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To Mine Own Self Be Kind: #RevofKindness Week One and #WeekendCoffeeShare


If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you’re kind to yourself. OK, I hear you: you’ve got a lot to do, and people need you, and and and …

Well, what if I told you that being kind to yourself is an investment in all those other things?

That it might make your days brighter, and you just a little bit sweeter, like adding a bit of sugar or honey to your coffee?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m participating in Niki Lopez’s Kindness Challenge, which you can check out at The Richness of a Simple Life. It’s a seven week exploration of kindness, in many forms, beginning with self-kindness. And self-kindness has been instrumental for me in learning to be kinder to others, so I’m very committed to it, because I feel that kindness is the key to a more peaceful world.

If we were having coffee, you might ask me what I mean when I say self-kindness. I’d tell you about how, a few years back, I decided I wasn’t going to do things that didn’t bring me joy. No, that doesn’t mean that I never do laundry or dishes or plunge the toilet if it backs up. It just means that I make an honest effort not to hate the more mundane or distasteful parts of life. So I stopped calling the essential household tasks housework or chores, and started calling them hometending. I buy laundry and dish detergents that are better for the environment and have light, natural scents. I think of the service I’m doing for my family. I take the clothes out of the wash one by one, and think about how my kids are growing, how nice it is to get everyone’s favorites clean and returned to them.


If we were having coffee, I’d say that I know that might sound Pollyannaish, but it’s not like that. It’s simply a way of taking those things that make a home work, and giving them a better, more joyful face. It makes my life a bit sweeter, and I can pass that on to my Accomplice and our children, and it comes back through them to me in the form of greater peace, and more willing help – because it’s easier to help when something isn’t approached as an odious ordeal.


If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I have a secret weapon in my exploration of self-kindness. The illustrations through this post are from my meditation coloring book, which is just one component in my morning routine. Each morning, I sip my first cuppa, and go through a blissful, solitary journaling adventure. I start with my gratitude journal, listing five things I’m thankful for. I follow that with my intentions journal, which has a series of prompts that help me reshape my life in accordance with my purposes. After that, I freewrite in my blank #onegoodcup journal (Clicking the link will tell you lots more about this nifty idea.) I might write a to-do list for the day’s activities, or my writing projects; plot things; decompress about those occasional marital or family annoyances that crop up; share dreams or memories or observations; or whatever.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I usually spend between five minutes and half an hour this way, and nearly always finish with a smile. And that’s when I set a timer and color as a meditation. I prefer gel pens, because the vibrant colors and smooth flow of ink are a sensory delight.

If we were having coffee in the morning, I’d invite you to finish out my morning routine with me. We’ll assume the weather is nice, and head off for a meditative breathwalk – I like two in, two out, and a fairly brisk pace. Spring is a lovely time to walk in my rural neighborhood – won’t you join me?

For more #WeekendCoffeeShare,(even though the weekend is officially over) pop on over to see Diana at Part Time Monster!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

21 thoughts on “To Mine Own Self Be Kind: #RevofKindness Week One and #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I ordered my adult coloring book!!! It will be delivered to my mom’s house so that I can have it to use over the summer while the girls and I spend it there with her. I’m so excited! I even ordered gel pens (which I haven’t used since I was around 12!) because a lot of people said that color pencils don’t work very well for the more detailed things plus the gel pens are much more vibrant. Thank you so much for the idea! I can’t wait to start my mornings off with a nice glass of juice, a fruit salad and coloring my page listening to something relaxing like Buddhist bowls 🙂

    This is the one I ended up ordering-

    1. That’s so pretty!

      My daughter loves colored pencils, but I don’t like the way they scritch on paper. I’m very sensitive to textures.

      So I gave her my pencils and got gel pens. I’m much happier with them – they look a little like stained glass.

      May your morning vibrate with peaceful inspiration! ❤

      1. Yeah I had forgotten they get stuck on paper like that. I usually color with crayons with my 7 year old so this is a big step up! 🙂

  2. I recently discovered adult color books (which can be of animals or birds or…not of body parts, as one might imagine if one were to hear about “adult” coloring books for the first time)! I digress. I am doing the kindness challenge as well and will turn to my colored pencils again this week, to help me be/feel creative, as part of being kind to myself and seeing kindness in the world. I have found that I love to color and create, even if it’s just for me! Good luck with week 2!

    1. LOL! I never quite thought of adult coloring books that way, and now I’m curious…there might be a market for “adult” adult coloring books, at that!

      I chose a meditation book because I wanted it specifically for those times when my conscious mind needs a bit of a break, so I can tap into my deeper levels. I’m also rather drawn to mandalas and stained glass, and the gel pens give a sort of stained glass effect to the more intricate patterns.

      I loved coloring as a child, and find it very restful, restorative, and energizing even today.

      I hope you do return to your coloring pencils and that creative delight! =D

    1. Smiling is one of the fastest ways to do it. =) (See?)

      I also love holding doors for people, complimenting their smiles, flirting with babies, chatting in line…so many little things.

      I’ll be back for coffee next week – come on over!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful post! I loooove the idea of a meditation coloring book. Never thought of it or heard of it but I’ll be looking into that now! I also love how you think of chores as tending. It’s a much more gentle way to think of it and something I’m going to incorporate into my own life as I loathe housework but can appreciate the idea of tending to it…

    Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge, I can’t wait to see what week 2 brings!

    1. Here’s the link to the one I have!

      I used to be beastly about hometending; making everyone in the family miserable.

      Something had to give.

      And, as far as helping kids gain the skills they need for adulthood, isn’t it more likely they’ll want to pitch in if it’s not seen as torture? =)

      I hope you find ways to make it more fun. I use timers a lot, and do sprints of this thing or that, but that could be a lot easier with older, independent kids (mine are nearly 12 and 15, after all, so a whole different reality than life with littles.)

      I’m paying attention to the world around me, and seeing much kindness.

      1. Thanks, I’ll check that out now! It’s funny because this week I’ve adopted your hometending attitude and it has made a difference. I still have room for improvement but I’ve done MUCH better! I need to try to just get as much done in an hour or two and then have the rest of the day to myself but it never fails that I get bits of inspiration here and there as I “tend” and I have to jot it down before I forget which leads me to getting distracted…but I’ve been getting 3/4 of what I plan to do done which is better than the 1/8 from before… and by before I mean last week hahhaha. Agreed, it does make it easier to implement those life skills if their example doesn’t feel like it’s torture… 😉
        So glad to hear that!!! Can’t wait to read about it! 🙂

        1. I’m so tickled that it’s helping you, because it changed my life! I was really a tyrant about it, and making everyone else as miserable as I was, in the bargain.

          Not good for kindness, peace, or growing things.

          1. I still need a little practice but my family has noticed the difference in things getting done and my attitude doing it so that in itself is amazing!

            No, I imagine not… 🙂

          2. It dos get better – actually to the point where it feels natural to just do it without feeling like I’m being tortured. May it get better and better for you! =)

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