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“In The Court of T’Pol”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

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This week, I offer you an eight-sentence installment: #9 in my serialized Star Trek: Enterprise flash fan fiction story, “Mission Accomplished”. We begin right where last week’s snippet, “It’s Dangerous” ended.

Trip and T’Pol have been given a mystery to solve as a “team-building exercise” by Captain Archer, who doesn’t know they’re already a team on a far deeper, not to mention more physical level.

Now T’Pol has plans for the evening that she’s pursuing with typical Vulcan single-mindedness … and Trip’s left with the evidence of her potent and ardent kisses, as he tries to get her somewhere more private than the Mess Hall.

“In The Court of T’Pol”

She released him slowly. Trip didn’t wait for his body to stop protesting; he just stayed a half- step behind her as she started walking, holding the pad so he could use it to hide the evidence.

It will detail the inadequacies and presumptions we’ve discovered, and posit that further investigation of this fabricated ‘mystery’ is an unwarranted waste of time and resources.’” Her voice was breathy, somehow making the dry explanation sound more than a little like a Vulcan come-on.

In other words, ‘hearsay evidence isn’t admissible in the Court of T’Pol.’” Trip could almost feel her spiraling toward her breaking point. She was moving more than briskly. Hurrying.

Will Captain Archer accept T’Pol’s determination?

Will they make it to her quarters without being seen?

Will Trip be able to keep up with his intensely focused mate?

Will he be able to hide the evidence?

Come on back next week to find out!

Sorry I vanished last week…I got pulled into NaNoWriMo’s #DoubleUpDay, and, by the time I had matched my best-ever word count day, it was too late to link up, so I decided to sit out a week…but I missed being here, and making some rounds…

Need to read back? Here’s all of “Mission Accomplished” that’s been posted, thus far:

And, now, the obligatory disclaimer:

Trip, T’Pol, and Trek: None of these are mine. Can I help it if these two unlikely lovers keep insisting I tell their stories? =)

If you want more of these two and another team-building exercise, and don’t want to wait until next Sunday, you can read “Scavenger Hunt”, recently serialized over at WIPpet Wednesday. The current (and final) snippet, “Mission Accomplished”, has links to all the previous excerpts.

Want more #8Sunday?

Vulcan Rubdown” may not be suitable for all audiences or venues….it’s a bit racy. 


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

5 thoughts on ““In The Court of T’Pol”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

  1. Really enjoying this story. I’ve said it before, but I think you do an excellent job of capturing the essence of “Star Trek” and putting us right there in the scene. Can’t wait for more, great snippet!

    1. T’Pol’s still herself, even or especially at times like this. And she’s still the woman whose morning-after acknowledgment of the night before was in first describing it as ‘eventful’, and then thanking Trip for ‘facilitating my exploration of human sexuality.’.

      I imagine that she’s Vulcan in the way she puts things right up to the point where she can’t speak at all…

      It’s a good thing Trip’s gotten at least a little better at picking up on her actual meanings, isn’t it? =;)

    1. A Vulcan aroused and bonded IS a force of nature. At this point, Trip’s beginning to really figure that out. I think she would already have told him about pon farr, the life-or-death mating drive.

      At times like this, Trip, who’s usually the impulsive and emotional one, is the only one really capable of helping T’Pol channel her sexual energies until they’re safely tucked away.

      This is also written at the point where Trip has just recently returned to Enterprise after leaving because he couldn’t handle seeing T’Pol put her life at risk in the line of duty, and drawing erroneous conclusions about her feelings for him. T’Pol has also very recently realized that, the first time she and Trip ‘mated’, in her terminology, a psychic bond was created between them. She needs him, and needs to be near him, and, right now, that need is kind of exploding out of her and gushing all over the place.

      Overwhelming, indeed.

      I was sad to have missed the linky, but not to have been immersed in my NaNo story.

      Happy to be back this week, though! =)

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