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Shifting Spring Vision: March 15, 2015

ROWin’ merrily to the end of Round One! =)

Has Spring sprung where you are, or are you feeling the first notes of fall? How about your goals? Do you find that the shifting energy of the season motivates you to focus on them – or do you find yourself in a more chaotic place, mirroring transitional weather?

For me, the coming of spring means that I’m seeing things differently – new possibilities, new approaches, new focus. Like the first hints of greening grass finally emerging from beneath the snow pack, I’m growing…

My strategy of pulling only a few items at a time from my comprehensive goals lists is helping me to focus, and I’m making steady forward progress on the current round. I’ve completed one and added two, this session, and I’m feeling better about my ability to get my fan fiction story submitted, and my two April novellas plotted.

I am so ready for moments like this! =D

As for my revised goals, here’s how I’m doing:

Blue with overstrike = completed.

Green = in progress.

Red = goal-in-waiting.

  • Homeschool reports.  Both reports complete, proofed, and submitted three days early! Ahhhhhh, bliss!
  • Planning for my CampNaNo projects. I have two novellas to plan and plot, and I want to finish planning before April – even though there’s a long way to go. I now have a plan for how to plan to write the novellas. =) All character material reread. Ordering the relevant folders in progress. Next up, reading all experimental stories, and ordering them via list for later reference.
  • Blogging. My A-Z Challenge Intro post is partially completed – I’ve given it some thought. I’m caught up on ROW80 and other visits, this week. ROW80 visits and all #LoIsInDaBl posts are – finally, finally! – all caught up! I did all Wednesday WIPpet and ROW80 visits – on Wednesday! First time in way too long! I’ll begin drafting the A-Z post tonight or tomorrow.
  • Hometending and lifetending. More cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, and to resume my weekly workout at the Y, this week. More of all of the hometending projects; and some strenuous ice cleaning and firewood toting, too. The house is looking a LOT tidier… and I might even dive into the Chaos That Is Our Front Porch in the next week or two…
  • Revising and writing: Revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening” and completing Terry’s story. Terry’s story is complete – it only needed two paragraphs. Added some meta-writing and musings to the simmering broth of “SJA”. Copied out GMC for story; reread both character‘s existing info. Plot/pinch points sketched for both. T’Pol’s scene-by-scene GMCs fleshed out; Trip’s in progress. Next up, summaries for each scene.
  • Review and adapt goals lists for February, March, Round One, and 2015. Assessing where I am and where I want to be, and adjust accordingly. February comments/tally; Round One Writing and Editing; and 2015 Writing comments completed. Next up, continuing comments on Round One and 2015, and writing February/March update.
  • Prepare posts for the rest of the week. WIPpet Wednesday post was ready and posted at midnight! My first Eight Sentence Sunday post was scheduled Thursday night for Saturday posting; SoCS on Friday night for Saturday. My ROW80 post is progressing, right here. Began setup (Feb. posts and intro) for Second Serving Sunday. Will continue into Sunday, if need be, and begin my C and C A-Z post by Sunday night.
  • Continue editing/sharing photos from our Oregon trip. Edited up through our first walk on the 18, and added most to Flickr. Next up, more Flickr uploads.
Spring really IS on its way, Nature Girl!

Two new goals this time around:

  • Sign up as a Round Two sponsor.

You’ve reached the end of my goals, so why not pop by and visit another ROWer – or maybe several? And, whatever the season where you are, may it be a joyful one for you and yours! =)

I’m ready for spring….are you?



I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

15 thoughts on “Shifting Spring Vision: March 15, 2015

  1. I need to review my goals and progress. I missed doing an update/review for February/March. I can still do an overview, technically there is still time. 🙂 The show just took up so much time in the last three weeks that everything else became a back burner item. Life is good though. And you are right, Spring is here (mostly) and the hubs and I’s anniversary is Friday (actual 1st day of Spring).

    Have a stellar week, Shan!!

  2. Well there’s plenty of crossing out, Shan, so you’re definitely achieving! 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for the link and I’ll look forward to your walks. My mood is all over the place because Spring is here one minute and gone the next. A bit like me 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about that all over the place mood. It was single digits (F, not C!), when we left here. Oregon was in lush, blooming spring…and then we came home to feet of snow again…a little bit of a mind twister!

      It feels good to be able to get back into a rhythm, and to allow time and space to begin to absorb the experience.

      I’m looking forward to sharing several Oregon walks, and a few other springtime excursions, if I can find the time to prepare them – I’ve got a lot of projects and goals for the spring.

      See you soon.

  3. Hello, Shan. I spotted your update on Google+ and jumped right over, intrigued by your lovely pictures of spring. Surprise! In addition to your well organized check-in for ROW80, I found a motivational message just for me . . . as I was thinking about not posting at all today. Thank you for encouraging your readers and in celebrating your fine progress. Enjoy spring! I’m off to post my Sunday check-in!

    1. Beth, that tickles me so much! Sometimes things are happening beneath the surface – like the new shoots getting ready to poke up – and not much shows from the surface. I’m heading over to read your check -in! =)

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