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Small Steps to Fitness for Mindful Monday

Do you know that feeling of wanting to set a goal, but being still too fuzzy on the details to do it? There’s kind of a nagging quality to it, that crawling feeling of something that wants tending to left undone.

I’ve been feeling that, when it comes to fitness and health – I knew I wanted to set escalating goals that build upon one another, and yet still make sense within the reality of my life- the framework into which everything else must fit.

But I was stuck on how to do this.

And that’s where the wonderful world of blogging comes in.

Last spring, I read this wonderful post by Amy Kennedy. I resolved to begin my own #onegoodcupproject that same day, and, I’ve done it nearly every day since. I write in three separate journals, do a bit of reading, and meditate for a few minutes, which puts me in a mindful frame for the rest of my day.

Sometimes, the intersections between the things I read and do hold magic. My intentions journal, for instance, has action-inciting prompts scattered through its pages. On December 2, I reached one that asked me to outline my overall health goals. This is what I wrote, that day:

Outlining my goals needs some thought, brainstorming, and focus. Maybe why I haven’t been oriented to this more…

Tomorrow, I delve into the emotions.

Tonight, I ponder.”

Clearly, I wasn’t exactly primed to make anything approaching a specific plan…and the next entry? Well, judge for yourself:

December 4, 2015 –

I didn’t write here yesterday – the kids and I headed to Saratoga for the Victorian Streetwalk, which we usually attend if weather and schedule cooperate.

Had a lovely time, and, of course, did some walking!

Okay, so on to health goals…here’s my first impressions:

  • More consciousness

  • Balance

  • Sanity

  • Fitness

  • Health

These are the main categories I want to focus on…”

Are you starting to see the problem,here? It’s really hard to change something for the better when I can’t even define the change I want to make in general terms!

Here’s the next entry:

December 6, 2015 –

Missed yesterday again. More walking – Annalise received an invitation…

OK, for the health goals….I have to confess, I’m not feeling them now. More tomorrow…”

Clearly, there was some serious resistance going on, here. I needed a lifeline. And then, one found me.

December 7, 2015 –

I think I have the glimmer of an idea that will shape my exploration and setting of fitness/health goals…

Silver Threading is running a long-term feature on healthy living as part of her Mindful Monday project. I’m going to start with that, and make my explorations public.

That will benefit me – I’m thinking I can do it either once or twice a month; not only would that keep me accountable and forward-thinking, it would give me ready MM topics for those weeks, and be even better if I develop a template for these…”

This may not be quite the tack most people would take for this prompt – but I had been disconnected from it, and now I’m feeling energized and raring to create a new vision and bring it to life!

Yay, words and writing!”

Ah, so there’s my “in”! Now that it’s in ink, I don’t know how I missed it so long. For me, experiencefreely shared through words, experience that might help someone else to a goal of their own, is a powerful motivator. It’s obvious with the shifting vibe, the longer entry, and the way it continues into the next post:

December 8, 2015 –

I’ve been thinking more about the MM fitness link.

I’ll let myself feel my way into this topic, a little at a time…because it’s not about ticking things off a to-do list – it’s about my life!”

Ah, and there was the realization I needed to really start to connect with the idea. It was the union of intent, motivation, mission, and revelation. Where I began with a sense of befuddled resistance to an idea that seemed vague and overwhelming, I’ve now come to the place where I’ve got a mindful approach that makes sense to me, because it suits my nature and my life. It gives me the time and space to think and feel this through organically, and to make shifts as I need to. More than that, I’ll be doing it in community, and that is also important to me, because I can draw from others, and offer to others, as I go along. And I honor my creative spirit, which might just be my best tool for change.

I’ll be back in two weeks with the first musings and small steps on the path to a greater vision.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your stories! When you set goals, are you mindful of your own nature Do you use it to achieve your goals, or does it seem you’re always trying to exert your will against it?

Want more Mindful Monday learning? Follow the link!



I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

4 thoughts on “Small Steps to Fitness for Mindful Monday

  1. You know I love your posts. I always learn something about myself too when I read your words. I am going to talk about change and making the first steps to recognizing what you want in a healthy journey next week. It is our fear of failure that holds us back, I think. At least, it is for me. So, here’s the deal. Fail forward with me. What can go wrong? We do a little bit each day and figure it out along the way! If we miss a day, that’s fine. We just go back to it the next day. No guilt. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Fail forward! I love that image. Even better, I failed to read it as fail the first time, and saw it as fall forward, instead…which is what babies do a lot when they’re learning to walk and taking those small steps…

      As far as guilt – I gave that up a few years ago – it’s a huge waste of time! I’d rather put my energy to good use on making the best life and the best me I can.

      Happy to join you, and to be giving thought and space to this journey.

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