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Respect Is For Everyone: JusJoJan Day 28, and My First Love Is In Da Blog Post

This is going to be a quick post, because I want the focus to be on what I’m sharing. I’m also letting it do multiple duty: it answers the Just Jot It January  Day 28 prompt, “serendipity”,  since I happened upon this post in my email archives just after I read the prompt word. That’s serendipity, right there. The prompt came from Jan at JT Twissel.

It’s also my very first (but, hopefully, not last) entry into Bee Halton’s Love Is In Da Blog.  I would have been playing all along, but I got rather lost in a short story, and only learned that it was happening until earlier this week. I may or may not “make up” for the days I’ve missed.

Fridays will all be about blog love. Celebrate a blog or just a post, that you love. That can be one of yours or someone else’s. It can be a blog about love or just a blog you love. As long as you give it some credit and share it with us it will be fine! This is also a great possibility to use the WordPress reblog button.

Since Fridays are for blog love, and, when I saw this important post,  my question of which of the many wonderful blogs I follow to feature today was answered. The thing about students – whether male, female, transgender, gender fluid, nonbinary, or elsewise – is that they are, first and foremost, people. And, as people, they all deserve respect.  If that is kept foremost in mind, it should be a simpler matter to find solutions that suit everyone’s needs.  By shining a blog light on the issue, Damien is keeping the conversational ball rolling  – and I’m happy to take a turn with it.

So today, I want to celebrate Riley Central, where you can find movie reviews, slices of life and learning, and an eclectic blend of goodies. There’s always something new, and often something to think about. Why not pop over and say hi to Damien right now? You can tell him that I sent you!

You can find more #LoIsInDaBl posts here

Whatever gender identification a person has, they ARE a person.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

6 thoughts on “Respect Is For Everyone: JusJoJan Day 28, and My First Love Is In Da Blog Post

  1. Hi Shan, thanks for being on board and for sharing these interesting blogs. Don’t worry about keeping up. I’m a bit behind right now because so much is going on with other stuff. But we get there. And yes if only everybody would think of others as humans first of all no matter how they look like etc. It’s simple really, or is it?

    1. It seems simple enough to me. I hope your other stuff is more happy than not, on balance, or that it moves you to a place of more happiness and balance.

      I’m not so much worried about catching up, as I am challenging myself, and celebrating love. Because that’s almost always a good idea! =)

      1. Well, then you better go girl. There is nothing like a good old challenge :-). Yes, the other stuff is a little tiring but it will get us to a good place. I just wish it would all be sorted by now. I hate moving and paperwork. But if all goes how its planned that’s the last move for us 🙂 and we can see the sea from our new abode. You have fun and its lovely to read to your blog. An inspiration every day 🙂

        1. Moving isn’t much fun, but sometimes it is the thing to do. As for paperwork- blech! Best I can say is that it’s good to have it over with. I love that you’ll be close to the sea, knowing how much you love it. =)

          I’m thinking I’ll start my catchup posts on Sunday. That gives me this week to wrap up some other projects while getting into the flow of my LoIsInDaBl vibe! =)

  2. Thank you Shanjeniah! I really like how you described the array of people. We should work to ensure that all kids/people feel comfortable and encouraged to be the best they can be. Your post was truly kind. Thanks again.

    1. “We should work to ensure that all kids/people feel comfortable and encouraged to be the best they can be.”

      THIS. I think, if we just did this one thing, if we made that our mutual purpose as humans, we’d eliminate so many problems.

      In my experience, people who feel accepted and supported will try to be their best as a natural process of living (Maslow showed it better than I can).

      It’s sad and perplexing to me how often that gets overlooked, but, if those of us who see it keep pointing it out gently, maybe more people will see it, and understand.

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