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The Prosperity of Potential: December 7, 2016

Hey there!

I’ve been working toward my December goals for almost a week now, and I’m feeling a new sense of energy and purpose. I have a lot of irons in the fire, as the saying goes, and I feel a little like I’m juggling hot coals – ideas, plans, insights…

It’s a happy kind of feeling, tempered with the coming of winter. And, to add to the pleasure, my new replacement Kindle Fire has arrived! A note to anyone considering a new Fire device: get the 2 year insurance plan! It will replace your device three times during the service term, at no charge to you. When your twelve year old unintentionally gives your device a dousing, for instance…let’s just say it was $19.00 well spent!

Enough about that. After last week’s frenetic pace, this week, thus far, has been much calmer, and the wrapping up seems to be moving along apace…

Now it’s your turn!

Are you feeling inspired, tired, or somewhere in between?

Note: Only those goals I interacted with during this session are listed. For complete goals lists, follow the links below.


  • Blogging From A to Z April Challenge: Continue writing poems/drafting posts, on a rotating-week cycle. Secondary goal. Poems written for J and K, Week Three: 4/6 drafted; L and M simmering. Reread Week Two poems and topics so that I can simmer essay ideas while I finish up the poems.


  • Brainstorm list of 33 possible blog topics to develop in 2017. Tertiary goal. A conversation with a blogging friend gave me idea #1. 1/33 simmering.


  • The IDIC Romance: Finish revisionFirst Contact, With Jazz and get it in the hands of waiting betas. Revise Chapters 4-6 of A Backdrop of Stars and review 1-3. Primary goal; FC, WJ”: Scene 1/16 color-coded for second fine-tuning pass (getting closer); Scene 2/16 color-coded for first fine-tuning pass; reread Scene 3/16 color-coding for first revision pass; simmering. ABOS: Reread Chapters 1-3; simmering.

  • Philodosia”(Hamiltoninspired alternate history): Revise and print a nice copy of Scene One, “A Matter of Honor” for my daughter’s Christmas gift. Side goal. She asked me for a story where Philip Hamilton and Theodosia Burr end up together; this is it. Pass #1 complete, and shared with two knowledgeable friends. (I added this goal for this update; I forgot to put it in my December goals post.)

Social Media:

  • Make 3 visits to others participatants in each hop/challenge I’ve joined. This will be a Thursday/Monday focus. Primary goal. Visited #SoCS and #weekendcoffeeshare; 3/3. Still owe visits to ROW80 and #8sunday folks.

  • Interaction: Visit website, blog, ROW80, Albany NNWM, and Yakon Village FB pages;; Twitter; Instagram; and Pinterest weekly, each site. Secondary goal. I’m feeling better about this, overall.
  • Continue in situ website design, with a focus on transitioning to it as my prime online home in 2017. Prepare countdown posts for this blog, and post with link. Post one reblog and two snippets each week. This is a Friday/Tuesday focus. Tertiary goal. Simmering ideas for pages. WIPpet Wednesday snippet in progress; posting later today.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete/revise/submit first quarter reports (due 12/15). Continue to file to Flickr portfolios. Gather materials for second quarter reports; facilitate further learning as needed/wanted. Primary goal. Jeremiah’s Patriotism and Citizenship; U.S. History; Government; Art; and Practical Arts Sections completed: 8/15. On target to be finished by Sunday.

  • Complete resets/reorganizations: study, family room, and kitchen. Use the 27 Thing Fling for structure/5 each per week. Add in 25 cycles a week for random indoor/outdoor tidying/hometending. Secondary goal. Study: 5/5; Family: 5/5. Indoor random; 15/25.

  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and back up all OneDrive Move to Yogical, Stuff to Look At, and The IDIC Romance files Maintain email below 99 messages. Cull/organize Writing Stuff email folder. Tertiary goal. Wednesday/Saturday focus. Email gott a little out of hand as I focused on setting up my new Kindle.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Continue planning/ attending outings and at-home activities (personal and family) as desired. Primary goal. Conversation with my Accomplice. Nail painting and Llamas With Hats with my girl.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly online and in person. Secondary goal. Write-in; visited page.


  • Journal six times each week. Meditation six mornings, and three evenings.Primary goal. 3/6 morning; 1/3 evening.

  • Fitness: Get a cumulative total of at least 80 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly, 90 minutes 4 days weekly. Secondary goal. Kicking this up a little; winter can be a sedentary time, and I like the way I feel when I move. 80 min: 2/5; 90 min: 1/4.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Create Patreon page, and incorporate it into my social media…this is an exploratory time. Secondary goal. Reopened my page-in-progress, skimmed what I still need to do (reward levels, intro, and creation of material for rewards). Named support levels and decided on rewardsI’m not sure these are final; I want to consider them for a few days before committing myself – I have to be sure I’m ready to supply all of them before I launch the page.

  • Listen: Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Side goal. Downloaded program to my new Fire tablet.

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