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“Rerouting History”: THe IDIC Romance for SoCS and #STaD

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme -an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: “route/root”, either or both, any way we please.

This September, I’m playing SoCS a little differently, combining it with the Story A Day September challenge. I’ve decided to follow the prompts there, too, and, to up the ante and try to placate the Vulcan and human lovers in my head, who are determined to be together…today’s prompt is Pop Culture Clash.

The point is to play with a popular culture figure who fascinates us, and maybe place them in another time or place…and anyone who’s read here for a while knows that there can be only one… or two…

Standard Disclaimer: I own none of them; I love all of them; I want no money for playing with them, or sharing….

Note: Spoilers for Star Trek: Enterprise S4E22: “These Are the Voyages”, and Star Trek: The Next Generation S7E12: “ The Pegasus.

This story is the beginning of my attempt to undo what has to have been one of the worst finales in television history, without violating series canon.

And so, I present you …

“Rerouting History”

Jean-Luc wondered if all humans watched the Ambassador, looking for signs of their species in his behavior. Had it been that way, when he served on James Kirk’s Enterprise? Did he know he was the subject of such scrutiny, and, if he did, was it of any consequence to him?

Certainly, he seemed to – enjoy might perhaps be too strong a word, but he couldn’t find a better one – his secret. He was Vulcan-silent and inscrutable all the way to the Holodeck. He reminded Jean-Luc very much of his father.

Spock spoke a code, then added, “Historical roots; final mission, Enterprise NX-01. Passive mode.” He kept his eyes on the door, and strode forth as soon as it opened – apparently, they were exiting the turbolift. Ahead was the viewscreen, the helm station, and the Captain’s chair. To the right was Engineering and Weapons, then the alcove known, he thought, as the Situation Room, with the corridor leading off to the Captain’s Ready Room. To the left was the Science station, with Communications beyond. Things were smaller, more functional, but he oriented quickly. Essentially, the Bridge had changed little in 200 years.

“Computer, crew complement. Access modified logs, and reproduce.”

Jean-Luc had run this program – no, not this, but the original, after Number One had confided that Counselor Troi’s suggestion that he do so had led to his decision to reveal what he knew about the Pegasus matter.

The Ambassador’s version differed – slightly, in some areas, and significantly in others.

Jean-Luc let it play out without commenting. He watched the rewritten history, and also Ambassador Spock, who was so intent upon the action occurring around them that he seemed to have forgotten that he wasn’t alone.

It wasn’t until the harrowing moment when Commander T’Pol tore her way into the imaging chamber to meld with the dying Commander Tucker that the Vulcan said, very softly, “Computer, end it.” He kept his face turned away, and Jean-Luc felt that he was struggling with an emotional response.

“You contend that this is an accurate portrayal of the events?”

“I contend nothing, Captain. This is indeed what happened. The version previously in use was in error.”

“I’m not inclined to believe that -”

“I have a considerable amount of proof, obtained from Commander T’Pol herself, detailing the specific reasons for the – ‘rerouting’ of history, if you will.”

“How did you come by this proof, Ambassador?”

“Commander T’Pol was my t’hy’la, and I hers.” Spock’s chin came up; he took pride in whatever the Vulcan title was intended to convey. “Upon her death, she left all of her possessions to me – including her katra, and that of her bondmate, Commander Charles Tucker the Third. I still carry them.When I tell you that your history of this mission is incorrect, I tell you not only as Spock, but also as T’Pol.

Jean-Luc had carried Sarek’s katra for a few hours that seemed an eternity. What would it be like, to carry two of them for most of a century? “I didn’t know that we humans had katras.”

“Perhaps not all humans do. Commander Tucker, however, was bound to a Vulcan at the instant of his death, and what was not of his body was given first into her keeping, and, later, into mine.”

“And that’s how you know that history was rewritten?”



The human was shrewd. He didn’t waste time on emotional considerations, but came to the point. “For what purpose, Ambassasor? If a Vulcan rewrote history, she would have to have a logical motivation.”

“It was logical. It was also emotional, and instinctive.” Spock receded; this was T’Pol’s story, her choice, and it was therefore hers to reveal, or not, as she chose. He would not presume to know; he hadn’t borne the pain.

She rose within him, more strongly than he had felt her presence in many years. “ The attack was personal. The weapon discharged at Commander Tucker rewrote his DNA sequencing. It was coded specifically for him. The implications, seen in company with other events, were incontrovertible. Someone or someones didn’t want us to be together, or to procreate. Xenophobia was a much greater concern, at that time.”

“I’m afraid I still don’t understand.”

“History was rewritten to protect those who had yet to live. If the truth were known, other lives would have been lost.”

“Other lives? What other lives?”

“In the moments before Trip’s death, Captain, I came to know that I was pregnant.”

Is Spock’s account of history the correct one?

Was T’Pol successful in saving her children?

What really happened on the NX-01’s final mission?

I’ll eventually be adding more to this story arc…but that’s all you get for today.

Have you tried stream-of consciousness writing? Come join in – there’s just a few simple rules. Check out the #SoCS hashtag, or click here!


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