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Building From a Revised Blueprint: February 5, 2017

Hey there!

It’s a new month, and that means updated monthly goals for me. This is the complete list; from this point, I’ll only list those goals I engage with each session.

There’s a lot here to cover, so I hope you won’t mind if I just get right to it.


  • Kifo Island: Write 5,000 words/week The Far Shore (KIC #6), until complete. Primary goal. Scene 20/24 in progress. 2,768/5,000 words; 57,250 /~65,000 total.

  • Patreon Posts Complete February and March offerings. Secondary goal. Completed first month drafts of flash fiction piece and poem.

  • #atozchallenge: Write theme reveal post. Tertiary goal. Wrote an introduction for the daily posts that will serve as the jumping off point for this goal.

  • Fan Fiction: Draft one new chapter each for “Cowled” and Love and Loss. Side goal. I’m using my #Loveuary posts to explore the LAL arc, in preparation for writing.


  • Rose and Jeremy novella: Complete Planning/plotting of “Tuesday Afternoon Tea” using The Story Toolkit and existing notes. Develop one-paragraph sketches for remaining 3-5 stories. Primary goal. Romance arc: page 7/7 completed and filed in project binder; sketches for future stories will be based on this arc.

  • Kifo Island: Flesh out AeonTimeline. File remaining/new series bible materials. Complete steps 1-8 of The Story Toolkit for April novel. Secondary goal. All existing printed novel materials have been moved to series bible (three others waiting to be printed).


  • Kifo Island: Sea Changes: Continue rough revision for crit group; scenes 7-10. Tertiary goal. Pulled chapter pages for read-aloud.


  • Miss Spider and Mister Fly” (for Dark and Bitter anthology): follow up with editors as needed. Primary goal.

  • The IDIC Romance: Submit A Backdrop of Stars chapters 1-7; and Chapters 2 for “Arachnid” and “Beagle” to fan fiction sites as completed. Tertiary goal. Chapter 1 for ABOS submitted.


  • Blog Hops: #Loveuary : Write a daily drabble focused on the next chapters of Love and Loss, using a prompt pool from my fans (yes, you can help!); visit other posters as I can. #atozchallenge: Sign up for the challenge and complete any loose ends and unfinished businessby the end of the month, all posts should be finished and scheduled (to both website and blog). Primary goal. #Loveuary Drabbles: 4/28 complete: “Weren’t You Listening?;  “I’ll Want That Back”; “He’d Been Wrong”; and “Don’t You Know?”; #atoz: Visited site; awaiting a “big announcement.” Week Two: B-G posts proofed and moved to website blog template for finishing. Week One: Wrote basic intro paragraph; formatted A post and added/edited images.

  • Blogging Features: Continue biweekly Mindful Monday posts, as well as weekly #SoCS, #8sunday, WIPpet Wednesday, and Weekend Coffee share posts. Add biweekly SkyWatch Friday posts. Develop rough schedule to pre-produce April posts Secondary goal. #SoCS, #weekendcoffeeshare, WIPpet; and #8sunday complete.

  • Website/Blog Development: Make basic sketches of new pages; prioritize; begin implementation. Tertiary goal.


  • Homeschool Administration: Draft second quarter reports, due March 15. Create Flickr portfolios for this school year. Primary goal.

  • Resets/reorganizations: study, family room, and kitchen. Complete three 27 thing flings each room, each week. Bedroom, living room, and bathroom: two 27 thing fling each room each week. 29 General Hometending rounds weekly. Secondary goal. All completed at new levels! WAHOO!
  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and back up all designated fiction files. Maintain Blogging/ Homeschool directories. Sort and delete excess mail Homeschooling, and Transactions in Progress folders. Make files at gmail account. Tertiary goal.
  • Photo digitalization: Scan 27 travel photos per week. Side goal. Photos placed on printer – yup, that’s as far as I got.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Primary goal. Lunch; conversation; food prep; television; canoodling.

  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Secondary goal. Workout/shopping/lunch with my Accomplice; plans to see Allegiance with my son, and Welcome to Night Vale Live Show with my daughter.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group. Tertiary goal. 1/3 crits in the queue complete. Another is highlighted, but has been pushed back, as I rushed one for that member earlier in the week. The third is downloaded; it’s next.

  • Paying it Forward: Offer beta reading, reviews, and promotional posts for other writers. Side goal.


  • Journal six mornings and three evenings each week. Meditate five mornings and two evenings weekly. Primary goal. Morning: 7/6 journal; 7/5 meditation. Evening: 3/3 journal; 2/ 2 meditation.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 90 minutes moderate physical activity 6 days weekly; 99 minutes twice weekly, and 8 hours of more strenuous activities (tai chi, swimming, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.). Secondary goal. 90 minutes: 6/6; 99 minutes: 3/2; Strenuous: 1.75/8 hours (tai chi class; 600 meter swim).

  • Smart Change: Reread early chapters/worksheets; create an approach plan. Side goal.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Complete CV, and apply at Panera for part-time work. Working on CV.

  • Go through Publication email folder.

  • Finish up Patreon page and post.

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Outside of Society: #WeWriWa #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday!

It’s the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! We’ve got a variety of genres and talented writers just waiting for you to come sample their wordy wares. Come read one, or all!

If you’re inclined to share your own 8-10 sentence snippet, follow the link and sign up. It’s a great community to be a part of! =D

A week ago Friday night, I promised to visit some of my fellow #8sunday bloggers. I broke that promise.

I’m not sure exactly where the week went, only that it did. Maybe it was the new schedule; maybe it was the things that I focused on; or family time. But here we are, pushing up closely against midnight on Saturday, and I’m scrambling to get this posted by then, while listening to the end of Alexander Hamilton.

I plan to do better this week, but I’m not going to promise. I don’t like making promises.

In the meantime, back to “Monday Morning Coffee” has been with me since I was sixteen. A local teenaged boy with schizophrenia wandered away from his family at a large outdoor event, and, several days later, was found, deceased.

From that story came this one – the connection might not be clear to anyone but me – but it’s there.


A young commuter has given her coffee and her name to a poorly dressed man who seems reluctant to accept a gift he hasn’t paid for.

Outside of Society

Beautiful Rose,” he whispers, as I drop my hand. He sniffs the fading steam the same way I always do, then sips, his tiny almost-moan of pleasure magnified by the cup pressed to his lips.

I take advantage of his distraction and sit beside him. I can take the 6:53; maybe even the 7:01. But if I leave now, I might never see him again.

Jeremy sips, exhaling in a sigh. There’s a buffer of empty space around us. Eyes and bodies and conversations slide away, as though we’re inside a slippery bubble, alone. No one’s gears seem to need to lock with his. He exists outside of society, and, as long as I’m with him, apparently, so do I.

Will Rose make her train?
Will she instead stay here with Lost Jeremy?

Will they find a place in society?

Any guesses you’d like to share?

Monday Morning Coffee” was originally published in the 2015 edition of World Unknown Review,  edited by L.S. Engler. Since I retain all rights beyond first publication, I intend to revise the story and add it as my own self-published library.

Get more #8Sunday?

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The Work: #weekendcoffeeshare for February 4, 2017

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all that I’ve missed you over these last few weeks. Every week, I’ve planned on asking you over, and every week seems to end without having gotten around to it.

So, today, I’m making it a point. It’s Friday afternoon, and the shopping was done yesterday. There’s both regular and Death Wish Coffee here, and a variety of flavored creamers. We also have cashew milk and some fruit…not a lot of sweets, but, if you’d like, I can bring out the chocolate covered espresso beans.

Let’s meet in my study. I’ve been busy away from home rather a lot (for me, anyway), these last weeks, and I don’t need to go anywhere today, so I’ve spent most of it so far working on various writing and hometending projects. And yes, I do know that the house doesn’t really look like it’s had that much in the way of tending. All I can say to that is that you might have a different perspective on that if you’d woken up here this morning, the way I did. My goal is to have it looking even better by the time I go to sleep tonight.

But enough about that. I’d rather talk about something more exciting, because there are big developments happening here at the moment. That accounts for some of my recent absence, as I’ve been tending to the things that seemed to need me a bit more than blogging did (or, at least, to be a lot more vocal about it!).

My Accomplice has a new job, and, so far, things seem to be going very well. It’s been a lean season, and this is welcome. Even better is that it’s closer to home, has a good number of local regulars, and is a place he’s wanted to work at from the first time he ate there.

We’ve also been hard at work getting his cottage industry up and running. He built a tidy little inventory of hot sauce while he was between jobs, and began the process of dealing with the various certifications and classes he needs to legally sell it. Now we’re down to the final steps – logo design, business account, taxation and licenses. It’s rather tedious and involved, but, once it’s done, all that’s left is labeling and liability insurance…

Which means that, along with my own writing-related projects and the ever-present and due next month homeschool reports, I’ll be designing a products page here, so that folks who visit me can (eventually)order right on site! Eventually, he’ll have his own site, but that’s still in the future, and I bought a business site in large part so that I can help him by supporting the business which may someday support us.

I’m also working up a curriculum vitae for myself, because, for the first time in a decade, I’m ready to rejoin the workforce. I left when the children were 5 and 2, to focus on homeschooling. Back then, it was definitely the thing to do, but the ten years since have grown those little kids into big ones verging on adulthood, and they don’t need nearly so much of my time and direct attention.

So, I’ll be taking a part-time job, to bring in a little money that will help to support everyone’s passions, and to extend myself gradually back out into the wider world. I’ll be starting small, part-time, but may build to full time, if that goes well and I want more.

And, of course, there will always be writing….

Wow, it seems like our time together just got started, and here we are at the bottom of our cups. Bundle up; it’s cold out there, and it might snow. Stay warm till next week –

Want to share another cup? Drop me a comment, and stop by Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog to visit more lovely #weekendcoffeeshare folks!

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He’d Been Wrong: #SoCS and #Loveuary Day Four

Ritu from But I Smile Anyway created the #Loveuary blog hop, which feels like a perfect time to explore the next three chapters of my Star Trek: Enterprise TnT fan fiction story, Love and Loss  – a hundred words at a time.

I’m using word prompts for each day, randomly gathered. Today, I’m also using the weekly Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt – this week, “hair”, used however we choose.

If you’d like to add to the pool, list your choices in the comments – bonus points if they don’t sound especially like they’d fit a science fiction story. I love a challenge!

Prompt words appear in bold, and today’s contributors are credited at the end of the post.

One more thing: Standard disclaimer applies. I don’t own these characters or the world they inhabit. They just like whispering and shouting stories into my brain, which I share with you freely, as an act of love.

He’d Been Wrong

This mission was as demanding and dangerous as any Shran had undertaken with the Imperial Guard. His charge was still experiencing episodes of irrational, uncontrolled violence.

The damage was extensive.

He’d thought many things of this young woman, in the time he’d known her, but he’d been wrong about almost everything but that she was a Vulcan female.

“The wrong scent. The wrong man,” she whimpered, curling into him again. “I’m bereft. Hollow. Desolate.”

“I know.” Shran held her, stroking her dark tangled hair, and tried not to respond to the undeniable fact that T’Pol was a very sensual woman.

Why is Shran comforting T’Pol? 

Today’s words come from:


  • demanding

  • dangerous

  • irrational

  • extensive

  • sensual

Linda at Life in Progress:

  • hair

Come on back tomorrow, and don’t forget to stop by and see Ritu and Linda, as well!