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Robin Kissing Batman: #StaD Kifo Project for May 14

Welcome, friends! Come in, and let me tell you a Story A Day, all May long…

In June and July, I’ll be drafting two new Kifo Island novels. I know something about 5 of the 6 point of view characters, and I’ve got a sketchy idea of the plots – but I need to learn more about these people and their stories.

So, in May, I explore. Every day, I’ll follow the prompts in A Month of Writing Prompts 2016. I’ll play while moving through my planning efforts. Some of these stories may become part of the eventual novels, but my goal is to invite these characters to show me who they are and what they want – and how their lives fit together to make a novel.

I’ve been writing my story each day, but I slipped behind in my posting. I’m hoping to catch up by the 20th, and finish the month out on time.

I continue with May 14, following the daily prompt, A Sidekick Tale.

Week Two‘s theme is: Elements of Story

Yvette Perrault and Zeke Carstairs share a saucy little sidekick moment.

Warning: This story is rated PG-13 for suggestiveness.

Robin Kissing Batman

“You painted this?”

Yvette nodded, loving the adoring and admiring way Zeke looked from her to the painting and back again. He was a little like a puppy dog.

“Wow!” He tipped his head to study the silhouetted lovers embracing against the sunset sky, with the expanse of clean beach punctuated only by their footprints and an occasional shell or bit of driftwood, and the marks the tide had left as it went out. “Hey – that’s us, isn’t it?”

Non. Not like a puppy dog. More like an awed sidekick.

“Oh, you’re a sharp one, Robin,” she told him, and, when he looked a little uncertain, she slunk into his arms, draping herself on him as though she was a fine suit. “Sharp minded, sharp dressed, and a sharp lover, too.”

His breath sucked in as she pressed in and circled her hips against him. “Holy sexy lady, Batman!” He grinned around the quip, and she rewarded him with a sultry kiss, loving the way he gave himself to it, and to her.

Surely, no sidekick on the television was ever so cooperative – or even half as sexy as he was.

“Are you thinking of Robin kissing Batman, too?” His hot whisper in her ear snorted laughter out of her, and everyone in the gallery spun to stare.

“Come on, Robin,” she told him merrily. “Let’s get out of this stuffy place, and go somewhere we can take off our utility belts and see what we can find to play with underneath!”

He was a sharp sidekick. He knew when not to argue, and when to act.


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