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Moving On for Song Lyric Sunday and #LoIsInDaBl Day 28

Why, hello once again! Are you ready to play with music? I am! Today’s Love Is In Da Blog  prompt is to share a song about a goodbye. So, in conjunction with Song Lyric Sunday, let’s watch a departure…Lyrics from Paul Simon’s Official Website. 

She Moves On


I feel good
It’s a fine day
The way the sun hits off the runway
A cloud shifts
The plane lifts
She moves on

But feel the bite
Whenever you believe that
You’ll be lost and love will find you
When the road bends
And the song ends
She moves on

I know the reason
I feel so blessed
My heart still splashes
Inside my chest, but she
She is like a top
She cannot stop
She moves on

A sympathetic stranger
Lights a candle in the middle of the night
Her voice cracks
She jumps back
But she moves on, moves on

She says “Ooh, my storybook lover
You have underestimated my power
As you shortly will discover”

Then I fall to my knees
Shake a rattle at the skies
And I’m afraid that I’ll be taken
Abandoned, forsaken
In her cold coffee eyes

She can’t sleep now
The moon is red
She fights a fever
She burns in bed
She needs to talk so
We take a walk
Down in the maroon light

She says “Maybe these emotions are
As near to love as love will ever be”
So I agree
Then the moon breaks
She takes the corner, that’s all she takes
She moves on

She says “Ooh my storybook lover
You have underestimated my power
As you shortly will discover”

Then I fall to my knees
I grow weak, I go slack
As if she’d captured the breath of my
Voice in a bottle
And I can’t catch it back

But I feel good
It’s a fine day
The way the sun hits off the runway
A cloud shifts
The plane lifts
She moves

Words and Music by Paul Simon


This song is from the album “The Rhythm of the Saints”, and I experienced it performed live (oh! those drums!) during the Born at the Right Time Tour. I took my new sister-in-law to that concert; she had given birth to my nephew, now in his mid-twenties, only a few months before.

Here are the “rules”…

  • Post the lyrics to a favorite song or a new song you want to share
  • I’ve started including who wrote the song. (I think it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due)
  • Make sure you also credit the singer/band and provide a link to where you found the lyrics
  • Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song
  • Ping back to this post or my own Song Lyric Sunday post
  • Read at least one other person’s blog so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process.

Well, that’s my song for this week. I’m a huge fan of the imagery; it suits my personal love of word pictures.  Come on back next week for more musical, lyrical fun!

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Poised for the Leap: #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that you’re welcome to share it with me here, this week. The jumbled chaos of last Sunday has given way to something that almost sort-of looks like order, at least when I squint at it the right way. Yes, there’s still a lot to wrap up before this current surge is completed, and we pause and take the measure of things for a while before the next upswell of decluttering and organizing – but we’re definitely much more prepared to receive you than we were last week. Well, as soon as I get the stacks of laundry off the table, or if you don’t mind watching Liv and Maddie with my eleven year old, because that’s what’s happening in the living room, right now.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you what you think of the brew we’re sharing. It’s Death Wish Coffee, a local grind newly “Super Bowl famous” – it won a contest for its commercial to air during the big game. My Accomplice found it this week, and paid an exorbitant amount of money for a bag. Fortunately, he and I both like it a lot, so the splurge was a treat rather than a mistake. And I haven’t yet found any stray Vikings in my cup!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the adventure my daughter and I had on Wednesday. We went to the New York State Museum, which is generally quiet during the school week, especially when there was a school vacation the week before. The weather was wet and chilly, but she’s been wanting to go, and we were meeting friends with whom she was going to stay the night, so we didn’t mind getting up early and going out into the less than inspiring weather.

I’ d tell you that what we didn’t anticipate was the NYS bar exam, which was being held in the Empire State Plaza, where the museum is also located. So, rather than our typical parking lot between a cathedral and the museum proper (yes, we’re regulars at the museum!), we were directed to another lot several blocks away – which meant an unexpected hike in a cold misting rain, up the very steep Madison Avenue hill. Add that to the walking in the museum, and the solo hike back to the car (Annalise rode with our friends, who parked in the main garage), I got more of a workout than I wanted to. I’ve never taken a video there, but here’s a lovely one!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that, on Thursday, my Accomplice and I had a bona-fide lunch date. We went to a newish local restaurant, The Ugly Rooster, which he’d been to, but which I hadn’t. It was very cute inside, spacious yet cozy, simple and homey. I would have taken pictures, but this was our first date in years, and I focused on him and the time together, instead. I had a grilled eggplant and tomato dish with a balsalmic vinaigrette glaze; it was delicious, and I’d happily order it again. My Accomplice, the chef (really, he’s a professional chef!), ordered a simple breakfast, and this was one of the few places that actually did his hash browns well done, the way he wants them.

After lunch, we met up with our friends, because Annalise was invited to stay an extra night, but had forgotten her Kindle in our car. We dropped that and a Littlest Pet Shop character that arrived in the mail, gave hugs, bought the girls each a bottle of soda, and went back home to a much quieter house and a teenaged son who was happy to have had some time home alone. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, while I’m grateful for the time and connection we’ve had these last two weeks, and the things we’ve gotten underway, I’ll be happy when life shifts back to the non-vacation rhythm, too. I’m getting a little taste of that right now; my Accomplice headed off to Amigo’s Cantina a few hours ago, to do some prepping for the restaurant’s reopening a few days away.

I’ll also be glad to finish up my study, which is taking considerably longer than I’d hoped, due to doing other things, and my decision to organize, declutter, and deep clean as I pull things apart. I’ve almost finished that part, though, and, once that’s accomplished, the reaaranging and reparation of furniture will go more swiftly. And, as a bonus, I’ll be able to get things situated again fairly simply, since I’ve done so much prep work ahead of time. I’ve been working from my bed for most of the last two weeks, and it’ll be nice to return to a study that’s much more functional than I left it.

If we were having coffee, I’d say that I’m about to leap into March, which will be filled with plotting and planning, and maybe even planting. One of the things I’ve been organizing is my seed collection, so I may get some things started by the end of next month. I’ll definitely by getting my Blogging From A-Z posts set up, and my April CampNaNoWriMo Kifo Island Chronicles novel, Shifting Tides, plotted. I’m trying something new this time around – The Writer’s Coloring Book, by Rachel Funk Heller.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m looking forward to a creative leap, and that the rest of today and tomorrow will be spent tying up loose ends to get set for the months of creation yet to come. And now, I’ll bid you farewell, and direct you to Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share for your next cuppa. And, of course, I wish you all a week full of the very loveliest of chaos, whatever that means for you!

Sky over the NYS Museum – October 2014.

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Presently Leaping Like a Lamb: February 28, 2016

I know – Leap Day isn’t until tomorrow, but, since it gives me a whole extra day to try to tick off some more February goals before I shift to March and the last weeks of Round One, I’m going to give it a little nod here.

Same for March, which isn’t here yet but soon will be. I’ve heard it’s coming in like a lamb this year. No surprise; this has been mostly a non-winter here in my neck of the woods. I’m not sure we’ve had ten inches of snow all winter. Honestly, a late-season storm or two would suit me fine.

With the change of the month, I’ll be updating my goals (keeping those I’m still working on, and adding some new ones to the mix. I’ve been very happy with my progress this month. While I haven’t gotten to everything, there’s a lot more green than red, and more blue than I thought there might be. I’m close to finished with a few things, and might be able to wrap them up before I run out of month.

How is March expected to arrive where you are?

Do you do anything special for Leap Day?



  • The IDIC Romance: Complete plot/pinch points for 26 stories. Once I get through Week Two plotting (H), draft Theme Reveal and Post Template. 9/26 complete. (I). Theme reveal post drafted, with schedule.

  • Decide on, plan, and plot April CampNaNo novel. Read 3/3 character sketches (Linwood; Robert; Wilma), and added to their folders. Found base character arcs I wrote in 2014, read those as well – they’ll form the basis of my plotting efforts.


  • The IDIC Romance: Reread “Slow Jazz Awakening” hard copy and notate; adapt revision plan as needed; write revised draft – 16 short scenes. Draft 2.5 rewrite; Scene 14/16 complete; 15-16 in early progress.

Blogging/Social Media:

  • Revise, post, and initiate new blogging schedule; keep all posts current. All posts on time. Nearly prepared to announce new schedule.

  • Answer blog comments and make visits, at least thrice weekly. I may not get to them all; but I will get to some. 2/3.

  • ROW80: Keep visits and updates current; draft, revise, and submit Round One Sponsor Post before January 10.

  • Change one thing weekly in my blog layout.

  • Clear out Inbox and Archive twice weekly; Weed through Transactions in Progress, keeping only currently useful items. Well….I did some. Not a lot; but some.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork. Draft IHIPs and attend to district’s Peer Review issue;create 2015-2016 Flickr portfolios for both kids, and begin adding to them.
  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life. General maintenance; organization; decluttering; deep cleaning. 6/5.
  • Go through all online subscriptions; cancel those we no longer need; at least one each week. I’ve sorted a lot into my Transactions in Progress file for near-future review.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Plans to visit NJ friends in April; state museum and a sleepover for my daughter; lunch date with my Accomplice.

  • NNWM local group: Attend write-ins regularly, and check in on the Facebook group as inspired. Read and critique both projects I’ve been hanging onto; submit and critique weekly for our small crit group. Attended write-in. Working on my crit piece for this week (Scenes 13-16 of “SJA”, see above), and began 1 /2 others submitted this far this week.
  • Complete Stained Snow beta read.

  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Time with all. Yup! Pretty easy on a vacation week! =D
  • Complete 6 pending book reviews.


  • Write in Abundance, Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Meditate seven times weekly, including one eating meditation. Explore one new meditative practice. Journaling 7/7; meditation: 7/7.

  • Tai chi practice: One class and one at-home practice each week.

  • Focus on sprints of activity daily (hometending, dancing, tai chi, walking, whatever), and more strenuous activities I enjoy, like swimming and hiking twice monthly. Write twice-monthly health-centered blog posts. Good on the daily moving sprints: walks and hometending. Long walk up a steep hill to the museum, and back again. Strenuous activity: 6/2 . 2/2 health blogposts.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Fan fiction stuff: Polish “Mission: Accomplished”, and “Scavenger Hunt”, and offer at Triaxian Silk and/or Mission”: Highlighted roughly-revised post critique draft 1/3 for deeper issues.Collected all crits for “Scavenger”; read, and created a new document compilation to work from. Goal addition: Find a beta reader or two for “Mission” at one or both sites prior to submitting. Doing a short beta at TriS to break the ice; chose one candidate at

  • Read through The Writer’s Coloring Book by Rachel Funk Heller in preparation for using it to plot and draft my April CampNaNo Kifo Island project.

  • New goal: Purchase all needed supplies before I finish this month’s Foul Deeds Will Rise chapters, so that I can begin planning as soon as I finish. Order placed; items beginning to arrive.

  • Begin exploring for possible submissions there. Explored, read through submissions guidelines and procedure, and have been reading and commenting. This one’s a mission accomplished. =D

Kait Nolan’s  ROW80

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

See other participants’ goals updates here!

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Am I Too Late? #WeWriWa #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday!

It’s the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! We’ve got a variety of genres and talented writers just waiting for you to come sample their wordy wares. Come read one, or all, or pick a few like leftover holiday memories….

And, if you’re inclined to share your own 8-10 sentence snippet, follow the link and sign up. It’s a great community to be a part of! =D

Hello, all!

I’m coming to you slightly chagrined. During the end of January, I lost my pace with getting around to visit other bloggers, and answering comments, as I readied a story for submission. I was just getting back into the flow when my Accomplice went on vacation. We’re not traveling, but there’s been a lot of decluttering and organizing going on around here, and, this week, there’s also been some local travel – I took my daughter to the New York State Museum, from which she left on a two night visit with one of her besties. My Accomplice and I had our first lunch date in a looong time (we’re talking multiple years, here, but, with our kids getting older, there’s going to be more attention paid to these little romantic gestures.)

At any rate, here we are, nearing the end of another week, another month – and I’ve got another story to polish for submission, and another to submit to my crit group. I’m going to get to the comments, and at least a few visits. REALLY. Because it’s important to me, and I feel a little bad about how absent I’ve been.

But, in the meantime, it’s time for my next snippet from A Splash of Red”, which I’m serializing here. This surreal fantasy story is the child of my own life and dreams, with a generous dollop of imagery and a big dash of creative license…

More on the story after the right-sentence snippet.

Context, such as it is…A woman is attempting to win the trust of a little girl in a red dress, while hawks wheel above…but just who are these two to one another? Are the hawks the only danger they face?

When we left last week, the little girl was somewhere in the woods, and the woman was learning to breathe while she coped with the threat of a stooping hawk.

Given the surrealism of the story, punctuation is a bit creative, so be warned!

Am I Too Late?

Am I too late? Did I, after all, let the hawks frighten me, make me wait too long to come to her?

Air comes in impotent wheezes, pounding outward from my straining lungs, my stabbing gasps.

I run for her – My foot snags on a root, white pain heat flashing up into a cry choked by dirt in my mouth. I spit, grit-blind, blinking and dry-sobbing around my barren breaths – I scrape my eyes clear, blurry vision returning – decaying log, covered with a mossy blanket.

And a splash of red.

Previous “A Splash of Red” snippets (chronologically):

Is the splash of red the little girl, or something else?

Was the woman badly injured in her fall?

Have the hawks given up on them?

Can they heal together?

Come on back next week to find out more!

Did you like what you read? “A Splash of Red” was originally published in the 2014 inaugural edition of World Unknown Review,  which is edited by L.S. Engler. Since I retain all rights beyond first publication, I intend to revise the story and use it as my own initial self-publishing experiment.

That being said, I’d love any and all input and criticism you’re inclined to offer, and I’ll even respond -eventually! =/

Want more #8Sunday?

My gratuitous sharing of a splash of red – my own little devil darling at age 7.

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Food, Fascination, Flight: #LoIsInDaBl Day 27 and #SoCS

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme -an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: the word ‘food’

Come join in – there’s just a few simple rules. Check out the #SoCS hashtag, or Get more SoCS right here!

This is also my entry for today’s Love Is In Da Blog. Today’s prompt is Goodbye Love.

Food, Fascination, Flight: #LoIsInDaBl Day 27 and #SoCS

One year ago, I was sitting on a hard plastic chair in the Portland, Oregon airport, surrounded by my family and our luggage. We had about 20 minutes before we would board the first of two planes home, and, since we’d had extremely spotty internet access for the whole of our trip, I had my laptop out and was catching up on Facebook when I read something that shifted my reality.

Leonard Nimoy was dead.

Of Ambassador V’Lar, T’Pol told Captain Archer. “Vulcans don’t have heroes.” She went on to explain that the older woman had set her on a course that led her to Enterprise.

For T’Pol, Ambassador V’Lar’s existence reshaped her life, made her someone she wouldn’t have been, otherwise.

Vulcans don’t have heroes, but humans do.

I do.

I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be who I am without Leonard Nimoy.

I can also say that I’m not remotely alone.

I wouldn’t be who I am without Vulcans – and Vulcans wouldn’t be who they are – who they became – without Leonard.

They could just be token aliens. It was Leonard who demanded – of others, and himself – that Spock be allowed his own unique dignity, and to be not just that guy with the pointed ears, but a real being – an alien among humans. A being who will always be different, but is no less real, of no lesser value.

For me, as a thirteen year old who was often outcast and alien in school and at home, Spock was my lifeline, my fascination.

Maybe that’s why, even though I don’t like to fly (I have a very powerful urge to not fall!), it felt natural and right to spend the day of Leonard’s death traversing the sky, as close as I will ever come to space travel. As I looked at the frozen Great Lakes below me many hours later, I felt – kinship? Leonard’s spirit? The immensity of being, and my own tiny place within it?

I don’t know. Maybe there aren’t really any words for what I felt. Maybe it was something deeper than language, deeper even than poetry.

Food for thought (OK, that was a cheap way to get food into this not at all food oriented post, but it’s time to shift to something a bit sweeter).

Maple syrup is sweet.

What does maple syrup have to do with Leonard Nimoy’s death?

Maybe nothing. Except that, when I got up this morning, one year later, my husband was watching a segment on maple syrup making on This Old House. And that reminded me not only that it’s syruping time again here in upstate New York, but also of the maple syrup tour our homeschoolgroup took a few years back. So, on the tail end of a bittersweet post, a little extra dose of the sweet stuff.

Annalise and local bestie Gabrielle five years ago, at the sap boiling station for ‘sugaring off”.
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Stirring in Some Light Magic: #LoIsInDaBl Day 26

Why, hello there, and welcome to Love Is In Da Blog, Day 26. 

I wasn’t here yesterday. Instead, I had a lunch date with my Accomplice, and, after, I was busy with a piece from a member of my critique group, and with untangling a difficult scene for the piece I’m revising for the group this week. The house was quiet, as our daughter was visiting a friend, and our son was mostly occupied in his room.

It’s not the first post I’ve missed this month. I came in late, and I’m undecided, right now, about whether I’ll revisit the topics I’ve missed along the way. While I’m not fond of leaving things unfinished, I’m also heading into spring, which is a series of creative endeavors for me, personally, and also the time of year when we tend to gear up for getting out and about. We’ve got plans already for the beginning of March and the end of April, and, between, my daughter’s likely to have sleepovers. There will doubtless be other things added in as we go along. So, either I will, or I won’t, or I’ll get to some, and not to others.

But now, it’s Friday again.

Here’s what Bee wrote at the beginning of the month:

Fridays will all be about blog love. Celebrate a blog, or just a post, that you love. That can be one of yours or someone else’s. It can be a blog about love or just a blog you love. As long as you give it some credit and share it with us it will be fine! This is also a great possibility to use the WordPress reblog button.

Give them to me 😉

For the last (but only my third) Blog Love Friday, I’ve got a blog filled with magical simplicity. It’s the inspiration of unschooling pioneer and mother Sandra Dodd, whose writings on the nuts and bolts of partnering with children, and her personal advice during a visit to our home in 2010 are largely responsible for the dramatic and amazing shift in the life of my family.

As I sit here in my peaceful home, visiting and watching TV with my eleven year old daughter, while my teen son sleeps and my husband watches a movie in the other room, I know that I owe Sandra a huge debt of gratitude, not only for her own words, but for her careful curation and sharing of others’ words of wisdom as well.

Just Add Light And Stir  is a (nearly) daily tiny treasure – a short suggestion or musing about unschooling and approaching children peacefully, with an associated image that adds dimension to the post.

Even better, you can get Just Add Light and Stir delivered directly to your inbox, if you’d like!

Living happily and peacefully with these two growing-up kids is the light stirred into my life!
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Yummily Wordless: #LoIsInDaBl Day 24 and Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wordless Wednesday again, and also Day 24 of Bee Halton’s Love Is In Da Blog. The prompt is to share a photo I love.  I confess, I have a lot of those, so I just picked the first one that I came up with on my Flickr camera roll. It’s from last August, and my girl was still newly eleven. We’d visitied a juried art show, and then stopped for refreshments.

And there you have it. Find more delicious posts by clicking on the links above!