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“Somewhat Premature”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

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Well, we’ve reached that mythical place known as the end (a week later than expected, because I forgot to finish this post up and add it to the linky list before it closed – so I’m getting to that nice and early this week!

Today, I’ve got the last eight sentences in my serialized Star Trek: Enterprise flash fan fiction story, “Mission Accomplished”. I’m feeling just a bit sad about that, but Trip and T’Pol are rather adamant that they’d like us to respect that door they closed behind them…so one last peek, from where “We’ll Be Busted” left off…and then we put out the Do Not Disturb sign.

Context: Trip and T’Pol have been assigned a team-building exercise by the Captain, who remains unaware (at least for now) that they’ve already become a team in a very different – and very physical – way. Or that desire makes T’Pol lose her Vulcan control. Somehow, they made it to her quarters and privacy before the inevitable happened, but not by much, and there’s still that matter of a report that probably should have been filed hours ago…and Trip has just told T’Pol they’d better get to it so they aren’t busted together.

This scene is rated R for suggestiveness and adult situations. Proceed only if you are legally of age and enjoy that sort of thing!

“Somewhat Premature”

Then it’s only logical that we act with alacrity.” T’Pol stretched against him, all curves and lean strong muscle, her lids lifting just enough to make her look sultry as hell as she watched him watching her. “What meaning should we ascribe to the letters?”

Trip traced a hand over the swells and dips of her body , which was all tangled up in him and the bedding. “How about ‘Mission Accomplished’?”

I believe that would be – somewhat premature.” The corners of her mouth were soft; but the air was still heavy with minerals. “However, once we’ve reported it, it will be our duty to ensure the accuracy of our account.”

I can’t argue with that,” Trip told her, and proceeded to write the fastest report of his life, managing to hit send just before she committed herself completely to making it true.

Will the Captain accept Trip’s report?

Will they in fact accomplish the mission?

Will Trip need to sneak out in T’Pol’s robe?

Well, some things we just don’t get to find out!

Here’s all of “Mission Accomplished”, in case you missed any:

And, now, the obligatory disclaimer:

Trip, T’Pol, and Trek: None of these are mine. Can I help it if these two unlikely lovers keep insisting I tell their stories? =D

And, because December is the season of giving, I have something special to share with you this month – The IDIC Romance Advent Calendar! Each day, a new tab will open, and a new flash fan fiction story will be revealed!

Even better, if you comment on a story, I’ll add another paragraph. No, I don’t have the paragraphs prepared; they’ll be purely stream of consciousness fun! So climb up on the transporter pad and beam on over!

And what’s on tap for next week, you ask? Ah, well, some packages aren’t meant to be opened early – so you’ll just have to wait and see! =)

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    1. Well, not quite accomplished just yet…but, if T’Pol has anything to say about it (and we know that she does!), it will be.

      Honestly, it was going to end differently, but T’Pol came in at the eleventh hour, and made it very very clear that she wasn’t done yet! =)

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