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Hoshi’s Gift: My Word-High July Intro Post!


Oh, look!

Here we are, into July already. The month began with a day of intense thunderstorms and tornado warnings (not exactly common in upstate New York) that caused some turbulence here in our home, and slowed down my plans for today’s blogging –

But here I am, joining in on Word-High July, a chance to explore some lovely Filipino words – one each day, for 30 days. Clicking the link will tell you more about the challenge, in lovely language – and here’s a word list, for those who’d like to play along.

For my personal challenge, I knew what I was going to write as soon as I read the list of words. So many of them deal with specific emotional states in concrete terms…perfect for a Vulcan woman desperately trying to understand what she feels for a human man named Trip…

Yup. In the spirit of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations), I’m writing Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction. Let’s see if T’Pol and Trip can use these words to find common emotional ground.

By the way, standard disclaimers apply. I don’t own the characters, but they certainly like putting stories in my head. I write fan fiction for passion and joy, not money, to share what I love about this inter-species couple. My fan fiction has always been, and ever shall be, totally free – my gift to you!

But enough about me. Let’s get on with the introductory story that sets the stage for the 30 daily stories to come….here, we begin with Hoshi’s gift. For those who aren’t in the know, it’s good to know that Ensign Hoshi Sato, Enterprise’s Communications Officer, is a linguistic prodigy who can learn nearly any language, so it’s not at all far-fetched that she would speak Filipino.

Hoshi’s Gift

Hoshi looked over to the Tactical Station, where Trip was sitting. T’Pol hovered on the other side of the console, almost as though she was glued to him. She’d been like that ever since he got back up to the Bridge after he’d assessed the situation in Engineering.

Hoshi had been debating this ever since that mind meld with T’Pol. She’d told the First Officer about her dream, woman to woman, but she’d held some things back. T’Pol was Vulcan, after all. The fact that T’Pol had also been emotionally compromised at the time, and had admitted it openly, made it a matter of compassion.

For years, now, they’d been at the edge of friendship, but, between her own shyness, and T’Pol’s genetic and culturally ingrained reserve, they’d never crossed that threshold. It didn’t help that Vulcan didn’t even have a word for ‘friend’ – or, for that matter, for most emotional concepts and states.

That’s what had given her the idea. She’d watched a clearly anguished woman pacing her room, trying to give some voice to all the things she felt for a certain Chief Engineer. She might have already lost her chance, but Hoshi thought that she hadn’t. She’d known Trip for a long time, now, and he wasn’t the kind to give himself halfway to anything. And the dreams – well, T’Pol might have doubts, but that was because she naturally looked at things logically.

To Hoshi, it was clear as air. The passion sizzling between the two of them went a hell of a lot deeper than lust or friendship or even rivalry.

“You’ve stood here stalling long enough,” she told herself. “And, meanwhile, they’re both here, and no one else is even close to aware enough to notice.”

T’Pol didn’t have a Vulcan word for the human maze that was love, either, and it certainly couldn’t be quantified in concrete, logical terms. She needed help, and Trip was in way too deep to be able to give it to her – he’d transferred to Columbia, after all, and that probably meant that he was as hurt and confused as she was.

It was up to her.

“Commanders?” she asked, because neither of them was paying attention to the display. Two sets of eyes, hazel and blue, broke a mutual gaze heavy with things Hoshi could only guess at.

“Yes, Ensign Sato?” Formal as ever, but T’Pol’s voice was softer and more vulnerable than it had been. There were things she couldn’t hide anymore, even if she wanted to.

Hoshi brought out the PADD, and offered it to T’Pol. “This is for you – both of you, I mean.”

T’Pol moved the PADD so that Trip could look at it with her. “A Mutually Acceptable Emotional Vocabulary?” The engineer stuck his tongue in his cheek, and didn’t look at T’Pol.

“This isn’t English,” T’Pol said, very softly.

“It’s Filipino. If you don’t mind my saying, English doesn’t seem to have been working very well. I thought – well, I thought this might be better.”

“Hoshi, what exactly are you trying to say here?”

“She’s shared my dreams, Trip.” A whisper, but Trip got redder than he’d been when he’d come off that desert planet with his new friend Zolkan.

“Ah, hell….if yours have been anything like mine – umm, sorry, Hoshi.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She kept her voice quiet, even though they were the only ones on the Bridge, with most of the crew still recovering from the effects of the Orion women’s potent pheromones. “But this might help – if you decide to give it a try.” She didn’t wait around to see what they’d do with the gift. She figured that she didn’t need to know the specifics – if it helped, sooner or later, she’d know.

She wasn’t only good at spoken languages, after all. Most intimate conversation between both species was held on a non-verbal level. No matter how hard they tried to hide it, she would know.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

7 thoughts on “Hoshi’s Gift: My Word-High July Intro Post!

  1. Welcome to Word-High July!

    I’ll be honest. I am one of those very rare non-fan of this film but your fiction are so good and they engrossed me. 🙂 Looking forward to more of your pieces! 😀 Thank you for joining!

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome!

      I’ve been a fan of Star Trek most of my life, but it’s really about the Vulcans for me. Like us, and very much not like us at the same time.

      T’Pol is an intriguing character; it’s taken a lot for her to get to the point of acting on any of her emotions, and she’s had to break with a good deal of her culture to initiate a relationship with a human.

      Over and over in the series, these two have to face the realities that the way they view nearly everything is shaped by different planets. There’s a lot of misunderstanding, but also a very strong and obvious connection.

      I believe that a good story is a good story whatever flavor it comes in. I’m always honored when someone who doesn’t consider themselves a Trek fan enjoys these stories, because it means that I’ve found the universal in them.

      And these lovely, lovely words – I know Trip would like their shapes and sounds and fanciful meanings, while T’Pol would appreciate their aesthetic qualities and the precision and clarity of the definitions of things she has no names of her own for (Vulcans are very much about logic, and expected to suppress emotions.)

      Popping over to visit you next. And thank you so much for this beautiful chance to learn more of your culture while playing with two of my favorite imaginary friends! =D

        1. Indeed I do. I love seeing how people relate to one another and work out the dynamics of that relationship. I’ve been married a long time, mostly happily, and to a man of my own species…and still, there are times when we do not connect.

          Imagining what that must be like when even your DNA is different fascinates me. And it doesn’t hurt that the actors were brilliant in portraying a connection that grew over a span of years, and kept evolving, and wasn’t like a fairy tale as much as real life.

          I’ve just revised today’s story, but I’m going to sleep on it and look it over once more before I post it. It’s longer than I originally intended, and I’m not in love with the ending yet.

          If you want more faster than I’m posting here, there is a link page on the sidebar of this blog. Rated stories are clearly labeled for reader discretion. =)

          1. Wow. I am glad you are married for so long. It is tough hard work, right? Married is a long shot for me as of now but I’ve read a lot of books that pointed out that staying married is a choice you made everyday. 😀
            And I will take not of that! 😀 Thank you!

          2. Mostly, it’s not so hard. I chose very well. So did he.We fit, and most of the time, it’s just natural. =)

            But sometimes, staying married is a choice we both make every second. Conflict is inevitable. Learning how to deal with it hasn’t been easy – neither of us was raised to do that healthily, and we’re hoping that we’ve given our children considerably more skill in that area.

            He still makes me smile, and makes my heart beat faster. He’s still my Accomplice, and I still love him, so I count myself very lucky. ❤

            Marriage is great if it's the right person, and the right time. But it isn't the only path, and I hope you have all the joy you can where you are. If marriage does become a reality for you, the more joy you bring, the more you can create. And, if not – well, you'll be enjoying life so much, you might not miss it! =)

          3. “Marriage is great if it’s the right person, and the right time.”

            Wow. I am learning a lot from you! That statement resonated to me the most. 🙂 Thank youuuu!

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