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“Shhh…”: Hamiltoning for #SoCS/#weekendcoffeeshare

Shhhh….can you (not) hear it?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this is the sound of my family in the shelter of the day after a storm of activity.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a bad storm, like that time a few years back when we were expecting my Accomplice to come home for his vacation, and instead, had the sheriff knock at the door to inform us that he was being airlifted to the local medical center because he and his motorcycle had collided with a deer.

Thankfully, we don’t need shelter from that kind of storm at the moment!

Oh, I’m confusing you, aren’t I? Sorry. Here – you have a seat amid the bits and pieces of things in progress in my study, and I’ll get the coffee and some holiday cookies. If you’re inclined, there might even be a little ice cream left. I’ll get it quietly, because I love the way this shabby little house feels when we’re in a rest and renewal phase, each one of us (except my Accomplice, who’s at work) processing the experiences of the past days. My study, in case you were wondering, is down the steps and to the left, through the bamboo yin and yang curtain. It’s out of the way, and our chatting there won’t shatter the peace and quiet.

On Wednesday, I dropped my daughter off at the midpoint between our home and her best friend’s – it’s rather a long drive, so we picked a convenience store with generous parking as our primary meeting place. She and I had just gone shopping to provision her with snacks and other essentials, and to scope out choices for winter outerwear, since she outgrew the coat she’d used for the last three years. My girl loves to shop and loves clothes; it seemed like a good idea to get the lay of the land before she made a final selection.

Once I was home, my son and I honored our tradition of watching a movie or two together while his sister is away. He’s more of a homebody. He’s also fifteen, and I’m very aware that relationships and work and car and things of that nature are in a horizon that’s getting closer and closer. I treasure these times of one-on-one connection, and I savor seeing the man emerging in the boy. Sharing my favorite formative movies with him, and experiencing what he enjoys, is always enlightening.

We watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – his choice, and far better than I’d thought it might be (I didn’t know it was a Joss Whedon project until the end). After that, we watched Dead Poets Society, one of my very favorites. He likes Robin Williams, but had never seen him in a role more dramatic than Mrs. Doubtfire, so this was a revelation for him. Being a sensitive type who enjoys Shakespeare and poetry, he found it better than he thought it might be.

So that was a win on both sides.

Thursday, he and I attended the Victorian Street Walk in downtown Saratoga Springs. A section of Broadway is barricaded off, and the town comes alive with remnants of another time. We try to go when the weather is decent; Thursday was in the 40s and a bit damp, but otherwise a fine upstate New York early December evening.

Friday morning came only three hours after what I optimistically called “Thursday night.” I needed to be up and out early-for-me, to pick up my girl at the meeting spot. Once I had her and her belongings, and good-byes and hugs were given all around, we headed back to the store to get her winter wear – a process that was considerably less painful and time consuming than it might have been. We went out to lunch at McDonald’s, which was her choice. She went to sleep shortly after we got home – and I took a bit of time to work on my revisions-in-progress for two of my Enterprise fan fiction stories.

Then it was time to get moving again – my son and I were off to see a preview of Hamilton’s Albany, a documentary produced by our local PBS station. It was held at the Albany Institute of History and Art, which has a current spotlight exhibit, Hamilton in Albany (do you see a theme emerging here, or is that just me?).

After the show and some time exploring the museum (there be mummies here!), we stopped at Panera for bagels and soup. It’s interesting to see the man and the boy woven together in this one being, and to be his friend as well as his mother as he navigates his own course to fully-fledged adulthood.

Wow, you look as out of breath as I feel! It really was a lot of coming and going, and a lot of wonderful companionship and inspiration. It’s likely to transform into new writing, new understanding, and deeper connection with two of my very favorite people – my children. =)

As you gather your things, let me ask you – do you ever have that feeling? That the things you’ve been occupied with might just shift your perceptions?

This post is another in my combined Stream of Consciousness Saturday/#weekendcoffeeshare post. The #SoCS prompt for this week is “sh”, with bonus points for beginning the post with it. Learn more about either or both blog hops, or join in, by clicking their respective icons. =)


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