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The Alpha and Omega of Growth: November 3, 2015

Wow, can you believe it’s November?!

The year – didn’t it just get started?!


Well, regardless of that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey effect, it is indeed November, and that means NaNoWriMo – and a new set of goals for this penultimate month of 2015.

And me? I’m looking forward to coffee, conversation, laughter…and the opening salvo of NaNoWriMo…which brings me to my final days of #NaNoPrep…


OK, so I clearly wrote this a while ago. The kids and I were away for the weekend, and returned late Sunday. I got about 70 words ahead of my opening day NaNo goal – and then didn’t write at all on Monday. I needed the time to reconnect with my family, and reorient to being home.

Tuesday came with a write-in in the evening, and my Accomplice was busy on car repairs – and he doesn’t enjoy them. I split my focus between NaNo and hometending, to offer him the comfort of as embracing a home as I could before I left. So I whizzed around making things better.

And now it’s late Wednesday, and I’ve been writing, spending time with my beloveds, and doing more hometending…

You might notice that blogging hasn’t been on that list anywhere. I intended to get ahead, but I really didn’t. I didn’t intend to proceed on internet stealth mode – it just kind of happened.

I may still be a little more sporadic than normal – but, when you don’t hear from me, you can assume I’m deep in my story world, because this one’s catching me very early on…and it’s a time of family connection and settling-in for the colder weather ahead…

I’ll post up my final October progress report within the next few days – for now, here’s my revised NaNovember goals, and my progress thus far.

Color-coding key:

  • Goal attained = blue with overstrike.

  • Goal in progress = green.

  • Goal-in-waiting = red.


  • NaNoWriMo: Complete draft of Sea Changes (Kifo Island Chronicles #3). . This near-future fantasy will be about 60,000 words, total. At midnight on Tuesday, I was officially at 4,133/50,000; a little less than 1K from my NaNo daily goal.


  • The IDIC Romance: Choose one freewriting for each letter to develop into an A-Z post; make episode list for rewatching in December. Hey, #itswritingresearch! 1/31 stories chosen. 21/26 letters completed; 1 /2 V completed. 

Blogging/Social Media:

  • Publish all regular features posts; scheduling ahead where possible.

  • Catch up all blog comments and visits.

  • ROW80: Keep visits and updates current.

  • Maintain email below 999 messages. Mostly through default, but still…


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork. Draft IHIPs and attend to district’s Peer Review issue. Peer review issue in progress.
  • Get computer repaired!
  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life. Focus on maintenance and implementing ideas from 5,000 Words Per Hour.  3/5 hometending. Not so much the book; I need a bit of time to get ‘decks cleared’ first.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings and events as desired. In the last week, both kids have had doctors’ appointments; there’s been Halloween shopping; and our traditional trip to New Jersey. A quieter week on tap.
  • NNWM local group: Attend write-ins regularly, and check in on the Facebook and Twitter groups as inspired. Read and critique both projects I’ve been hanging onto. Skipped Sunday’s write-in and missed the kick-off due to travel. Made it to the Tuesday NaNo write-in; checked FB.
  • Complete the two beta reads I’ve had waaay too long. Beta #2 complete through Chapter Four (p15/121).

  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Oh, yes!
  • Complete 7 pending book reviews.


  • Write in Abundance,Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Meditate seven times weekly, including one eating meditation. Explore one new meditative practice. 3/7 for journaling and meditation.

  • T’ai chi practice: at home three times; class once or twice a week. Continue reading.

  • Make time for physical activity five days a week; use phone app to track three time a week. 3/5 so far; 2/3 with phone.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Poetry Chapbooks:I did some very basic research on what chapbooks are; letting the concept simmer for a bit.

  • Website/Business blog: early brainstorming with my Accomplice.

  • Fantasy convention

  • Fan fiction stuff

  • Self-publishing

These goals are a part of Kait Nolan’s  ROW80 Writing Challenge.

It’s also a blog hop!

 Find more ROWers right here!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

8 thoughts on “The Alpha and Omega of Growth: November 3, 2015

  1. Hard to believe it’s November. We’ve had a busy year here in Virginia–hubby and I moved twice, bought a townhouse, and settled into life as homeowners. That’s a lot of change, but good change.

    Good luck with NaNo! 🙂

    1. We felt similarly when buying our little house. Until then, we’d lived in travel trailers, and traveled around the country working concessions in national parks.

      Big change, owning a home. May you find it a wonderful one!

      Thank you for the NaNo wishes. I’m really loving this story, and I’ve already learned a lot about my three main characters that I didn’t learn during the plotting process…they’re more textured and less perfect now, which adds to the general conflict, and makes their interactions much more interesting.

      I’m over 15K now, and this one seems to be sailing along, even if it was a bit of a stuttering start due to travel.

    1. A lot of my goals are still waiting for me. Some are the patient sort, and others are tapping their feet or pointing accusing fingers of impending doom….

      Sorry. I get this way when I’m overtired, and right now, I’m trying to finish my almost-done scene before I sleep…

    1. This story – the characters came to life very early, and have been pulling me along on a wave of surprise. At the same time, they’re staying on target, structure and plot wise, better than any other characters I’ve ever written. It’s not exactly a happily-ever-after story – it’s a complicated situation, with a complex web of emotions…but there’s an ease and joy in writing it that go beyond what I’ve felt before. I’m far less tense, and I’m OK with coming to the keyboard when I feel fertile, and the words are pouring forth – sometimes more swiftly, others less so, but still deep and cool and feeling RIGHT.

      So excited to see what’s next!

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