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Building With #WinterStormStella: March 15, 2017

Hey there!

~Waves snowy glove; realizes I’m still holding the snow shovel…~

Yup,you could say it snowed. There’s been over a foot of the white stuff. My Accomplice got the day off, so he, Miah, and I tag-teamed the removal. =)

Here’s a pair of teasers (No snow; I promise!):

Foul Deeds Will Rise:

  • They were sent to observe the Kai’s Keep and village, and to attempt to protect those of the Tribeless who are unable to tend to their own safety. Tacivaar -” She stopped and swallowed, but her scent held a snarl of emotion for the Huntleader.

A Backdrop of Stars *Chapter Two Revision): * Standard disclaimer applies; I neither own nor profit from this labor of love in any pecuniary sense – it just feeds my soul!

  • I’m an ass? You’re taking advantage of a bereaved woman – what the hell were you doing with her, during all that leave time, Trip? Did finding out about that little girl Paxton created give you some big ideas, or just ammunition to try to convince T’Pol to sit on your lap?”

So, what do you do when the weather grounds you?

Are you more creative, or more likely to nap?
Or maybe something completely different?


  • Foul Deeds Will Rise (Trueborn #2): Reread existing material; complete draft (10/50 scenes). Write 6,666 words/week till complete (by March 31). Primary goal – adapted. Scene 41/50 in progress; 3,364/6,666 words. Also read outline notes for Scenes 42-45, so I can simmer. Spent most of Sunday-Tuesday a bit behind, but now ahead by a whiskersbreadth.


  • Kifo Island: Complete The Story Toolkit for April novel; flesh out with pages from The Writer’s Coloring Book. Flesh out AeonTimeline.  File new series bible materials. Primary goal adapted. Character Worksheets: Protagonist; Antagonist; Supporting Character. New materials filed as completed. Protagonist Character Arc in progress: p. 4/7; I’ll also do an arc for the antagonist. Overall: Step 7/22 complete.


  • The IDIC Romance: Progress with revisions for On Any Tuesday Night (was First Contact, With Jazz), as I work through lessons 2- 3 of Holly Lisle’s Revision Course. Continue revisions for A Backdrop of Stars  1-3. Primary goal. OATN Worksheets: p 9/82 (Scene 3) in progress– Will pick up once I have a completed ABOS rewrite draft. 2,924 words/ 707 new for Chapter Two rewrite draft.

Social Media:

  • #atozchallenge: Complete and schedule all posts by March 31; make page on; write theme reveal post and schedule for reveal date still TBD (keep eyes open for this). Secondary goal. Adapted goal: Have all materials scheduled and ready to launch by March 18. Week Four (NS; April 17-22): Formatting/links/logo/images for P post in progress(4/19). Also downloaded letter icons for each Week 4 day to appropriate folder. (Overall, 7/26 posts scheduled at site; moving along nicely now).


  • Homeschool Administration: Draft, proof, and submit second quarter reports, due March 15. Create Flickr portfolios for this school year. Primary goal. Both portfolios created; gradually adding the pics already on Flickr, but this goal is officially COMPLETED!

  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Complete three 27 thing flings each room, each week. One 27 thing fling on porch and/or yard each week. 33 General Hometending rounds weekly. Secondary goal. Living room complete. Bedroom: 2/3. General: 19/33.
  • Photo digitalization: Scan 27 travel photos per week. Tertiary goal. I finished this week’s stack, and decided to go ahead and do next week’s, which was the final batch….so this is now COMPLETED!


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Primary goal. Conversation; business stuff; Roosevelt documentary;  flirting; canoodling.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group. Tertiary goal. Moved notes from author into separate document, so I can be sure to address all her points of concern in my critique. Restructured notes so I can access them smoothly; took notes in my journal; working on transcribing them.


  • Journal six mornings and four evenings each week. Meditate six mornings and three evenings weekly. Primary goal. Morning: 3/6 journal/ meditation. Evening: 2/4 journal; 2/3 meditation.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 99 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly; 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes) twice weekly, and 9 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.). Secondary goal. 99 minutes: 3/5; 111 minutes: 2/2; Strenuous:1 hour; 45 minutes/9 hours; shoveling snow.

  • Smart Change: Reread Chapters 3 and 4/ complete/worksheets; create an approach plan, going forward. Tertiary goal. Reread the worksheet I began a couple of weeks ago. Had a bit of an epiphany. Reread current and next section of book; revised broad goal to be more specific and reflective of my purpose.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Draft CV and revise. Reviewed what I have; began making notes, and draft a cover letter, to direct what I want to include in this CV. Designed a letterhead; that will help me see this as a serious project rather than an indulgence. Journaled some notes on what I’m looking for and how to approach it; began transcribing to laptop.

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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

7 thoughts on “Building With #WinterStormStella: March 15, 2017

  1. I love this line: “She stopped and swallowed, but her scent held a snarl of emotion for the Huntleader.” Beautiful alliteration, and I love the phrase “snarl of emotion.” Just lovely!

    The bulk of the snow missed us in Southwest Virginia, but unfortunately the cold did not. And it is COLD. Even the birds seem confused. “I though it was spring,” their chirps seem to be saying. For all of us, I hope spring arrives soon and drives away this weather. Glad to hear you’re weathering the storm okay, Shan. Let’s hope the snow melts soon and that warmth and sunshine await!

    1. Funny – I don’t think I really noticed the alliteration on a conscious level. But the POV character has returned after a long absence due directly to the Huntleader’s actions, and knows enough of the other woman’s interactions with him to pick up on the emotion – although there’s a LOT more to both of their feelings for Tacivaar than either of them are going to say outright.

      At first, I was going to try to parse the emotions, but I’m not sure I could, since it’s very complex. I think anyone who gets to this point – building toward the Black Moment – is going to understand WHY it would almost HAVE to be a “snarl of emotion” at this exact point in time…and, more than that, since these women are both felinoid shapeshifters, there’s a double meaning implied.

      I think we got your snow. At least a couple of feet of it, and maybe more. My Accomplice took my car today; his is still in the snow. Tomorrow, I’ll start on that, if he doesn’t get to it first, and maybe also widen the path from the house to the cars.

      Jim and I spent the winter I was newly pregnant with Jeremiah working and living in Yellowstone National Park. This? Well, it’s impressive, but it does NOT compare!

  2. We’ve had a mild winter here in Colorado. I can’t complain, though I do miss playing in the snow with my girls!

    When the weather grounds me, my wont is to be creative, to take the time to hunker down and write. Of course, as a Mom, it also means keeping my kids from going stir crazy. Those two things do not necessarily go together…

    1. My girl is sad because this was dry snow not great for sledding or snowman making. And because she forgot to prop up her sleds, and I forgot to remind her, so they’re buried under at least two feet of snow at the moment.

      More is expected on Saturday, but only a few inches. I’m hoping to get a good deal of clearing done by then, so it should be a breeze to clean up, at least by comparison.

      Also, we both drive ancient but sure-footed Subarus. =D

      One of my consistent homeschooling delights is that snow days are just days for us. No need to watch the school closings (although my son used to watch to root for cousins and friends to get a day off!), and nobody is stir crazy, because they just shift their activiites to suit the weather…and, this year, our 6’2″ and still growing 15 year old helped out quite a lot with our shoveling, then helped my parents. I’m estranged from them, but I do still love them and worry, and it’s nice that he can and is willing, to go help them out.

      I hope, when your weather days evolve into something that lets you be creative personally AND do the Momming your girls need. I’ve found it’s gotten a lot easier to find time of late – both kids are very into their own things, and don’t need me the way they did even last winter.

  3. Looks like you made some good progress. We’ve got quite a bit of snow, but I don’t think as much as you all got. And I’ve actually met all my writing goals for the week already, so I’ll start working on more of my A-Z posts this afternoon.

    1. It’s an impressive amount of snow. It seems very light and fluffy (except by the road, where the plows made it heavy, nasty sludgy slush, and our driveway is steeply pitched at the top, which makes it hard to shovel while standing at an angle).

      But shovel it for a bit, and it is very heavy. I got the driveway clear to the point where Jim could get the car in; I’ll move on from there tomorrow. It’s helped to get out and move; the words seem to be breaking free where they’d been more dammed up.

      Hooray for the A-Z posts! I know you’ve been wanting to get to those for a while, now.

      I’m hoping to have all the letter posts scheduled by the end of the day on Saturday, as well as my theme reveal post (which I’ve jotted a few notes for, and simmered quite a lot, but haven’t yet dug into drafting, because I want to see what the posts themselves look like first (so that’s going to be a high priority for the next 2-3 days). I was finishing up my S post tags/links/logo, and images when my website interface got finicky, so I decided to move on to other things. Usually, that means a reboot, and I didn’t feel like doing that. I’ll shut down before I sleep, and see if that clears things up.

      If you think of it, would you message me for the sprint? Jim is off, but I’m thinking we’re going to stay home and shovel rather than go work out – but I might forget, like I did today.

      1. I shoveled yesterday, but it didn’t take too long. It was light and fluffy, but I only had to do a path on our porch and the sidewalk to the garage. When husband got home from plowing parking lots in Erie, he plowed the driveway.
        I finished E yesterday, edited & scheduled theme post, edited A post, and started drafting F post(which is a flashback to when Icarus and Cassie first met). I also wrote another scene in Stay a Little Longer, finished one for Stained Blood, and wrote the last character back story for Heart of Christmas. Definitely been making progress!

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