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A Season of Reflection: ROW80 Round Three Goals

Are you ready to ROW?!

Have you ever stared into a mirror so long that you don’t

recognize the face that’s staring back at you?

Have you ever looked deeply at your life,

your goals, and your soul,

to see what’s reflected there?

That’s what Round Three is all about, for me. Since this is my Year of Exploration, I’m going to take the next 80 days to reflect on where I am and who I am, where I’d like to be, and who I’d like to be…

By the end of this round, I’ll have a better idea of what I want to focus on for the final quarter of the year, and the shape of things to come…

With that objective in mind, here are my Round Three goals…on Wednesday, I’ll break these down and announce my July goals and progress to date.

And now, hi ho, hi ho; it’s off to ROW I go!

Under Unsettled Skies. Indian Meadows Park Trail, Scotia, NY. Image by Shan Jeniah Burton.


Kifo Island Chronicles: Draft Sea Changes (KIC#3), using Cathy Yardley’s Rock Your Plot.

  • Sea Changes (KIC#3): Plotting about midway through. Next up: finish plotting; draft as a tertiary project for July and a secondary for the rest of round, until complete.

Star Trek Chronology Project: Rewatch Star Trek: Enterprise; complete through S4E3: “Home”.

The IDIC Romance:  Fit 2015 Story A Day May stories into existing, chronological Scrivener binder; fix continuity errors.

  • Created a chronological list of all 31 stories; this relatively simple project will fit into smaller chunks of time without demanding lots of focus. Perfect for camping, or drafting/editing breaks. A tertiary focus until complete.

Trueborn Warp/Weft Series: Complete plotting Foul Deeds Will Rise: Trueborn Weft Series #2, using The Snowflake Method, and draft.

  • Running behind due to Life. No panic, – I’m enjoying the plotting process, and the book is starting to take shape well enough to feel almost real. I think drafting will be streamlined greatly using this process, and I’ll catch up fairly quickly once it commences (be end of day July 5, at the latest). Primary focus for July.
International Reflections. Tugboat Roundup, Erie Canal Lock Two, Waterford, NY. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.


Write1Sub1: Complete “Slow Jazz Awakening” using Rock Your Revisions; complete “Peach Liqueur Love” edits using Deep Revision, choose a market for “PLL”, and submit both. Choose final short story to revise in 2015.

  • Revision and submission are secondary goals for July; primary in August and September.

Chameleon’s Dish; Reread revised scenes and revision plan; complete revision of all plot and pinch points , using existing plan.

  • 11/24 scenes left to reach this goal; this will be tertiary for July, and primary thereafter.
  • I’m not as interested in how long the revision takes, as in attention to the process. I expect to get faster and better with practice.
Me, on the Atlantic Coast, reflecting. York, Maine. Photo by Eden F. Mabee.

Social Media:

ROW80: Submit sponsor post; keep visits up-to-date.

  • I’ve got a great idea for my sponsor post, nothing drafted yet. I’m all geared up to start making the rounds again on Sunday!

Blog Maintenance: Keep regular posting schedule, comments, and visits.

  • I’ve been doing well with posting; will maintain that, and up the ante a bit on commenting and visiting.

Blogging Action Plan: Revise plan; overhaul Lovely Chaos sidebar.

  • More changes to sidebar in the works;  plan revision will occur during less intense creative times, or as an interlude.

Share posts – mine, and others’: Share generously and variously as inspired!

  • Get out of my comfort zone a bit with this one, and explore some ideas…

Go on at least one social media adventure each week.

  • I’ve been treating this like a chore – time to have fun with it!
Reflections with Yorick; a beauty shop in Manhattan, NYC, NY. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.


Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly.

  • I’ve got a flow now; ride the waves, and continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life.

Homeschool Administration: Submit Annalise’s test results when received; develop IHIPs for 2015-2016; submit fourth quarter reports and Jeremiah’s Peer Review Panel form once the quarter ends on July 31 (due September 15).

  • These are good ‘productive fillers’.

Photo digitalization: Scan Arizona travel photos; save in organized files with backup.

  • Carried over from last round…
History, reflected. Annalise at Saratoga National Historical Park, Stillwater, NY, July 4, 2010. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.


Kindle ebooks by authors I know: Read 3, and write reviews for 5.

  • A tertiary, filler project for July; secondary focus for August and September.

NNWM local group: Attend write-ins regularly, and check in on the Facebook and Twitter groups as inspired. Complete three critiques.

  • Make the checking-in part of my social media routine. Two critique projects already queued and waiting…

Meditation: Practice meditation four times a week. Experiment with five new techniques.

  • Increasing the frequency and variety will provide me with more options, and help create a habit.

Starfleet: Fill out application and attend at least one USS Albany group meeting.

  • Make this a filler project for July – check on meeting time and complete application.

My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, several times each week.

  • Not a problem area; still, I don’t want to get swept away to the point where I forget to connect with my three favorite humans! =)
Kindle Triple Exposure (Enterprise, lodge, and me!). Pinewoods Campground, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.


Make one hour of physical activity a part of every day; use phone app to track.

  • I tend to get too sedentary when I’m intensely creatively focused; time to do something about that! Current goal: work up to an hour a day, as tracked by my phone (It’s not good at counting…so my actual level will be higher than it records).

Practice: Attend t’ai chi regularly; begin consistent at-home practice.

  • Add second class weekly. At home practice will provide even more goodness, between, and count as meditation and physical activity, besides.

Intuitive Eating: Read and begin considering.

Lake Reflections. Annalise at Unschoolers Rock the Campground, Plymouth, MA, July 2014. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton.

These goals are a part of Kait Nolan’s ROW80 Writing Challenge  – It’s also a blog hop – Find more ROWers right here!

Let this be your portal!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

8 thoughts on “A Season of Reflection: ROW80 Round Three Goals

  1. Impressive list of goals, Shan! But I am sure you will do fine. 🙂 Had to check out some of you links too — the Write1Sub1 looks very interesting! If I can remember, maybe I’ll do it next year.

    1. I do love my goals. I’ll be streamlining, at Sunday’s check-in, now that I’ve had most of a month to see what I can and can’t get to…

      A lot of drafting, this week, and not so very much else…

      I plan on getting caught up with the Sub1 part from August – December, because it won’t be happening in July!

    1. So far, it’s been – life. July is not my easiest month; but I am moving forward, and trying to deal with each moment as it comes…

      Which, in the end, is all I can do….

    1. I loved that the show came out in that one! In case you need to know, the episode is “Breaking the Ice” from Season One. =)

      I love my collection of goals…some may not stay the round, but that’s the fun of options! =)

  2. I once did an exercise where I had to sit, alone, in front of my mirror for five whole minutes. It was torture! Self examination makes me squirm, like a fish hauled onto land. Anything to slink back in to ‘un-awareness’. Thankfully, once done, I realised it takes a lot more effort to pretend to be unaware. I readily admit that I prefer to face my metaphorical self, rather than the one in the mirror.

    1. I used to do that, as a teen, late at night when everyone else was asleep…and it really did get to feel like there was a stranger there looking back…

      I like self-examination, and age and experience (and shifting from a cynical framework to a more positive one) have made me really like that face in the mirror. She may not be classically lovely, but there’s laughter and fire in her eyes, and she’s got character!

      Facing My Metaphorical Self would be a great name for a book of poetry….

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