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Would You? With a Woodchuck? #SoCS and #JusJoJan Day Twenty-Eight

Welcome to Day Twenty-Three of Just Jot It January, where the prompt is: wood/would,” used any way we wish. It’s also the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for today.

When I read today’s prompt, a tongue-twister popped into my head, but that’s a little too easy. So, instead, I thought I would share a few thoughts about (fire)wood, woodchucks, and other things.

Would you like that? Well, since I can’t hear you, guess I’ll knock on wood.

  • I learned the tongue-twister listed above at age 5 or so.

  • At some point soon after that, I went for a walk with my father. We explored the hayfield next door to our new home, and I twisted my ankle in a woodchuck hole. I asked my father why they were called woodchucks when they lived in holes in the ground. Even as a child, I would get frustrated by inaccurate wording. I thought groundhog was a far better name for the animal.

  • It would be many years later, when I worked in Yellowstone National Park, that I learned that they’re sometimes also called whistle pig. As evidence of my personal paradoxes, I like this inaccurate name better than either of the others.

  • We have a pair of woodchuck/groundhog/whistle pigs who reside in the woodpile outside our garage. The kids have dubbed them, interchangeably, Wiggy and Jiggy, for reasons that have faded into obscurity. We theorize they may have little Figgys, Tiggys, Liggys, and Miggys we can’t tell from their parents.

Well, that’s about it for now. Did you know my take on wood would turn out this way? I didn’t!


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