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Growing in a New Direction: May 31, 2015 (Well,OK, June 1….)

ROWin’ on to the end of Round Two!

Okay, I know that date up there is just a bit, shall we say, outdated. I went wandering in my mind, Sunday, as the weather shifted from hot to chilly and wet, and as I prepared to move from May and into June – and the day just kind of got away from me…

I seem to need that, when I transition from one major focus to another.

It’s exacerbated this time by the weather, and a full moon, a daughter still dealing with residual hormonal messiness, and…

I’m moving from a month of shameless reveling in something I loved writing – The IDIC Romance – to something Completely Different.  I’m no less passionate about the story I’m about to return to…

But it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a story that’s grabbed me, demanded to be told…and it delves into some of the darker and uglier places the human soul can hold. It won’t be easy, or especially comfortable – but, for so many reasons, I know that this story I wish I didn’t have in my head and my soul is the one I need to write.

Growth is often uncomfortable, uncertain, and unsettling, like the weather tonight…but to refuse to grow when there’s a need is to stagnate.

But first, this slightly belated update. I’ll be posting my End of May Round Two Update and June goals on Wednesday; for now, here’s how my May goals ended up.

My final Story a Day tales:

  • Interspecies Medical Exchange:  Doctor Phlox observes and contemplates interspecies interaction in his Sickbay.
  • Not Jealousy:  Confronted with too much evidence of a relationship he doesn’t want to accept, Captain Archer chooses denial…
  • Artistry in the Aftermath:In the wake of tragedy, Trip learns that T’Pol has a previously-undiscovered artistic side.
  • Promises and Choices: An unseen witness to a private interlude contemplates its impact upon four lives.

And the long-awaited May 22 story (nearly 8K words!)

  • “A Watched Kettle”:T’Pol’s got a secret mission from the Vulcan High Command, and only Trip can see how ‘agitated’ it’s making her….

The Big Scoop on what I’ve been up to this week is at Second Serving Sunday.

Color-coding key:

  • Goal attained (for the session, or the round) = blue with overstrike.

  • Goal in progress (for the session or the round) = green.

  • Goal-in-waiting (for the round) = red.


Continue Kifo Island Chronicles Series:

  • Sea Changes: (KIC#3): Complete all planning and plotting; ready to go for JuNoWriMo. Next up: Complete Rock Your Plot Premise Testing Exercises; set plot/pinch points for all.

The IDIC Romance:

  • Draft 31 Story a Day May Trip and T’Pol stories. Use prompts.31/31 stories drafted, and over 100,000K new words since the beginning of May! So much fun, and they aren’t done with me yet… =) Next up, compiling the current stories with the existing IDIC Romance stories, in chronological order; notes and explorations for future story as inspired….


  • Complete revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening” using Rock Your Revisions;  and submit. Rereading scenes and notes, compiling revision planning notes; nothing new this session: 2/16 scenes complete. Organic adaptations to general to-do list for next revision pass. Next up: Continue rereading scenes and notes; create revision pass plan, and carrying this goal into June.

  • Move “Peach Liqueur Love” through Step 3 of Sarah Selecky’s  Deep Revision exercises. Nothing new this session. Next up: Exercise #2; carrying into June.


  • Complete all sponsor visits on time; visit 3 other blog hop and challenge participants each day, on average. Not so much on the visiting; I got a little swept away by the stories, this session.
  • Clean up/update blog sidebar. Nothing new. Next up: Play with some widgets! =D
  • Beginning May 1, a post for each day’s #StaD story. Post stories,snippets, story sparks; or related essays on progress or process. Mostly stories and snippets. Next up: A wrap-up post.


  • Continue with hometending. At least 5 days weekly; include decluttering and yard projects minimum of 3 days. 4/5 days; 5/3 yard/declutter. Mellow to moderate activity level here, more outdoor stuff. “Off” week. Next up: Continue this trend, paying attention to my own needs for activity and rest.


  • Continue one-on-one time with all beloveds; online and in-person writerly socialization; time with friends; social media. Blogs and comments; a bit of Facebook; write-ins; hangout time with each of my beloveds. Much, much time with a growing-up girl. Next up: More.
  • Expand and extend in ways that feel natural and challenging without forcing. Try two new things each week. 2/2regular night walks/chats with my daughter; planting new flowerbed. Next up….something new. Like JuNoWriMo….


  • Continue physical activity and exercise – 3 times/week at minimum. 5/3: Home and yardtending; t’ai chi, walks, a little dancing. Next up: More moving; more tending; more exercise; more t’ai chi.
  • Attend t’ai chi weekly. One at-home practice move per week. This week’s move: Cloud Hands. Not much practice here, this session. Next up: Possibly attend Thursday class. Practice. Because practice makes better.
  • Meditate/Intentions journal twice weekly. 3 /2: Breathing meditation, t’ai chi with standing meditation; 3 /2: Intentions Journal exploration and writing. Next up: Keep on with these; increase frequency.

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