Today has been a more restful day for me, between finishing up my April challenges, and moving into new ones tomorrow…

What’s blooming in your May?


  • CampNaNoWriMo: Draft The Last House (a Kifo prequel). ~65K. Target: 2,1q67 words/day average to complete by April 30. Primary goal. 65,090/65,000 words. I’m not calling this a complete win, because I still have a third to a half of the story left to write. Lots of progress, and I’m still eager to finish, so this is a success. =)

  • Trueborn: Complete draft of Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2). Target: 3,333 words/week; add words every day I reach my Camp quota, above, Finish by April 30. Secondary goal. While I did add words intermittently throughout the month, I never quite reached the weekly goal, and the book is only modestly closer to being finished. Minor success.


  • Story a Day May: Main Project: Create basic sketches for flash fiction stories (999 words/less, with exceptions) exploring July’s Still Nameless: Kifo Island #8, using #StaD prompts. Side Project: Reread Cowled arccreate bbasic sketches for drabbles (100 word stories) based on existing notes and prompt words. Primary goal. Cowled: Read 6/12 existing stories; added 7 “placeholder” scene slots with general description as base for new drabbles. It’s a beginning…I couldn’t do as much as I wanted with this goal, since I was expecting a prompt book in advance of the challenge, but there wasn’t one this year. A bit of progress; a bit of success.


  • The IDIC Romance: On Any Tuesday Night (was First Contact, With Jazz), Complete lesson 2 (Promises) of Holly Lisle’s Revision Course  by April 30. Aim for 20 pages/week analyzed. Primary goal. Well…20 pages a week was laughable, really. It never got close to happening, but I did move forward several pages, and have printed more worksheets, organized the materials, and purchased a huge new 3” binder to expand into. Modest success.

  • Short Stories: “Miss Spider and Mister Fly”; Confirm copy editing if they’re ready this month; take any other necessary steps. Secondary goal. Still waiting.


  • Miss Spider and Mister Fly” (for Dark and Bitter anthology): follow up with editors as/if needed. Primary goal. Waiting.

Social Media:

  • #atozchallenge: Confirm scheduling, and add link and branding to each day’s post. Respond to comments daily, and visit 3 other participants at least 6 times/week. Primary goal. All posted on website: 26/26. Shared and linked through W; 23/26 complete (wrapping that up later today). I fell down a little in the sharing and the visiting, due to the busy, busy month and new format. A modest success.

  • Blogging Features: Continue biweekly Skywatch Friday posts, as well as weekly #SoCS, #8sunday, Mindful Monday, WIPpet Wednesday, and Weekend Coffee Share posts. Pre-produce posts where possible; aim for one hour every Tuesday and Thursday. Tertiary goal. The prep stuff and regular blogging were spotty. I managed WIPpets every week. Moderate success.


  • Continue adding to Flickr portfolios for this school year as circumstances warrant. Primary goal. I took some new pictures during outings, but didn’t edit, Flickrize, or tag for albums.. Moderate success.

  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Complete two 27 thing flings each room, each week. One 27 thing fling on porch and in yard each week. At least five General Hometending rounds per day, 5 times/week. Secondary goal. Didn’t hit every mark every week, but solid progress despite an extremely transitional month.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Primary goal. Chatting, videos, business stuff, planning. Tai chi/salad date with my Accomplice Thursday afternoon. Plans in the works for some upcoming travels (and a newer car more suited to those adventures). Calling this goal COMPLETED!

  • CampNaNo: Interact with cabin mates 5/week: attend write-ins and visit forums once weekly. Secondary goal. Cabin visits:5/5. I didn’t visit the forums the last two weeks, but calling this solid progress based on doing well everywhere else.

  • Career Furtherance: Complete Patreon profile and launch site. Draft CV/cover letter and revise. Assist my Acomplice in his efforts to launch his cottage industry. Tertiary goal. Conversation, dreaming, simmering, brainstorming. I decided to put off joining the workforce, since my Accomplice needs a good deal of help with his business setup and working out a marketing plan – and, as a bonus, this helps me learn these skills for my own future writing plans. A solid if adapted success.


  • Journal and meditate five mornings and three evenings each week. Primary goal. Mornings were a bit more hit-or-miss; it was an active month. Evenings – well evenings didn’t happen. Moderate success.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 99 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly; 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes) twice weekly, and 7 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.). Secondary goal. Began the Baby Steps to 5K 10 week program; also using the Samsung Health app on my new phone. Not a perfect month, but a new mindset and commitment makes this solid progress.

Leaps of Faith:

  • NEW GOAL! Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2018: Gather links and sketch out base idea for these posts. The links are about half gathered; simmering base ideas. Solid progress.

  • Website/Blog Development: Make basic sketches of new pages; prioritize; begin implementation. Did some work for my Accomplice’s commerce pages – learning, designing, and implementing. Resounding success!

  • Smart Change: Reread Chapters 3 and 4/ complete/worksheets; create an approach plan, going forward. Simmering. Moderate progress.

  • Intuitive Eating: Reread early chapters; consider how to incorporate into Smart Change. Simmering this one, too. Modest progress.

  • Rose and Jeremy novella: Complete Planning/plotting of “Tuesday Afternoon Tea” using The Story Toolkit  and existing notes. Develop one-paragraph sketches for remaining 3-5 stories. No progress whatsoever.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

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Zero, Zilch, and Zestiness: #atozchallenge for April 30, 2017

 Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

ZaniLa Rhyme

    Two siblings explore their connection to the other...sweetly, and with smiles.
    Two siblings explore their connection to the other…sweetly, and with smiles.

Zeroing In

When you see zero, what does it mean?

Is it a void to your mind?

An absence, null. What makes a life dull?

A cruel lack, the deficit unkind?


But what if zilch amounts to much more –

Potential waiting to fill?

What makes a life dull? An absence null.

The void contains vastness, if we’re still.


We know the richness of unfilled time

The zestiness freedom brings.

An absence, null, that makes a life dull?

No! Inspiration with graceful wings!

We got lost on our way to The Wild Center of the Adirondack Museum in Tupper Lake, New York.  We found this bit of historical reality we weren't expecting.
We got lost on our way to The Wild Center of the Adirondack Museum in Tupper Lake, New York.  We found this bit of historical reality we weren’t expecting.

There’s a lot of “no” in my kids’ lives. No school, no curriculum, no chores, no rules, no punishment….does that mean that nothing is being learned, or tried, or explored?

If you’ve been here before, I suspect you’ve already got an idea about that. If you interacted with one or both of my kids in person, you’d know for sure…

Zero enforced education doesn’t equate to “zero learning.”

We decided to make the most of  lost opportunity, and went instead to Lake George, where Lise made friends with a hansom horse.
We decided to make the most of  lost opportunity, and went instead to Lake George, where Lise made friends with a hansom horse.

What it means is that they have the free time to devote to their own pursuits. Sometimes these are avid and obviously rich in learning. Other times, it’s so subtle no one besides them might see what exactly it is they’re doing.

Something that seems increasingly absent as kids are in school, after care, extracurriculars and enrichment, is the time and space just to BE – to dream or stare into space or meditate or watch the clouds. It’s the time to hug, to sing and dance, to explore new ideas, to play…

Lise at play - learning history and creating stories while dressing up at the Albany Institute of History and Art.
Lise at play – learning history and creating stories while dressing up at the Albany Institute of History and Art.

To learn who they are, and how the world is, and how those fit together.

These aren’t generally part of a school curriculum. Many things that can’t be quantified aren’t. And giving the children in school too much free time can lead to “distraction” and “disruption.” A lot of school depends upon adequate crowd control – with an adult in charge, and the kids acquiescent to that authority structure.

My kids may never become great order-takers. But, so far, neither seems inclined to live a life based on taking orders. They have a moral sense of right and wrong that’s been nurtured with discussion and experience, an awareness of the rule of law, and the time to work out how that applies to them… and, to me, these are more valuable gifts. Of that, I have zero doubt.

Can you think of a time when nothing turned out to be something amazing?

Are you open to what lies within the oval of a zero?

Zero is NOT the number of other Z posts!  By now, you know what to do – click here, or on the icon below, to zip right on over to the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge Highway one last time.

Well, that’s it!  

This is the final post on my April calendar, and the last letter in the alphabet, too.  But this isn’t the end of the #atozchallenge. There will be a reflections post, so stay tuned!

After our Lake George adventure, we stopped at a favorite playground. Lise, at 9, enjoyed playing with a spiral structure.
After our Lake George adventure, we stopped at a favorite playground. Lise, at 9, enjoyed playing with a spiral structure.
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The Brain Full of Words Edition of #weekendcoffeeshare and #SoCS

If we were having coffee, I might blink at you a few times, then apologize for keeping you waiting, because I wasn’t expecting you! The days have gotten a little jumbled up in big changes this month, and more of my own cups are getting cold several times over before I finish them (unless I never get around to finishing them. That’s happened a few times, too, lately.

If you’ve been out in the yard long, I hope you took a bit of time to appreciate it, despite or maybe because of the getting-shaggy grass festooned in a confetti of dandelions, or the hostas and irises poking their leaves audaciously out of the earth, or the paperwhites in bloom, or the buds on the two big lilac bushes. Those are still small, tight little lavender clusters, but they hold the promise of fleeting purple beauty and that scent that means spring to me…

Maybe by next weekend. For today, would you mind if we had our coffee out there? I’ve been trying to get outside daily, but I’ve been doing Other Things, so far today, and haven’t been out yet. We’ve got the two comfy camp chairs out there, and I can bring out the little table to put our drinks on. I also have fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, clementine oranges, and ice cream in several varieties. While it’s a little cooler today than it’s been the last couple of days, it’s still very pleasant out, with a light breeze.

Now that we’re settled, I’ll start off by warning you: It’s a kinetic time in my life, so I may just be distracted at any time, with little or no warning. That’s what happened last week – I started a post, then got distracted, and before I knew it, I’d been swallowed up by those Other Things…

The upshot is that I’ve been away longer than I planned to be…since the very beginning of a novel draft that’s now somewhere between half and two-thirds complete, as a matter of fact.

So, to make up a little for my absence, I thought I’d offer you a little temptation from that novel draft, which is a prequel to my Kifo Island series-in-progress. I think I’ll leave off the context, since I don’t think you’ll need it to get a sense of the moment.

We can call this bit “Intersection.”

Drea waited at the quiet early afternoon intersection, still not quite sure what she was going to do.

She looked left, toward the corner after next, right before the road curved a bit into the trees. That was Devin’s corner; she could see just a tiny slice of his yard.

She looked to the right. Nothing to see there.

And then she looked left again – and drove straight toward home. Toward Tim, and all the questions that still lie between them, like one of those hedges at the Pascal place.

Toward the hope of finding answers, and the fear over what they would be.

So that’s one of the things that’s been keeping me away…and now, I hear the siren song of the laptop keyboard and the characters vainly wishing I didn’t have more trouble on its way to them! =)

It was lovely to have this time with you, but I hope you’ll excuse me. Please feel free to sit here as long as you like – even take a refill from the carafe, if you wamt…

This week’s #SoCS prompt is “yard”. To visit more Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts, click here, or on the icon below.

For more #weekendcofffeeshare posts, click here, or the icon below!

As for me, I’ll be madly writing, and feeling a little…

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You Never Know: #atozchallenge for April 29, 2017

 Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

(Random Pick): Lannet: except it’s got two extra lines! 


    You’re Drowning…

    Sometimes in life you don’t know what is next

    When the sailing seemed smooth, the rapids sweep

    you away flailing to sharp rocky drops

    Plummeting, no one hears your frantic cries

    You’re drowning in deep trouble; you might die.

    You realize the truth you couldn’t see

    It’s possible to be your own hero.

    Easier if you’ve lived in swift waters

    Of thought, desire, and possibility.

    Why do we live this life of rich freedom?

    It’s our way of making our children strong.

    While they still have their parents to lean on.

    They can navigate rapids and shallows

    Rivers of joy, sorrow’s bitter oceans

    It’s learning only learned in the living.

    Strong oar and rudder to steer them to shore.

                                           Self-controlled falling selfie.
                                           Self-controlled falling selfie.

    You never know what life might bring.

    None of us do.

    Once, I was pregnant, about to give birth to our second child. It had been a textbook pregnancy, and my water broke four days before my due date…and that began a slow-motion trip to limbo that lasted until our 12 day old son died in my husband’s arms in a neonatal intensive care unit.

    Never saw it coming. No way to prepare in advance for the death of a baby all the textbooks said should have been perfectly healthy. No way to prepare our children for the fact that they will always have a brother who died as a newborn, before our daughter was even born.

    That’s a rather dire example, but a valid one. In all kinds of ways, large and small, life brings the unexpected. And, in ways large and small, my kids are preparing for that, everyday.


    By having lives that already embrace the “you never knows.” They aren’t in a classroom, being given predetermined assignments, lab exercises, projects, and research papers, the same as a couple of dozen other kids in the class. Their lives are more fluid, more in keeping with the rhythm of their growth. They have a great deal of freedom to determine the course of those lives, and the backup of two parents who can offer guidance and support. Every day, they live “you never know” lives, in safe ways, and that prepares them to do it on their own.

    Do you feel your childhood you navigate the challenges life presents?

    If you’re a parent, can you think of ways to better prepare your children for the uncertainties of their futures?

    Yes, I know. You want more y posts…so you can click here, or the icon below, and you’ll be zipped over onto the  Blogging From A-Z April Challenge highway!

    And, can you believe it? Tomorrow is April 30, and time for our Z post….and then, there’s no more …that’s right. Zero….zilch….but will that be all there is to it? Stop on by and see!

               Standing tall and with confidence, taking her time-delayed selfie!
               Standing tall and with confidence, taking her time-delayed selfie!
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    Xavier and the Xylophonists: #atozchallenge for April 28, 2017

     Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

      Today’s Poetry Type:

    X: Sometimes there is a rhyme (but no reason!)


    Xavier and the Xylophonists

    Xavier and the Xylophonists were a band of zenophobics –

    No, I didn’t misspell that!

    They were afraid to relax and just let themselves play –

    they didn’t want to fall flat!

    So they spent twelve years in rehearsals for the show ahead –

    but never beat the high hat!

    When all the years of study were done, they found their passion gone –

    And all their dreams went splat!

    Apprentices for the Saratoga Shakespeare Company - enough of rehearsals - they're playing! =D
    Apprentices for the Saratoga Shakespeare Company – enough of rehearsals – they’re playing! =D

    I thought this poem wasn’t going to rhyme, when I first wrote it. I also just had Xavier and the Xylophonists pop into my head as a title, and, of course, X is one of the Dreaded Letters on the journey from A to Z.

    But it turns out that there is in fact a rhyme there, and even a reason…yes, the band’s story is an allegory of sorts. They’re not unlike school children, spending a dozen years, and sometimes more, practicing and preparing for life in the “real world.”

    Miah enjoys Renaissance music ...not in a classroom, but in person, at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, age  8.
    Miah enjoys Renaissance music …not in a classroom, but in person, at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, age  8.

    And meanwhile, the “real world” is out there, all around, the whole time, beyond the walls of the school building. It’s all but invisible from inside, but, if you’re not contained in that reality, it’s just….life. Readily available, in every breath.

    Xavier and the Xylophonists are endlessly preparing and rehearsing…they never make it to the big time, because they’ve worn themselves out with all their practice. They’ve burned out, and come to the big show passionless and uninspired.

    Too often, this is the reality for young adults coming out of school. They began at age 5, or sometimes younger, and spent more than a decade going through the lessons and lectures, doing the homework, taking the tests, being graded and assessed. If they were passionate about something they learned there, it might be only a day or two of their year, before they’re required to move on to other things, because the curriculum demands it.

    Maybe there’s a benefit to that…for sure, there’s a tidiness in being able to look at a diagram of all that has been or will be covered, and point to the precise place where one’s child is in the process.

    My own children have something that isn’t tidy, but which I feel is invaluable. They still have their passion. It hasn’t been trampled or trammeled in the quest to get them properly rehearsed for the real world they’ll someday inhabit. Instead, they’re living in the real world, every day, on their own terms.

    Maybe they wouldn’t fit in with Xavier and the Xylophonists, but that’s all right with me.

    Have you ever spent so much time preparing for something, that you were exhausted by the time the prepared-for something arrived?

    What happened?

    X marks the spot for more X posts by clicking here, or the icon below – exit onto the Blogging From A-Z April Highway Highway!

    Y’all come back tomorrow, when you never know exactly what will happen….

    A moment of silliness: Lise and I share a snack before going to see The Phantom of the Opera - her first grown up theater experience, at age 9.
    A moment of silliness: Lise and I share a snack before going to see The Phantom of the Opera – her first grown up theater experience, at age 9.
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    Unlikely to Suffice for WIPpet Wednesday (Umm, THURSDAY?!)

    Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Witt.

    Umm, hi there!

    You can’t see me right now, but, if you could, you’d know that I’m hanging my head a little.
    I’ve been abysmal at answering comments, and not much better at getting around to visit my fellow WIPpeteers. 

    This Rest of Life thing, you know. I hope to do better this week, but right now…

    As you read this, I’m getting close to my 65,000 word CampNaNoWriMo drafting goal for The Last House, my Kifo Island prequel WIP project. I actually thought that would be enough to finish the novel, as that’s midrange for the six Kifo books I’ve already drafted. This year, I’m using The Story Toolkit for the first time*, and that’s opened up some new possibilities as I move from three-act to four-act structure.

    Which means that the book is going to be longer…maybe even edging up toward 100K territory, and I’m going to follow this through, and see where I go, because it’s already taken me to places I never expected…but which fits the theme even better than I planned, and with a great deal more nuance and feeliness…

    *I’ve chosen a new method each year for the past four years, incorporating the best aspects of each into a hybrid plotting toolbox that I can adapt according to my needs.

    But you’re not here to listen to me talk about plotting methods, are you? I know you…

    You’re here for another installment of a sassy TnT fan fiction story!

    T’Pol ordered me to tell you all that making “heart eyes” at her mate is not only illogical (he’s not even in this scene!) but also dangerous. If you don’t believe that, she would find it most agreeable to demonstrate…

    Any questions? =)

    Today’s snippet comes from a patchwork of stories, written in different styles, at different times, and for different projects. I’m slowly figuring out how to pull them all together into a coherent whole that explores just how and why T’Pol was the one Vulcan chosen to accompany Enterprise NX-01 on her maiden voyage.

    For those who are impatient – don’t worry…we’ll get T’Pol to Enterprise



    Ambassador Soval has just handed T’Pol a personal data device. Now, his thoughts on this…

    Here’s the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I don’t make money from them; I just love them, and I tell the stories they give me as well as I can.

    WIPpet Math:

    • Today is April 26, 2017. Well – it could be the 27th, by the time this posts…

    • I subtracted the first digit of the date from the second, unless I did that for yesterday’s date, and have 4 paragraphs for you today.

    Unlikely to Suffice

    Soval watched as his young kinswoman took the three prescribed cleansing breaths taught to all Vulcan children as the first and most essential key to emotional control. It was evident that the discipline didn’t entirely provide the calm she sought, although T’Pol attained an acceptable level of outer impassivity. The tension that remained indicated a need for meditation; however, meditation would be unlikely to suffice, once she began her review of the material the device contained.

    It might be more comfortable for T’Pol to view the contents in private, but there were things Soval must know, before she departed with the Terrans. It was quite possible that the mission would succeed or fail based upon her reactions, and therefore logic dictated that his acquisition of that information must have precedence over her emotional response.

    “This data device contains translations of the material Starfleet has provided the Consulate regarding Enterprise’s command structure, as well as the schedule for your pre-departure preparations and protocol for the duration of this assignment.” As Soval expected, T’Pol engaged the device at once, and began to access the personnel files he had placed in primary position. “Study it carefully; you must be prepared to assume your duties immediately upon reaching the ship.”

    T’Pol proceeded to the second entry in the directory, and her pheromones released as she exhaled in a harsh, uncontrolled gasp

    What’s spurred T’Pol’s reaction?

    Why did Soval expect an emotional response from her?
    Will this help or hinder
    Enterprise’s mission?

    Any guesses?

    If you enjoyed this snippet, and want something more before next Wednesday (or maybe Thursday…), you can pop over to my page,  or go directly to Loveuary Drabbles,  where you will find bite-sized, 100 word stories written to prompts. These were so much fun to write, I’ll be doing another series of these in May, based on my short story, “Cowled”.

    Read one, all, or anywhere in between – these are the seeds of longer stories to come, and each one has its own tiny little twist.

    And, as always, clicking the little blue froggy below will carry you on to other WIPpet offerings from our talented and diverse group of writerly folks. You can even add your own date-related excerpt if you’re so inclined!

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    Who What When Where Why (and How): #atozchallenge for April 27, 2017

    Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

    Today’s Poetry Type:

    Wrapped Refrain


    Who, what, and when these questions are….

    Who, what, and when, where, how, and why?

    Ask these questions; reach for the sky.

    For the inquisitive mind

    ever ready to seek and find

    among life’s many riddles answers well hidden

    the knowledge of where, how, and why; who, what, and when?


    Or perhaps we will never know

    And wonder will expand and grow

    Igniting imagination

    A brilliant new conflagration

    Will we end another day searching, confounded still?

    Failing to grasp heart’s desire – or perhaps we will.


    These questions are a beginning

    To make the workings of mind sing

    The answers matter so much less

    Than willingness to take a guess

    Follow intuition, reach for the furthest star.

    Impetus becoming more than these questions are.

    How does a boy get to the top of a rope ladder to ring a bell? 8 year old Miah figures it out at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY.
    How does a boy get to the top of a rope ladder to ring a bell? 8 year old Miah figures it out at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY.

    So often, it all begins with a question. Questions open the mind to possibilities, to wonder, to potential avenues to learning something new.

    Questions ignite the mind and the imagination. Questions give us a path to engagement and conversation. The “what ifs” of life are in the questions. Innovations begin with asking if there’s a better way, or a new way, to do something.

    • Can we get there from here?

    • How long will it take?

    • Where will we stay?

    • What will we do when we get there?

    • Why should we go?

    • Whom should we go with?

    Questions can be simple:

    • Can I have a hug?

    • Would you like to come with me?

    • Want to watch this video I found?

    • Have you heard about….?

    What makes crocuses bloom so early? How do they know when to sprout? 
    What makes crocuses bloom so early? How do they know when to sprout? 

    Questions  can be complex:

    • Why did our brother die as a baby?

    • Do you think there’s a heaven?

    • Is world peace possible?

    Some are just silly:

    • Are you an armadillo?

    • Can I eat your arm?

    But every question contains potential that goes beyond the simple answers, and leads to….?

    If you have children, how do you answer their questions?

    How do you answer your own?

    What are you questioning right now, as you read this?

    Do you want more questing, quiet, or questioning Q posts? A quick trip to the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge will surely quell your longings! Click here, or on the icon below!

    You can X today off your calendar, but you’ll need to pop back here tomorrow if you want to know what an unschooling mom does with the Dreaded Letter X!