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Saturday Evening Reality: #SoCS


This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday  – an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: the word ‘real’ – by itself, or as a prefix or suffix.

I haven’t splashed in the stream-of-consciousness waters, these last two weeks. I meant to, both times – went and read the link, and let the word seep into my soul, just as I usually do. Really.

So what happened?

Well…I’ve been really busy. Not in a bad way; my life is still far more relaxed than many Americans’, a fact for which I am grateful. But:

  • After nearly two months, my Accomplice managed to fix the collection of minor issues with my elderly vehicle. (18 is pretty durned old in car years, even for a Subaru. Realistically, this could have been the end, and I’m glad it wasn’t, because I waited decades to have an Outback, and I seriously, really love this car!)  All hail my Accomplice, but the return of automotive freedom coincided with the children and I emerging from the cocoon of our ‘long winter’s nap’, and getting out and about a lot more than we have been.

  • As a result, there have been sleepovers, a movie, two birthday parties and attendant shopping expedition, a Littlest Pet Shop event, and a trip to the New York State Museum – and that was just the kids. I’ve been to t’ai chi and to my weekly NaNoWriMo write-in, which is a lovely year-round gathering where we sprint for 20 minutes, then spend the next chatting about – well, what writers chat about, which is anything and everything, really. =D

  • Which brings me to the biggest, most real reason I haven’t been here (or blogging much at all, beyond the essential four posts I do nearly every week – two ROW80 updates, and two excerpt posts.) I’ve been really focused on preparing for the A-Z Challenge and CampNaNo, both of which kick off April 1 – really, that’s no joke! And, as if that wasn’t enough to occupy me, I decided rather spur-of-the-moment to volunteer as a part-time Minion for Holton’s Heroes – which means I will have some added, first-time responsibilities for the duration of A-Z.

It’s been a somewhat hurly-burly reality. A little lie juggling a jigsaw puzzle, really. Now, though, I’m feeling, if not prepared, at least as though April isn’t going to catch me without my writer britches on (is that really A Thing?) My novel is planned and plotted, and, even though I have some finishing touches to complete (a research list, scene summaries, research, taking a typing test, setting my word count goal, and updating to the latest version of my word processing program), I feel good about the prospects of getting those done before next Friday. I won’t have all the A-Z posts finished, scheduled, and waiting in my blog queue, but I should be able to have the first two (Week One) set up, Week Two nearly finished, Week Three somewhere in the middle, and Weeks Four and Five moving along. It’s not ideal, not what I really wanted, but better than scrambling around last-minute like a beheaded chicken (yes, I’ve really seen one of those, as a child. If you haven’t, don’t ask, just trust me. It’s chaotic and messy. For real.)

Wow – that was a really long intro. Believe it or not, that wasn’t what I planned to post, so now I’ll dive into that. This is my actual journal entry for today, only 3 hours old, as I type this:
March 26, 2016 –

I’ve got my bedroom window cracked open for the cool fresh air. Lots of birdsong and a neighbor playing classic rock(the Stones and ZZ Top, now something I don’t recognize, but which sounds British. I’d probably like it, if I could make out the lyrics…)

The reality is that the loud music tends to lead to an increase in human noise of the less than pleasant variety, because it always seems to be accompanied by drinking. It’s just after 5 now; my guess is that it’s going to be loud enough by 7 or 8 that I’ll close the window.

We’re in the country, so there aren’t a lot of neighbors to disturb – and the town has no noise ordinance (probably tied to having no major industry, a national park, and a good amount of farm and woodland surrounding…)

I’d like it if they turned it down a notch or two; but, really, the music bothers me less than the drunkenness and increasingly angry shouting it tends to bring.


Ten minutes after I finished that post, the window was closed. There are patterns of behavior – in this neighborhood, really loud music tends to accompany angry yelling. It’s almost 8:30 now, and there have been a few times when the sound has been loud enough to hear through the closed window. It’s cooled off some, though, so things don’t seem to have gotten too far into anger territory. With any luck or providence, the idea of Easter will be enough to keep this predominantly Christian neighborhood calm…

Come join in – there’s just a few simple rules. Check out the #SoCS hashtag, or Get more SoCS right here!


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