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Preying Upon Her: Foul Deeds Will Rise on WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! She‘s our fearless shepherd…or something like that, anyway…

This week, I’m sharing more from Foul Deeds Will Rise, and hoping my increasingly capricious power adapter will hold out until the replacements get here later in the week…so, in order to conserve what may be very limited battery power, I’m keeping this short and perhaps sweet.

Shentaa has recently given birth, and this is the first time she’s been separated from her infant son, Osiru…

WIPpet Non- Math:

  • Today isn’t August 19, 2015but this is the snippet I would have shared then, if I hadn’t shared A Pet Name?

  • So I’m being a rebel this week – or I’m time-traveling. You get to decide. =)
Almost 14 years ago, I was the new mother (of a ten pounds plus giant baby boy!)….

Preying Upon Her

Shentaa was alone, Running.

There had seldom in her life been a time when she was alone, and she hadn’t known, until a fiveday past, how much she enjoyed and was affrighted by it, together.

Mayhap it was that, though she was alone, she was not, in the same breath, nor would she ever be, now.

Once, she had thought her ties with the child called Vaara were the strongest bonds she would ever know, and, before the child, she’d thought it either her Pack, or her family and friends in the Seers’ Keep.

Then had come Solemating, and then, borne of that, Osiru…

It was the deepest thing of all, she thought now, to harbor a child within her own body, to grow it from her Solemate’s seed and her own egg, his blood, her Line….

They had created a new life, and now, she would ever be bound by it. By her son.

But, as much as she could be alone, in this breath, she was. Osiru was with his Huntmother; he was young for the first parting, but Trueborn. What had been denied to Vaara by their imprisonment, she was most determined would not be denied their child, even if he yet had no Tribed name. He would take his Huntmother’s milk as well as his mother’s, sleep in her embrace, be shown by her his first tiny sniffs and tastes of the Wolvenkeep’s life.

Truth, though – he was still with her, preying upon her mind and her heart…

How was it that a being so small in size could be so stealthy a Hunter, when all he had Hunted till now was her milk and his own baby rousal?

Shentaa knew not; knew only that it was so.

He Hunted her, and he would take her. She was his mother, and that made her his own.

But she would yet Run. He would be with Larys until dawning; that’s what they’d agreed upon, and she wouldn’t be the one to undo this most important matter, simply so that she could lay with him, suckle him, and breathe him in – truth, though, that is all she would Hunt, on the morrow.

Will all go well for Osiru’s first day with his Huntmother?

Will Shentaa be able to stay away?

What will she do with her time?

I’ll be posting the next ten lines from this scene for #8sunday,  if you’d like to find out what’s next.

Looking for more WIPpet Snippets, with chattier writers whose power adapters are A-OK? You can find those, or add your own date-related excerpt, by following the little blue froggy from WIPpet to WIPpet to WIPpet!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

17 thoughts on “Preying Upon Her: Foul Deeds Will Rise on WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I love this. My favorite part is the description of what it’s like to bear a child. Because of some of my own body-related issues, I never had that “Isn’t this THE BEST THING EVER?!” feeling when pregnant, and I didn’t adore breastfeeding (though I absolutely believed I was doing what was best for my kids). Even so, I always had that awed feeling like, “My body does that? Who’d’ve thunk?” To this day, I’m kind of blown away by having grown and nurtured two entire people with my own body.

    1. I didn’t have that feeling, either. Breastfeeding was sometimes wonderful; other times not. Like you, I focused on the good it was doing, and the fact that I could do that!

      And, when one of those three people I nurtured got bigger than the body he grew inside?! Mind. Blown.

      I’m only up to his eyebrows, now…

  2. Some intriguing ideas here that had me wondering how the different connections work. I did find myself a bit confused, but I figure that’s because I haven’t seen much in this world yet, and it’s hard to get a real idea from a short snippet.

    1. The first volume has more interaction between a character and her Huntmother – and, in later volumes, some of the characters will become Huntmothers. This mention is fairly minimal, because it’s more about Shentaa’s feelings about being away from her baby for the first time.

      It’s possible, though, that I skimmed over the idea too quickly, here.

  3. I like what you’re setting up here, and the connection with her child. So vivid. I will admit, I find the use of capital letters for many of the words to be a bit distracting. It tends to throw me out of the story for some reason, and break the flow. Your writing always has a very ethereal feel to it, but somehow the caps are like a shout in a whisper.

    1. Hmmmn…that’s a very interesting analogy, and I hadn’t though of it that way…

      Definitely something to consider -not just for this story, but for the entire series.

      Maybe, it would work better to simp[y show how vital some of these concepts are to these people without the CAPS!

      Shentaa and Osiru have a ways yet to travel…

  4. The second paragraph describes it so well. That desire and love of being alone, and the complete weirdness of it. I still feel like I’m missing something if I go out without my kids and the youngest of them is about to be 7! I used to count my kids over and over on the way to the car to make sure I had all of them and hadn’t left someone behind.

    1. Before I had children, I used to be afraid I would lose them! And that ‘missing them feeling…YUP! I still feel a little weird, alone, and they’re 11 and breathing down the neck of 14! I still sometimes call them my Orbital Satellites. =)

      This scene was totally drawn from my actual life…

      1. Being alone IS weeeeeiiiirrrrrd. Lovely, for brief periods, but so odd. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets that feeling despite her children being well beyond the infant stage.

        1. Nope, not the only one! I still find it weird when they’re both off somewhere else. And as for the before-kids feeling, I used to be afraid that since I can’t even keep a houseplant, I wouldn’t be able to be a mom. LOL! Very silly, as kids are pretty apt to let you know they need something, unlike houseplants.

        2. Annalise spent Friday at a friend’s. It was very quiet, and Jeremiah and I just gravitated toward spending the evening together. We went to his favorite pizza place, then took a walk through the village, then came home and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which he’d never seen, We talked a lot.

          Seems like we did something similar the last sleepover she had…

          So maybe I don’t so much care for being alone…when the years left to be with them this way are vanishing so swiftly into the sands of time…

          The truth is that I LIKE these kids. They’re amazing, fascinating people, and being with them and their energy is usually fun!

  5. Is she expected to give him up for adoption to become a Hunter, or is she going to share his upbringing with the Huntmother? This scene kind of makes me think of how women in the past (at least in some societies) were compelled into giving their children to wetnurses or nannies to raise, and not really having much to do with them till they got older and were weaned. It’s hard to imagine how it was once considered normal to let someone else raise one’s own children. It also reminds me of how, in Part Seven of War and Peace, Natasha is considered odd because she’s nursing her own baby instead of giving him to a wetnurse.

    1. No, she won’t be expected to give Osiru up. The Canivaarii are deeply connected to the wolven nature, and so they have a strong community. One of the ways they build it is for a child to spend time with a Huntmother, who will have a part in the nursing (not a full-time wetnurse, but an additional source of nurturing and comfort he will in theory be able to rely on for the rest of her life).

      It’s not safe to take a baby out into the Huntlands, in the same way wolves don’t allow their pups to leave the den or the surrounding area when they’re very small.

      But it’s unhealthy for Shentaa not to Run, so the Huntmother, Lyas, will have him, at first only every tenday or so, then more frequently over time.

      At least, that’s the plan…but you know how plans are, in novels…

      I think this idea was borne in part from the wetnursing and fostering traditions, and in part from my own children’s meaningful and sustaining relationships with non-family adults.

      So odd to me, to think of a mother being considered odd for not giving her child to another mother to nurse…

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