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Adrian’s Sticky Note and Other Little Things: WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! She may be less physically present for a bit, but she’s still our fearless shepherd!

Today’s WIPpet is brought to you by Story a Day May and a couple of old friends some of you have been waiting for…

Oh, yes – they’re back! And with them comes the obligatory disclaimer:


  • T’Pol and Trip are the property of Paramount; no copyright infringement is intended; and no money is being made from this writing…it’s simply an act of passion for characters they abandoned!

  • This story contains mild suggestiveness.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is May 6, 2015.
  • I added the month and day (5+6=11), then added one…for baby Elizabeth.
  • Twelve mostly short paragraphs today.

Today’s snippet uses several prompts. The official” Story A Day prompt was to write a story rich in setting (I get better at this as I revise, usually, but I tried). A guest prompt from Seanan McGuire offered this phrase: “Some little things got left out, and a little means a lot.” That becomes important later in the story. And, although you have to read the full version to find out how, I also used a “sticky note” as an integral plot device. That prompt came from fellow WIPpeteer Adrian Smith, who gets to throw me a word for every 10K she writes, until her story is finished. (I’ll do that for anyone who’s interested; I love the challenge of fitting in oddball words from other people’s heads!).

A bit of setup… (and a warning to stop here, if you don’t want spoilers!)

Trip and T’Pol’s baby daughter, Elizabeth, has just died as a result of the flawed cloning process that created her without their knowledge (It’s complicated; there was a human supremacy plot…). This is the aftermath, and my scene picks up right where this one leaves off…

“It’s the Little Things…”

Her hand was shaking, and her fingers clutched at him. The golden chain of her IDIC dropped over his leg. In the wombike dimness, there was something so intimate in the touch, the silence filled only with their breath and Elizabeth’s death. God, was it only days ago that she had told him that she didn’t know how they had a baby, but that she was certain she could feel their child – ?

“Oh, hell, T’Pol, this hurts so bad. How the hell are we supposed to get through this?”

That’s when the first tear slipped down her cheek, then another, and another. “We grieve together, Trip. We grieve as her family. We grieve, and we remember.” It was just a faint little whisper, like she didn’t have the energy for more. But her words were strong. Strength and fragility in one beautiful, confounding, complicated package.

Trip was very aware of her tears, her trembling fingers, the pressure of her warmer-than-human hand on his thigh…and the tiny weights of the chain and what was in his chest pocket, over his heart.

The trace of citrus and sandalwood in the air, with a strong mineral lacing…oh, damn.

“Her family…yeah, I guess we’re that, forever.” He wanted to rub his mouth, but with his other arm in a sling, he had to settle for sticking his tongue in his cheek.


“The connection is indelible.” She was unsure how he would feel about that; less so how he would feel when he learned that the bond between them was, as well. Would he find it comforting, or confining? He had suggested that they might try to conceive a child; did that come from his pain and loss, or was it a desire to share life with her, in some manner?

His cool fingers held to hers, intimate, strong, capable…fingers that had calibrated fine micro-circuitry, maintained the most powerful engine his people had ever invented, stroked their daughter’s cheek, mastered neuropressure, ouz’hestas, and caresses that sent her spiraling into the ecstasy of sexual release…

“You OK?” His voice was soft and rough; he tipped his head and used the same tone he had five years ago, when he had first asked. Then, she hadn’t understood.

“No. Are you?”

“Not even close.” He squeezed her hand; the pleasure rippled through her, building to a quiver. Dangerous, to have touched him so. More so by far, to persist in doing so.


What’s next for our grieving parents? Can they heal together, or will this mean the end of their relationship?

Now, usually, I leave you hanging. This time, though, I can say that the series finale that followed this episode was – unsatisfactory, to say the least. It jumped six years into the future, and TnT weren’t a couple anymore, if the holodeck programming on Enterprise-D (Captain Picard‘s ship) is to be believed (I’m inclined to think it’s not). No reason was given as to why…


I’m coming up with something better. Because I’m a writer, and that’s what we do!

You can read the rest of this story, and my other non-chronological Story A Day TnT entries, at these links:

Need more, non-Trek WIPpet Snippets? Well, hop onto the little blue froggy;we’ve got a WIPpet lily-pads to choose from! And may you all have a delightful week –  I’m off to play with TnT, empires and news stories! =D  


And, let’s end with a video tribute to baby Elizabeth and her parents, with delicious vocals by Alison Krauss


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

18 thoughts on “Adrian’s Sticky Note and Other Little Things: WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Wow. That’s so sad. It’s beautiful that it’s brought them closer together, but so tragic that it is through such a painful experience. I definitely felt sorrow right along with them. I’m glad you’re going to give them something better than what the show’s creators gave them. They’ve earned something better, and you do such a good job with them.

    1. Although I think it’s more like they do a good job with me – I hear and feel them both loud and clear.

      You’re right – these two definitely earned their something better. Handholding is a start – but it’s not even close to enough….

  2. Excellent excerpt, Shan. These two totally deserve the solace you intend to give them!

    (And what a cop out on the part of the writers of the series! They were probably afraid of jumping the shark …)

    1. The official word from the creators was that they wanted to ‘give the viewers a gift’, and tie all the series together…

      But, in the few seconds of “If a human and a Vulcan ever decided to have a child…”, they tie into the existence of Spock, and with T’Pol grabbing hold of Trip’s hand for comfort, they echo their first filmed interaction, when she turns her back on Trip’s offered handshake.

      Much as I can’t just leave them sitting there hurting, I think it’s like a scene that goes on five paragraphs too long- that was a perfect, bittersweet, profound ending – and then, they tried to orchestrate a big-ratings ending, and futzed it all up…

      I’m so happy I’ve got a way to get around the last episode without actually violating series canon, and I’m getting eager to start writing it. =)

    1. Honestly, it does get less anguish-filled by the end of the story. I’m not as cruel as the writers of this episode…I give them more to hold onto, and maybe even a way to move forward….

      Because they’ve already endured too much to be left like that…

  3. Oh, wow. So heartbreaking. I can feel the raw grief here.

    It’s hard to write things that carry our own emotions so deeply. Much love to you.

    1. It’s hard to write them, but, sometimes, it’s also necessary.

      And cathartic.

      And I couldn’t – couldn’t! leave these two sitting like that, with their grief so new and raw…

      I had to give them a literary hug, a support network, and the comfort of each other…

      And the love is gratefully accepted.

    1. Unbearably real. But, somehow, writing about it, even this obliquely, helps. And having lived through a version of this makes me desperate to give T’Pol and Trip whatever solace and joy they can have…

  4. I know how you were able to reach these depths, Shan. I love you, and so many hugs.

    Back when I first wrote about Kieri as a character, I’d planned on him being the child Alanii never knew existed until he was born, created as a political tool… A few years back I came to realize that Kieri’s mother didn’t know what had been done to her either until it was too late. I can picture Trip and T’Pol’s anguish here… not as well as they can, but to be used the way they were, to love each other and see that combination of their lives and souls in flesh and see the child used and mal-used by others.

    Nicely done.

    1. I seem to need to fictionally delve this minefield every May and June – because there’s no way I can write these stories in July.


      Not flinging myself off THAT precipice!

      How sad for Kieri’s parents to have been used that way – and to say it didn’t turn out so well for Kieri, either, would be a gross understatement….

      As for Trip and T’Pol – they were at a pivotal point in their relationship, after a LOT of obstacles (if you ever finish Season 3 and watch Season 4, you’ll understand better than I can explain in a comment). There’s mistrust – Trip can’t see how they could have a baby who’s inarguably theirs that T’Pol didn’t know about. And Phlox did every test he knew of, some twice, and all pointed absolutely to them being the parents of this baby, whose location they don’t even know (a dying woman gave T’Pol a vial with a few strands of the baby’s hair inside).

      It doesn’t help that T’Pol’s Vulcanness seems threatening to Trip, right now, for other reasons, and that she can sense the existence of the child, while he can’t, or that she can’t explain it, but claims she’s never been pregnant…

      It’s not a good or easy situation, for either of them – until they meet their daughter, and the instant connection is palpable. T’Pol gets all mama-sehlat, protecting her child; Trip gets a little wild, trying to get them all out of there…

      And then, after getting her back to Enterprise, to find out that she’s got a death sentence no one can do anything about –

      Oh, yes, I know that feeling…

      I’m so glad they turned toward each other, and something inside me won’t accept that they ever turn away again – this child and her death are the catalyst that cements them, and that last episode is just wrong (no, really – it’s as badly executed as this episode was brilliant. It reminds me of TOS “All Our Yesterdays” (the one with Zarabeth), and then “The Turnabout Intruder” (the body swap with JTK and Janet Lester). The series finale was so inferior to the episode that preceded it, in both….

      But you know me. I’m working around it, and, natch, Spock comes to the rescue! =)

  5. I love the emotions in this. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to lose a child you didn’t even know you had, but there’s comfort in having someone to grieve with.

    1. That’s exactly how I felt, when I watched the end of this episode for the first time, …and every time since. It was beautifully written, brilliantly acted by everyone, but especially Connor Trinneer and Jolene Blalock…

      I’ve stood with my own mate, staring down at our child, wondering if he would live or die. I’ve lived through the aftermath.

      It was the single most shattering experience in my life, and we knew we would have a child, had months to accept the reality he would bring.

      The violation of the cloning, and the casual use of the resulting baby as a playing piece, then discarding her, adds a rather horrific edge to the pain. It’s something Trip and T’Pol will always have in common, and although they can’t and won’t grieve the same way, any more than my Accomplice and I did (and still do; it’s not a pain that ever really ends, only dulls like a river pebble over time) I think they will grieve together.

      I honestly wish the show had ended on that last scene, when T’Pol almost grabs Trip’s hand to get and give comfort. It is perfect on every possible level.

  6. 😦 Wow. You have really been on a rip-out-the-heart streak, haven’t you? That’s horrible. I imagine it was shocking to learn they had a child at all when she’d never carried her, never had those intimate father-mother moments of Daddy singing to her belly or running across the universe to get her whatever Vulcan delicacy she craved at the moment. But to still have that connection to her child and then have her ripped away? Not fair on so many levels.

    1. Absolutely not fair. More, there are hints that suggest she may have been intentionally created with a fatal flaw, as a tool…

      So I didn’t rip out the hearts this time, but it’s always bothered me that the creators left them sitting there on that bed holding hands while their hearts broke together…

      I had to fix that. I love them both, and them each other, to leave it like that. I know the pain of losing a baby – but you’re right. We had nine months to share the pregnancy; twelve days to know him in person.

      And we had another child to provide solace…

      This situation sucked, but I think, in the end, these two will grow and heal together.

      I’m hoping this little nudge of a story helps …

  7. Ok, so I love that you’re giving us more of these characters, but based on the description I need to be totally honest and tell you I wasn’t in a place to read the whole thing. Too heart-breaking. 😦
    And I’m sure you did it too well for me to handle it…

    1. I totally understand this. I’ve had similar situations myself.

      Honestly, though, this one turns out better than I expected it might. There’s no way to get better than bittersweet, but they do get there.

      I appreciate your honesty, and, maybe, next week will be a happier story. You might enjoy “Cucumbers and Complements”, “Hero on the Catwalk”, or “Into the Sunset…” for happier right-now stuff. =D

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