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“Wasting Time”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

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This week, we return to my Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction project, The IDIC Romance. I offer you  installment #2 in my serialized flash   story, “Mission Accomplished”. We begin where last week’s installment,  “Playing Along” ended.

These nine sentences are rated PG-13 for suggestiveness and mild obscenities. Read at your own discretion.

Here’s the premise:

Trip has a datapadd. T’Pol has tea and smells like delicious trouble. They both have a job to do, and other ideas on how to pass the time. And that’s proving to be quite a distraction for the human half of this duo…

Oh, and we also learn that T’Pol has a newly developed opinion that wearing clothing when they’re alone together in her quarters is ‘illogical and inefficient’.

“Wasting Time”

Trip wasn’t quite at the point where he could just peel down as soon as the door closed the way she did, but maybe tonight…


“It’s your own fault for being so damned sexy.”

“I fail to see the correlation.”

“Arguing wastes even more time.”

She sighed, and sipped. “Is there any further information?”

“That’s all of it. Why are you scowling?”

Will they stop arguing?

Will Trip strip?

Why is T’Pol scowling?

Will T’Pol’s sex appeal keep providing Trip with delightful distractions?

Will they ever complete this mission?

Come on back next week to find out more!

Although I’ll admit that I was a bit stymied at first, I had a lot of fun with this murder mystery prompt, which is part of the Story a Day September challenge.

And, of course, the obligatory disclaimer:

Trip, T’Pol, and Trek: None of these wonderful T-words are mine. Can I help it if these two unlikely lovers keep insisting I tell their stories? =)

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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

18 thoughts on ““Wasting Time”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday

    1. These two make it very, very easy – so many sparks, all over the place. And the vast differences in cultural awareness…

      Almost from the beginning of the series, in the delightful Decon scene (available on YouTube as Trip/T’Pol Decon if you haven’t seen it), they’ve tended to have two overlapping interactions. Fighting over who’s in charge and what direction the mission should take while slathering slippery gel over bare skin, Trip sneaking peeks, T’Pol applying gel to his shoulders *five times* (uh, logic much?!), explorations of ears and the Vulcan joke, “I fail to see your point”….

      Fun, these two. Sizzling fun. Doesn’t matter if they’re fighting or canoodling, they’re always fun.

    1. Which is, of course, Vulcanspeak for, “If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, let’s get the work done so we can get on with it!”

      Vulcans know how to make a few words do a lot of work! Too bad Trip’s too busy being distracted to catch on…. 😉

    1. Teasing little Vulcan, too – sitting there all innocent-like, sipping her tea and smelling like a long, delicious night – and having the nerve to suggest it’s Trip who’s gumming up the works!

    1. I think T’Pol would outwardly agree with you -but that’s just because she’s not about to admit to the illogic of deeply enjoying sparring with a certain engineer…

      In this case, and several others, the argument just might be foreplay…

      I’m also conflict-averse. Of course, that doesn’t make for very interesting stories – so my characters get into it, and I keep my real life as conflict-free as I can manage!

      I’m not Vulcan at all. It’s just that they get into my head, and won’t go away. Like a permanent, low-grade meld….

      This is NOT me complaining! =)

    1. All my stories are character driven. I think it’s a side effect of having characters pop unannounced into my head at random moments and insist I live parts of their lives with them….

      I’ll be staying with this story till the end (it’s a bit under 1K). Next week will pick up right where this week leaves off. =D

    1. “I don’t experience jealousy,: she lies.

      “I am not, in any way, jealous of you and Corporal Cole” she lies again.

      And then “Hold on a minute – I’m jealous of MYSELF?!”

      LOVE that episode! ;D

    1. *They* are delicious! I love writing them, because they basically feed me the words,.gestures, feelings….all of it!

      And, of course, writing them means WATCHING them – over and over….#itswritingresearch! =D

  1. No, they won’t stop arguing..yet.
    Yes, he’ll strip
    She’s scowling because that’s how Vulcans express lust. (Hey it could be.)
    Of course her sex appeal will distract him. Duh!
    I wonder if the mission is half as important as their relationship.
    Any other questions for me?

    1. No, they won’t – maybe ever . They have way too much fun when they argue, so stopping would be illogical.

      It’s quite possible that she won’t wait for him to strip. The lady is rather – ummm, aggressive in her passions….and that’s just Vulcan nature, so nothing to be done about it but let her have at it, I guess…

      Whether or not she’s actually scowling might be debatable. I like the lust angle, but since she’s already got her mineral, citrus, and sandalwood scent going on, I’d say that her companion is very aware of her lustful state…

      OK, the sex appeal question was pretty pointless, given that Trip is an extremely red-blooded hetero human male…and she’s got LOTS of sex appeal, all of it aimed at him with Vulcan precision…

      The mission is the Captain’s idea of a team-building exercise. He’s not yet aware of just how much of a team they already are, or what nature of teamwork they would rather be pursuing tonight…

      But if looked at from the point that this mission is supposed to strengthen their relationship, is it logical for them to continue with this mystery, or go do some intimate investigations of their own?

      One more question: When my 14 year old was 2, he lost the remote starter for a car we no longer own. I thought about that today. Can you tell me where he dropped them? =)

      1. He dropped the remote control approximately 14.3 nautical leagues east-northwest of Jasper, Alberta, Canada, in the grizzly bear’s cave just below the largest hemlock tree on the knoll. I believe it’s still there, and in use, so Grizz might not want to give it up. You see, in exchange for not getting eaten, a marmot modified it for the bear so it closes the cave door come winter, Marmots have a knack for electronics that few people know about.

        And Grizz sends thanks to your son.

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