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“Live Insects ‘Fluttering’ in One’s Digestive Tract”: #WordHighJuly Day One

It’s Day One of Word-High July, a chance to explore some lovely Filipino words – one each day. Clicking the link will tell you more about the challenge.

So many of these words deal with specific emotional states in concrete terms…perfect for a Vulcan woman desperately trying to understand what she feels for a human man named Trip…so I’m writing Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction. Let’s see if T’Pol and Trip can use these lovely words to find common emotional ground.

By the way, standard disclaimers apply. I don’t own the characters, but they certainly like putting stories in my head. I write fan fiction for passion and joy, not money, to share what I love about this inter-species couple. My fan fiction has always been, and ever shall be, totally free – my gift to you!

Image Disclaimer: These words and these photos are from a lovely article by BuzzFeed titled “36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language”. All credits goes to them.

 And now, story #1, as T’Pol makes her first attempt to utilize Hoshi’s Gift.  Clicking the link gives more information on the challenge, and these characters.

“Live Insects ‘Fluttering’ in One’s Digestive Tract”

Kilig: butterflies in one’s stomach.” Trip grinned at the way T’Pol studied the PADD, and that adorable little wrinkle between her upswept brows. He waited until she looked at him, with her head and one of those expressive brows slightly tipped. “I’m aware that many humans consume insects, but I don’t understand why this circumstance would be any different than consuming any other animal life.”

“That’s because you’re not looking at it right.” Predictably, she looked at the PADD again, and he hid this smile behind his hand. “No, I don’t mean that way.” She was more sensitive about a lot of things than she used to be. Or maybe he was just a lot better at noticing than he used to be. “Remember, Hoshi said this was an exercise to help us ‘build a mutually acceptable emotional vocabulary.’”

“Then you’re theorizing this word has an emotional connotation.” She set the PADD down on the table and picked up her tea, instead.

“It’s not a theory, pepperpot. I know exactly what it means.”

“Please explain.” Now she knew he knew, her patience to work it out vanished like the chamomile steam rising from her tea mug. She sipped as though she could wait forever, but her eyes were watching him intently over its rim.

“Well, I know Vulcan has butterflies – or insects close enough to them, anyway. So you know their flight patterns.”

“Yes. They are erratic in a way humans refer to as ‘fluttering.’” He could see her making connections; damn, but her mind was fast! “You are suggesting kilig refers to a sensation akin to live insects ‘fluttering’ in one’s digestive tract?”

“Bingo. Although maybe that doesn’t translate to Vulcan stomachs.”

Her lips softened in an almost-smile as she lowered the tea, and her eyes dilated as she offered him the ouz’hesta. “On the contrary. I first felt kilig on the night we met, and I’ve felt it many times since.”

He touched his fingertips to hers, and smiled.

Kilig.” They whispered it together, and, without needing to say anything else, they rose, fingers still joined, she carrying her tea and he the PADD. They went to her quarters and indulged in a much deeper mutual exploration of the sensation.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

9 thoughts on ““Live Insects ‘Fluttering’ in One’s Digestive Tract”: #WordHighJuly Day One

    1. Somehow, I knew you would. =)

      And you can read another every day until the 30th. I even made them part of my CampNaNo projects, so there’s no guilt in indulging TnT this month! T’Pol says that guilt is illogical, anyway.

    1. I have this Vulcan woman who puts stories in my head and won’t let me be until I write them and she gets her engineer…and he is prone to backing her up. Makes it a little easy to see how they’d translate the word – not the same, but definitely finding that “mutual acceptance” they’re trying to create.

      I’m thrilled to be on board. My novel in progress gets very dark in places, and the next one will be more so. This is light and love and evocative and just plain fun – which is very welcome! =)

      1. Oooh. I think each writers have their own muses, and you have a demanding one. 😀 (Most of them are actually. :D)
        I am glad to know what this challenge has offered you! 🙂 Cheers!

        1. She’s very demanding. She has woken me up to tell me stories that made me cry – more than once.

          And that lady can fight. When she wants to put stories in my head, I just shut up and listen, and then do what she wants and write them. If I didn’t…well, Vulcans are considerably stronger than humans, and I’m thinking my modest tai chi knowledge isn’t really going to save me if she’s motivated!

          1. Fighting with T’Pol could get me seriously hurt. Besides, since I like her and respect her, listening is not only safer, but, as she would say, agreeable. Even when her stories make me cry.

            I’ll be making a final pass through my Timpi story in a little bit. Right now, I’m doing some hometending, chatting with my girl, who’s pitching in, and listening to Hamilton (I’d say it’s because of Independence Day weekend, but it’s less to do with the intermittent re-enacted cannon fire from the nearby battlefield than it is that it’s simply an amazing musical, and I can’t get enough of it!)

            It’s one of those days when I need to settle into writing by putting non-writing things to rights. =)

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