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Shared and Unspoken: The IDIC Romance for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! She’s our fearless shepherd…or something like that, anyway…

I’m still planning to share from Foul Deeds Will Rise, the latest in my Trueborn Weft fantasy series – it’s been quite a while since I’ve shared from that. But I’m not quite done plotting it yet, so no new words. And today, there’s a birthday in the house, so I’ll be otherwise engaged for a good chunk of the day, as I focus on bringing the sparkle to her bright one-year-older eyes…

I expect to be drafting like a madwoman by the weekend! But, for now…Trip and T’Pol! Because you knew they couldn’t stay quiet for long, right…?

This snippet comes from The IDIC Romance’s discarded stories file. The timeframe is shortly after (a few weeks, maybe) the events of S4E21: “Terra Prime”. After playing with this excerpt, I’ve decided to pull it out of the discards, and eventually build the bridge between this story, and Not Jealousy, written for Story A Day May 2015, I have an arc building, so there may be much more in the future…

The Situation (in the Situation Room…)

Captain Archer has come from his Ready Room just in time to catch his second and third in command in a standoff – over sitting down.

He listens long enough to hear Trip rattle off a laundry list of worrisome facts of T’Pol’s life- she’s not eating, sleeping, or meditating. Her response that she’s fine is clearly not true; she’s leaning on the Situation Table, Jon steps into the room in the hope of defusing the situation in the Situation Room – and that’s where we pick up, today.

And, as always….


Trip, T’Pol, Captain Archer, and Star Trek: Enterprise are not mine. I write their stories because they insist on it, and I accept no monetary compensation for sharing them.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is July 8, 2015.

  • Date, age of birthday girl, with one to grow on, for 20 sentences.

Shared and Unspoken

“Scuse me, Cap’n.” Trip brushed past Jon, his jaw clenched and his blue eyes snapping like cracking ice as he confronted the Vulcan woman. Once, that would’ve gotten T’Pol’s hackles up, for sure, even if she pretended it didn’t – Jon had been a little slow in picking up on her temper, but Trip was better at setting her off than anyone else. “How is it even a little logical for you to pull that old ‘I’m fine’ act, when I’ve just given you three damned proofs that you’re anything but, and we both know that the list just goes on from there?”

Jon had figured out, a while back, that T’Pol liked matching wits with Trip as much as Trip liked butting heads with her – and, if he just stayed out of their way, they were both more efficient when they were trying to outdo one another.

Now, though, the First Officer didn’t say a word, just sagged against the table and stared dully at her would-be combatant.

Her lack of response deflated the Chief Engineer, and Trip softened. “Listen, T’Pol- I’m worried about you, OK? If anything happens to you, after- ”

Jon stayed put, and focused on not noticing the way Trip’s hand reached out, brushing two fingertips against the back of T’Pol’s hand, then touched the little white gold ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. And he certainly didn’t notice the way T’Pol’s breath released in a soft sigh, and her delicate perfume got stronger, as she finally looked up – right at him.

“I’m sorry, Captain – I was – distracted -”

“I’m more concerned with whether you’re OK.” Trip took advantage of the moment, and edged around the table until he was more or less behind her, frowning, like he half-expected her to collapse, and he wanted to be close enough to catch her when she did.

“I’m tired,” T’Pol said, and went back to staring at the screen in front of her. “As Commander Tucker pointed out, I have been experiencing certain – difficulties – of late -”

“I don’t mind if you sit down – or maybe you should take a few days off, and go see Phlox. After everything that’s happened – ”

“Please don’t.” Two shaken voices, together, bound by shared and unspoken pain.

What’s wrong with T’Pol?

What is it they don’t want Jon to do?
What else will he ‘not notice’?

Will T’Pol stay on her feet, or is Trip right to be worried?

I’ll be posting the next few lines from this scene for #8sunday,  if you’d like to learn like more. And that’s all I’m saying, for now – in keeping with the preference of the subjects of today’s snippet…

Looking for WIPpet Snippets where gravity might not pose a threat, where everything is spoken, where someone has a sense of humor, and people notice things openly? Hop along with the little blue froggy; assorted WIPpetty lily-pads to choose from, and writers eager to share sneak-peeks of wordy goodness with you! =D


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

11 thoughts on “Shared and Unspoken: The IDIC Romance for WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I do love all the not noticing going on from the Captain right there, and like Amy says, it’s a rare treat to see how an outsider views their relationship!

    Happy birthday to your little one!

    1. Sadly, our little one only lived 12 days of 2003. So this is a tricky day, to say the least.

      Captain Archer has, at times entertained his own fantasies about a certain pointy-eared lady, She’s always declined with great courtesy, and also great firmness.

      It must be easier for him not to notice than to accept that what he’d like to happen, absolutely isn’t GOING to happen…

      1. Oh, I’m so sorry hun… Lots of love to you and your family. All my thoughts and best wishes are with you…

        The poor Captain, but at least she’s always been honest with him, and firm is always good there too. Will his not-noticing ever become actual-noticing?

        1. We’ve got plans to do something fun with the kids tonight. This day tends to be harder on me than on anyone else, and I think that’s maybe for the best. Also that everyone’s old enough now to recognize that it’s not an easy day, and so they make some allowances if I’m less than my typically upbeat self…

          But hearing the laughter and joy of my living children helps tremendously…

        2. Forgot to answer the Captain Archer question…his not-noticing has become actual-noticing a few times, already, but he’s been able to fool himself into thinking he imagined it, or that it’s just because of the circumstances.

          The truth is, he knows, really…but he’s not ready to admit it to himself, and Trip and T’Pol would just as soon not put him in the position of having to tell Starfleet and the Vulcans that they’ve got an inter-species romance on their hands.. .and there are reasons they’d rather stay beneath the radar….good reasons.

          Not everyone is in favor of their kind of diversity, after all…

  2. I love these two! Very happy to see them again. Interesting to see them from outside their relationship this time. It draws out the intrigue and increases the concern for what’s going on. Definitely adds a layer of emotion to the whole thing.

    1. It’s fun, sometimes. , to see them through others. The Captain is making quite an effort here to see nothing that will prove what he clearly already instinctively knows, and doesn’t want to accept…he’s got no chance with T’Pol.

      But he sees enough, despite himself, to know that Trip and T’Pol are close – very close, especially now…

      He doesn’t really know yet how close, and how much of what’s between them he can’t see…

      He may or may not find out more about that, before too long…

  3. Happy birthday to the girl! *throws confetti and dons party hat* I’ve sent the monkeys to do an aerial fly-by but they’re not always the most dependable.

    Lots of unstated emotion brewing in this piece — all the subtle touches added that pull at the heart strings.

    1. Clearly, I was too busy birthday-ing to get back to your comment (and Monday brought the other birthday, the one with no living child to fete for getting a year older)…

      There are definitely feels in this scene – and a shift that’s going to pop up soon, and change – well, all the things….

      But I’m going to make you all wait for that one a bit…because NaNo….

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