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A Mindful Monday ReRun: “I Am, and Ever Shall Be, Your Friend”

Greetings. On alternate weeks, I usually post a new Mindful Monday essay in this space. But I have a special post in the works for next week, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Still, I didn’t want to just post nothing this week, and today is a day with deep personal meaning, so I’m instead going to share a post I wrote on February 28, 2015.

Today, you see, is Leonard Nimoy’s second yahrziet.  Since he was Jewish, it seems fitting to share this, as my symbolic lighting of a candle in honor of a man who changed the course of my life without even knowing it.

I was ready to get on a plane in Portland, Oregon yesterday morning when I read this. I didn’t have time to absorb before I was embroiled in a cross-country marathon journey with my family.

Today, there’s only one topic for me to write about…

This is likely to be a scattered bit of writing. I’m full of thoughts and emotions that don’t translate so well into language. Oceans and tides are moving within me, swelling and ebbing. I’m simply allowing them to flow, and I’ll do the same with these words.

I feel I’ve lost a friend today. No. It’s more than a feeling. I have lost a friend.

Maybe we all have, even if we don’t know it.

Let me go back a bit…

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