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She Was Trip’s Wife: The IDIC Romance Advent Calendar New Year’s Bonus

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My Advent calendar project is officially over, now.  It feels strange not to be putting together  story post, but life does move on. As we move into 2016, I wish you and yours a new year filled with all the things that delight. I hope that The IDIC Romance was maybe a tiny spark of pleasure in your 2015, because I had a tremendous amount of joy in writing it!

Today, to welcome in the new year, I bring you a little Advent bonus: three more paragraphs of Jailbreaks, courtesy of Erin Zarro, and Fallon Brown, our resident supernova of comments and encouragementand one more, just from me, because I appreciate every visit, every like, and every comment. Happy New Year!

OK, briefing time:

  • Spoiler zone ahead! Don’t read this post if you don’t want series spoilers, or even spoilers for other parts of The IDIC Romance, because things will be revealed, and I don’t like spoiling…I’d much rather delight.

  • The base art for the calendar elements of this post was created by Annalise S. Burton, and is used with permission and compensation.

  • I don’t own Trip, T’Pol, or the franchise that conceived them. These stories are offered as a gift, without expectation for any financial gain. Of course, comments, rhapsodizing ramblings, and honest feedback of all kinds are always welcome!

And now, context: Captain Archer has invited Trip and T’Pol, freshly escaped from yet another close scrape, to dinner in his Mess. They’re more than a little lost in each other, and Jon’s trying to deal with his own embarrassment and lingering jealousy….and then T’Pol kissed Trip, and he thought that maybe they’d forgotten him altogether…

She Was Trip’s Wife

When they surfaced, Trip got even pinker – he clearly had forgotten – but T’Pol looked radiantly alive. She was aglow in that way only pregnant women seemed to have, and her hand brought Trip’s down to the rounding swell of her belly. The wispy curls she’d kept after their leave in the Everglades framed her face and accentuated her graceful ears. She was beautiful – and she was Trip’s wife, and the mother of his unborn child. To distract himself, Jon asked, “You mean there was something between the two of you– way back there on Rigel? When you were supposed to be extending her every courtesy, Trip?”

Trip groaned, but T’Pol’s chin came up, and her eyes glinted. “Trip comported himself as a gentleman at all times, Captain, even when I was very clear that I would mate with him. Our attraction to one another predates my arrival on Enterprise by over 14 months.” She turned to Trip, and her trembling fingers paired and stroked his face in a gesture that Jon found unbearably provocative for reasons he didn’t understand. Trip turned his head to catch those fingers with his lips, and T’Pol made a soft sound before she added, a little breathlessly, “We didn’t speak – but then, there was no need, was there, t’hy’la?”

Trip was almost bright red now, and Jon started to get the idea that there was a lot more to this story than he knew. But Trip wasn’t going to talk, and T’Pol – well, since her pon farr, and getting pregnant, she seemed more reckless, and a hell of a lot more demonstrative; now, she was playing with Trip’s ear and biting her lower lip softly. Jon thought about what she’d said – about fourteen months before she came to Enterprise…and he had a sudden flash of the day he’d given Trip the news that he was going to be Chief Engineer on the first Warp Five engine. His friend had been sleepless and disheveled, and full of talk about – “Trip – are you telling me – or not telling me – that your jazz club mystery woman was T’Pol?!” The look on Trip’s face was answer enough. “Why the hell is this the first I’m hearing about this, when the two of you have been working together on this ship for nearly five years?”

Is T’Pol really Trip’s mystery woman?

If she was, what happened at that first meeting?

Why didn’t they ever tell Jon about it?

What’s next?

As for what’s next, well, you’ll have to wait until I write that part of the story. As for the initial meeting – well, I’m currently revising the story of that night, so, within the next month or two, there might be an announcement about where and when you can find it in its entirety…

If you’re impatient for more, and you’d like to read the story in advance, drop me a line, and I’ll send you a copy for beta reading. You could help shape the final version of the story! =)

And, remember, I’ll be sharing more paragraphs of the final two IDIC Advent stories – Animals and A Kiss at Midnight, on January 2, 2016.

How many paragraphs?

Well, the more comments the stories get, the more paragraphs you get! =D

Need more IDIC Romance Advent stories?


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    1. I’m so glad. It was lovely, writing stories for you to enjoy all month. =) And I haven’t forgotten about the “Not Jealousy” arc – once I get through my beginning of the week and new-round scramble, I’ll start pulling those links together, and hopefully have them all ready for you by the end of the weekend. =)

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