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Fruitful Indiscretions: Boldly Go #atozchallenge Day Six

A to Z – the final blogging frontier…

Captain’s Log: April 7, 2016

Still nothing new for the timeline; this occurs a couple of days after yesterday’s story – mid-April, 2151.

These are the fan fiction voyages of the starship Enterprise (NX-01),  the first Warp Five capable Terran craft. Humans are now able to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go….

I don’t own Enterprise or her crew. No monetary profit is gained from these stories. I just want to share my passion for these characters and their world.

Today, we’re headed for our first strange new world – Rigel 10, which was the kidnapped Klingon’s last port of call before he crash-landed on Earth. Captain Archer has ordered T’Pol to reveal that information, against orders from her Vulcan superiors, and threatened to confine her to “some very cramped quarters for the rest of the trip” if she withholds any more information from him.

If you enjoy today’s story, and want more, click on the title, and find a new frontier!

Rated PG for mild language; spoilers for Season One, Episode 1: Broken Bow and Episode 17: “Fusion”. 

Fruitful Indiscretions

(751 words)

Got yourself in trouble with the boss, now, didn’t you?”

For maybe the first time since she got here, Sub-Commander T’Pol didn’t say a word. It wasn’t polite to gloat, but Trip figured if anyone deserved it, it had to be the insufferable Vulcan scientist. According to her, her species could do anything and everything better than humans could.

She was the biggest pain in the ass who ever set foot in this or any other engine room he’d ever worked in. Just figured that she was also by far the most beautiful, even with that unflattering Vulcan haircut of hers.

T’Pol walked back to the sensor controls like she had atritanium rod for a spine, and picked up her Vulcan hand scanner, which was also apparently far superior to any of Enterprise’s.

Trip decided to wait her out. When she was quiet, he could almost remember the way she’d looked in Fusion. She hadn’t said a word then, either. If she had, he sure as hell wouldn’t have spent over a year mooning over his Vulcan Surprise Package.

Commander, I’ve been ordered to assist you.” She stared at him like he was some damned insect crawling on her floor. Not all surprise packages were worth opening, and this woman was one he wished he could mark ‘return to sender’.

Listen, I’ve had about enough of your insults, and your damned ‘assistance’, if that’s what you want to call it. Honestly, I’ve had more than enough of you.” She just stood there as he stalked up to her. She didn’t even blink. “So here’s how it’s going to work in my Engine Room. I’m in charge, and you are going to follow Thumper’s Rule.”

I’m not familiar with Thumper’s Rule, Commander Tucker.”

So there is something you don’t know.” He knew his smile wasn’t pleasant, but right now he just didn’t care. “Thumper’s Rule says that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. Got it?”

She made a tiny gesture that might be a nod. Trip decided that he’d take it as one; at any rate she wasn’t spouting insults anymore. “That’s more like it, Sub-Commander.” He took a deep breath, and got a faint whiff of her perfume. Odd, the way it came and went, always a little different.

OK, T’Pol, you’re a scientist. How about you explain to me just how Vulcan sensors detect plasma decay?”

I lack specifics, Commander. I’m not an engineer.”

It wasn’t going to win her the Team Player Award, but it was better than being told this was impossible for a seventeenth time. Anything you can tell me would help. I checked the database, and all I found was a big fat classified.”

Revealing classified information violates my orders from the High Command.”

She’d mentioned that about Rigel, too. If Jon was forcing her to break orders, it might explain why she didn’t exactly seem eager to help them find these Suliban who took Klaang.

I guess I didn’t think of how hard this must be for you.”

That’s irrelevant.” She tipped her head a little to one side, watching him. ”Commander, I intended no insult to you, the Captain, this ship, its mission, Starfleet, or your species.”

Well, then, you’ve got a hell of a lot to learn about how to talk to humans.”

Perhaps, Commander, you have ‘a hell of a lot’ to learn about how to listen to Vulcans.” She aimed her scanner at the displays, and it whirred softly, pretty vertical lines and swirls scrolling across its screen.

Well, I can’t argue with that.”

One eyebrow went up a fraction. “I was beginning to surmise that you were capable of arguing with anything, Commander Tucker.”

Trip started to blurt out an angry retort, but stuck his tongue in his cheek instead. If she really didn’t mean to insult him, maybe he should just change the subject. “Maybe we both have a lot to learn. Like why you told the Captain that Vulcans don’t touch food with their hands, when we both know that’s not always true.”

Do you believe Captain Archer will wish to be apprised of my past indiscretions in the consumption of Earth fruits, Commander?”

“You’re joking, right?”

‘Joking’, Commander?”

He was getting a headache, and they were going in circles. He felt like snapping, but, if she was willing to try, it seemed only fair that he try, too. “Never mind,” he said. “Let’s just see what we can do about the sensors, all right?”


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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

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