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Presence, Confluence and ROW80: January 17, 2016

Have you ever been swept away by one or two projects when you had a laundry list of things you intended to be doing instead?

I’m experiencing that now. As you can see from the list below, I’ve got projects aplenty to engage with…

And yet, there’s a confluence of events in my life that pulled me strongly toward critiquing and making revision notes, more than anything else this week. I’ll be talking more about that in my Weekend Coffee Share later today. For now, it’s enough for me to say that I’m mostly content with the state of things. I feel a drive to get to the next stage in these projects. The full moon is coming on the 23rd; and I know I’ll have a shift toward creative energies around that date. Already, I can feel the wave building, beneath the surface.

So, for now, I’m going to be present, and go where instinct leads me, because instinct seldom leads me wrong…


  • Draft “Peach Liqueur Love” prequel story (as yet only a glimmer in my mind) for the Nelson Algren Literary Award. The deadline is January 31 – complete rough draft by January 20.


  • Plan and Plot “Peach Liqueur Love” prequel story for Chicago Tribune Writing Contest. The deadline is January 31 – complete planning by January 10; plotting by January 15. Running two day late with planning, Character Sketch 1/3 in progress. Nothing new.


  • Revise “Peach Liqueur Love” prequel story for Chicago Tribune Writing Contest. The deadline is January 31 – complete first revisions and submit to crit group by January 24; final revisions complete by January 30.

  • The IDIC Romance: Reread “Slow Jazz Awakening” hard copy and notate; adapt revision plan as needed; write revised draft – 16 short scenes. Notations complete for Scene 13/16.

Blogging/Social Media:

  • Revise, post, and initiate new blogging schedule; keep all posts current. Revisions in progress, most posts up on time.

  • Keep up with all current blog comments and visits, at least twice weekly. Got swept up in Revisionland…got to a few, and made more visits.

  • ROW80: Keep visits and updates current; draft, revise, and submit Round One Sponsor Post before January 10. Visits and update current.

  • Change one thing weekly in my blog layout. I rearranged my widgets.

  • Maintain email at under 99 messages; clear Archives folder. Not so much, this week.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork. Draft IHIPs and attend to district’s Peer Review issue;create 2015-2016 Flickr portfolios for both kids, and begin adding to them. Sciences section complete; Social Studies: Patriotism and Citizenship; U.S. History; and U.S. Government; and Economics.
  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life. 7/5 days. General maintenance; organization; decluttering.
  • Go through all online subscriptions; cancel those we no longer need; at least one each week.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Write-in for me. Tentative plans to visit NJ friends in April.

  • NNWM local group: Attend write-ins regularly, and check in on the Facebook group as inspired. Read and critique both projects I’ve been hanging onto; submit and critique weekly for our small crit group, which is brand-new this year! Attended write-in;submitted Monday Morning Coffee; completed crits for this week..
  • Complete Stained Snow beta read. Chapter 6/28 submitted to author. Chapter 7 in progress.

  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Canoodling, cooking, cuddling, and chatting. Oh, and reading.
  • Complete 6 pending book reviews.


  • Write in Abundance, Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Meditate seven times weekly, including one eating meditation. Explore one new meditative practice. Journaling/meditation 7/7 journals; 8/7 meditation. Coloring meditation.

  • Tai chi practice: One class and one at-home practice each week. A tiny little ice-breaking at-home practice.

  • Focus on sprints of activity daily (hometending, dancing, tai chi, walking, whatever), and more strenuous activities I enjoy, like swimming and hiking twice monthly. Write twice-monthly health-centered blog posts. Hometending; putting away groceries; firetending. Health post 1 /2 complete. Moved firewood with my Accomplice, and on my own. 4 /2 strenuous activities.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Submit “Peach Liqueur Love” prequel story for Chicago Tribune Writing Contest. The deadline is January 31 -aim for January 30.
  • Fan fiction stuff: Polish “Mission: Accomplished”, and “Scavenger Hunt”, and offer Triaxian Silk. I’m now in contact with the site owner at TriS, and will soon be submitting there!

When focused on your current goals, do you use rigid schedules, freeform engagement, or, like me, a combination of both that keeps pace with a changing life?

Kait Nolan’s  ROW80  – The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

See other participants’ goals updates here!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

5 thoughts on “Presence, Confluence and ROW80: January 17, 2016

  1. You’re doing so much this round! That was a lot to take in. 🙂 It looks like you are doing well with it all. The site looks real nice. And I can get swept up easily. Sometimes I gauge what is more important: my enthusiasm or my discipline. If enthusiasm wins, then I go with the flow. But if I’m just doing it to avoid what I should be doing, I get back on the rails. I try to keep strict goals with wiggle room for more (or less)… Guess I’m a bit bendy rather than rigid or free.

    1. I like a buffet of goals. That works with my nimble but restless mind, and my life.

      I’m glad you like the blog; little changes, over time, seem the best way for me to go. It’s not so daunting this way…

      I like your enthusiasm/discipline gauge, although I don’t have a lot of ‘shoulds’ in my life. I’ve noticed that there are times when I put something aside for longer than I feel OK with, but, when I get back to it, I can truly devote myself to it. It’s like that with revision stuff and the beta reading (which I’ve had for a YEAR now!). I’d been avoiding both of those things, and now it’s like a dam has opened. Suddenly, it’s time! =D

      I’m the bendy sort, too. =D

  2. Nice work, even if it’s stuff you hadn’t planned on doing yet. I’ve had that happen. I’d have a schedule and then the muse will hit me with something that needs to be written NOW. Or even this submission I’m doing at the end of this month counts. The opportunity was there, so I set aside the schedule to work on that. 😉 Being flexible I think is part of the process.

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