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Fluid Growth: May 6, 2015

ROWin’ my Way down the river of May!


Ever feel like life’s running like a river? Not in a cliché, everything’s smooth and perfect kind of way – I mean like a real river – with tributaries and currents, driftwood and river plants, squishy places and sudden deeps, floods and drying up, turtles, eddies, whirlpools – maybe even rapids and waterfalls and little still pools off to the side…

Yup, that’s my May, so far. I’m sometimes swimming hard, sometimes bobbing along in a tumult, sometimes floating gracefully, treading water, spluttering as I try to stay afloat…

And all the while, I’m awash in creation, ideas, images, snippets of conversation…and stories…

My three most recent Story a Day tales:

On Sunday, I made May goals changes. Today, I updated my Round 2 goals,  and 2015 goals.

Color-coding key:

  • Goal attained (for the session, or the round) = blue with overstrike.

  • Goal in progress (for the session or the round) = green.

  • Goal-in-waiting (for the round) = red.

“My Liquid Laugh”. Poem by Shan Jeniah Burton, October 2014.


Continue Kifo Island Chronicles Series:

  • Each day in May, engage in playful StaD exploration of this world, using all or part of the day’s prompts for any stories or fragments that appear. 3 /5. Sunday‘s done; Monday’s and Tuesday’s percolating. Next up: catch up and keep going!
  • Generations (KIC#2): Continue writing a minimum of 1 scene/week; will be a back burner project till June. Scene 3/24 complete; 6,481/~50Kwords. Percolating scene 4. Next up: Keep going…
  • Sea Changes: (KIC#3): Complete all planning and plotting; ready to go for JuNoWriMo. This will happen piecemeal, for now…beginning with rereading all background material and stories for the POV characters.

Draft 31 Story a Day May Trip and T’Pol stories. Use prompts.

  • 5/31 stories drafted; notes for 15/31 stories transcribed/revised. Created list for the undeveloped ideas breeding like tribbles; will continue to update roughly daily. This is my primary focus until the challenge is completed; focusing on transcriptions that are candidates for the current day’s prompt. Next up, drafting remaining 26 daily stories, and completing note transcription/development for the remaining 16 ideas.


  • Complete revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening” and submit.  Highlighting/comments complete for Scene 12/16. More epiphanies, and a clearer sense of this story and my next steps. Next up, complete highlighting and comments for remaining 4 scenes, then create to-do list for next revision pass.

  • Move “Peach Liqueur Love” through Step 3 of Sarah Selecky’s Deep Revision exercises.  I’ll begin this after finishing the revision notes for “SJA”, above, and alternate between these projects from that point, allowing one to rest while working on the other. Begin by rereading story, existing material, and relevant exercises.


  • Complete all sponsor visits on time; visit an average of 3 other blog hop and challenge participants each day. 2/3 Sunday; 8/3 Monday; 0/3 Tuesday. On average, I’m ahead. Next up: cement this into habit country.
  • Clean up/update blog sidebar. Updated challenges; explored some new widget ideas. Next up: Play with some widgets! =D
  • Beginning May 1, post for StaD each day – a story; a snippet, a story spark; or an essay on progress or process.  Running about a day behind with posting.  Next up: Continue, and aim for better timing/integration. I’m aiming, but not on top of this yet. Might adapt, if it’s still a no-go on Sunday.

    Anybdsy home? Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton, February 2015.


  • Continue with hometending. At least 5 days weekly; include decluttering and yard projects minimum of 3 days. 3/5 days; 1/3 yard/declutter. Moderate yard/general hometending/declutter/laundry on Sundayl hometending on Monday/Tuesday. Next up: Continue this trend!


  • Continue one-on-one time with all beloveds; online and in-person writerly socialization; time with friends; social media. Blogs and comments; a bit of Facebook; snuggling, chatting, and art with daughter; chatting and planning, and helping son with a project. Watched most of a Brosnan/Berry Bond movie and couples’ time with my Accomplice. Write-in with friends. Next up: More of this! =D
  • Expand and extend in ways that feel natural and challenging without forcing. Try two new things each week. 0/2 new things. Next up….we’ll see!


  • Continue physical activity and exercise – 3 times/week at minimum. 4/3: Yardtending/decluttering Sunday. T’ai chi, weights,  and lots of walking on Tuesday. Next up: More moving; more tending; more exercise; more t’ai chi!
  • Attend t’ai chi weekly. Add one at-home practice move per week. This week’s move: Cloud Hands. Watched two videos. Next up: Practice. Because practice makes better.
  • Meditate/Intentions journal twice weekly. 1 /2: Meditation; t’ai chi. 0 /2: Intentions Journal. Next up: Cement meditation habit; catch up with Intentions journal.

So, are you bobbing along, floundering, or finding the ROWing smooth? Drop me a line – I’d love to know!

And, if you want to ROW along the ROW80 Blog Hop River or join in, make the icon your portal, and the water’s fine!



Willamette River Valley Sunset…Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton, February 2015.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

4 thoughts on “Fluid Growth: May 6, 2015

  1. Yes May seems to be a busy but exciting month. We will go to the Hay Festival in Hay on Wye in two or three weeks time. Will see one of my step-daughters favourite authors. Here you can find out more about it ( The whole family is going and I am so looking forward to it. We have not been away on holiday for two years and all of us are itching with getting on the road again….. good luck with your goals and I wish you that the river is calmer than you fear but more exciting than you expect 🙂

    1. It looks fascinating!

      The kids and I will be attending Art All Night in New Jersey in June, and Unschoolers Rock the Campground in Plymouth, MA, at the end of July. The campground we’ve done for the last several years; it’s at the top of our social calendar, because we get to see people we only see there…

      The Art Festival will be a completely new experience….

      As for the river – it seems calm and reflective today. The full moon led to nocturnal kids. Jeremiah’s asleep, now, at 2pm, and Annalise is drawing Five Nights at Freddy’s characters in her room, after we shared some chocolate chip cookies and mother-daughter time together…

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