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WIPpet Wednesday: “…Claim Me As Your Valentine”

Do you like to WIPpet?


Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys! First up – I’ll be in Oregon next week and  the one after.  I’ll schedule my posts, but might not  get back to answer comments or visit.  I’m gonna miss you guys!

Guess who’s back, just for this week, to tempt and tease?

Disclaimers: T’Pol, Trip, and all the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended. I just want to play with them, and I’m careful! Ive done my best to extrapolate without violating series canon.

This snippet from The IDIC Romance, my Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, occurs during the climactic Season 3 episode, Zero Hour – February 14, 2154.  After a year of trauma, rifts,  and personal crisis,  TnT are finally growing closer again. T’Pol just floored Trip with a sudden and irresistible seduction…and now, the aftermath…and after the snippet, I’ve got another sweet treat for you! ❤

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is February 11, 2015.
  • Math: None, except that it’s a Valentine’s Day story….and you’re welcome.

Warnings: A mite spoilery, as in we see some of how the relationship might progress. Also quite first-drafty.

T’Pol recovered herself to find Trip was watching her. He seemed both very pleasantly surprised, and worried. Perhaps other things, as well.

“You feel so much, at once. Doesn’t it confuse you?”

“You’ve met me, right?” He grinned, but studied her closely. “I’m doing this a bit ass-backwards, but, are you OK? You had me scared for a minute or two, there – I think you fainted – and then you made me forget that I was scared…”

“I am – perhaps more ‘OK” than I have been in – in far too long.” She pulled him in for another deep kiss. “I have missed this…t’hy’la.”

“Mind if I point out that you could have had it, anytime?”

“Only if you will accept my word that it’s not true in the sense you believe.”

“I’m suddenly getting the idea that there’s a lot I don’t know here.” His touch was gentle, and his concern deepened. “Am I making things worse again?”

“You are offering perhaps the deepest of healing.”


She meant it. He could almost feel it – the release of all that desperate control, the crumbling of the walls she’d held.

He wanted to charge in, storm the castle, and claim the lovely princess for his own…

But this was no fairy tale – and she’d been through hell – might still be in hell, even now, beneath the flush of release. At best, she was fragile – and in command. Aww, hell.

Trip found himself chuckling. “The Captain expects you to keep me in line, remember?”

“Perhaps, then, I should evaluate your performance, and give him a comprehensive report?”

“Aww, pepperpot.” He embraced her, settled her head on his shoulder, and sighed. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

Damned if he was even gonna try to pin her down on this one. Nope. This time, he was just gonna enjoy the moment, and not try to make one thing out of it that it wasn’t. Besides, soon, she was going to get up and get back to work – and he wanted her to be able to do that without worrying about him.

Now, she craned her neck to look at him upside down. “You’ve used that appellation before. I find myself – most curious as to its origin.”

“Good. ‘Bout time I had you wondering about something, ‘stead of the other way ’round. Hey, what time is it?”

She glanced at her monitor, and then he felt her start to gather herself. “We were due in the Command Center fifteen minutes ago,” she said, and stretched against him with a decadence that made him groan. “We are quite late – I had forgotten.” And still, she didn’t quite seem to be able to pull herself away ….she kissed him again, and her paired fingers caught at his, in that delightful kissing that didn’t look like kissing, and her quiver made him wish, for a minute, that they were the two lowest peons in the chain of command, instead of the highest.

She seemed to have forgotten again, already, judging by her dreamy-sultry eyes. “Hey, pepperpot?”


“You. Me. Clothes. Work.” He held her shoulders and formed each syllable distinctly; she seemed to need that. Whatever had broken down those walls she’d had up for so long seemed to have her feeling a hell of a lot more than thinking, and he hoped he hadn’t made it impossible for her to do her job.

T’Pol actually made a face as though she’d eaten an especially tart lemon whole. She met his eyes; hers held a teasing light. “Awww, hell.”

That sent Trip into raucous laughter; she gave him that special little head tip that said she thought his sanity was in serious question, and got up smoothly – just as the comm signaled. “Bridge to T’Pol.”

“Damn, pepperpot – they caught you.”

“This is true.” She walked, stark naked and delicious, to the comm. “But only you, Trip, can claim me as your Valentine. T’Pol here.”

She was all business as she acknowledged the call – except for that smoldering way she was looking at him, and the brazenness of the way she stood there, unabashedly nude.

What‘s next? Will their tryst be discovered? Will T’Pol actually write an evaluation for the captain? Will Trip be able to resist a naked and smoldering Vulcan who’s finally open to passion again?

Well, you’ll have to keep guessing, at least for a while…but I did promise another surprise, and here it is:


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

15 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: “…Claim Me As Your Valentine”

  1. I love their chemistry and the way it absolutely *crackles* between them. I’m glad she decided to let you know just who and what you were going to be writing about, because flirty, openly-sensual T’Pol is just downright AWESOME. Trip’s one lucky man, even if he’s not quite sure what just hit him. :p

    1. They definitely crackle, those two – even when they’re fighting, but definitely at moments like this. And I agree with you wholeheartedly – flirty, openly-sensual T’Pol is AWESOME – and, oh, so much fun to write.

      I don’t think she really knew anything about that side of herself, before Trip.

      They’re both pretty lucky, but –

      There’s a lot of this day left to live through, and it isn’t going to be a chocolates and long-stem roses kind of Valentine’s Day, by ANY stretch of the imagination. There will be deep trauma, by the end of it…

      And that’s all I’m saying, for now. =)

  2. “At best, she was fragile – and in command.” This is such an awesome description that really shows both sides of her complicated self. This entire piece gives us a different side of her. When she cracks wise with the “Awwww, hell.” I think I was laughing as hard as Trip.

    1. It’s a particularly nebulous moment. Together, they’ve just eliminated an imminent threat, but there’s another, to Earth, and they don’t know how that mission is progressing.

      T’Pol is still dealing with a high magnitude personal crisis Trip doesn’t know anything about. The interlude they’re sharing might never have happened, if not for that…Trip will find out about it soon, but he doesn’t know now…he only knows that there’s definitely something, and that it’s a big deal to her.

      And, yeah, her, “Aww, hell,” is pretty terrific…a playful side of T’Pol we don’t get to see very often (and no one gets to see the way Trip does).

      Of course, it’s still gonna be a wild ride for some time to come, but I’m happy they got to have this sweet and unexpected little interlude. It’s gonna need to fortify them for a while.

      Happy to entertain you! =)

    1. This isn’t the original series, but the last one televised, on the Paramount station, 2001-2005. Scott Bakula, who is now on NCIS: New Orleans, and used to be the Quantum Leap guy, plays Captain Archer.

      The premise is that they have the first starship capable of deep space exploration – this storyline is set about 100 years before the original series, so there’s a lot of initial bumbling, and a LOT of conflict between Archer and his Vulcan first officer, T’Pol. She’s got much more experience than any of the human crew, and it takes some time for all of them to deal with the things that don’t translate across species.

      Obviously, she and Trip, the Chief Engineer, have figured out a much more intimate way of relating to one another. It hasn’t been anything like easy, though.

      I can’t imagine T’Pol being a ‘sweetheart’ or a ‘darling’. She – well, she’s not very sweet. But ‘pepperpot’ seems to suit her, and I’m pretty sure Trip would need some nickname to call her by, to cement the fact that their relationship is special.

  3. I totally read this even though there was spoiler risk. I love romance. And I love these two! What a fantastic dynamic between them, and you write them so well. I ship them already, and I’m only a couple episodes in still LOL

    1. They really are, as Trip says, a helluva team. It’s been an incredibly hard year, for them as individuals, for their relationship, and for the entire crew. I won’t be spoilery by telling you why….but this moment is a brief respite – and one I think they really needed.

      A couple of episodes in, you’re going to have a rather long wait for them to get their collective acts together – but you can have a LOT of fun watching for the tiny little clues of things to come, too!

      I don’t so much write them as they write themselves, but thanks! =)

  4. What a lovely, sweet moment between them, yet there’s the humor as well. I absolutely love how she teases him but is simultaneously SO serious. It cracks me up every time that she can go from these tender ad flirtatious and sexy moments to being utterly professional. She’s fascinating. No wonder Trip likes her so much!

    1. Well, she did put quotes around it… *giggles*. Trip brings out unexpected parts of her, sometimes…

      It was fun to revisit them. They don’t like to be left alone too long. And they’re both a little bossy about it. =)

  5. I love the line about the kissing that didn’t look like kissing. 🙂 It highlights the differences between them a bit. I also love that they’re late because the Vulcan forgot. 😀 That is great.

    So… just guessing, but this scene comes after that last one I read, yes? After T’Pol has realized what’s been happening with her?

    1. Yes, they’re definitely different, and T’Pol’s kisses come with added benefits…

      It’s been a rough couple of days, and she’s been in command. I don’t think she’s taken time to meditate or sleep. And she and Trip have just saved the ship, and a huge tract of space, possibly the known galaxy and beyond…

      This story is actually set about a year before the events in the last two stories I shared. Both Trip and T’Pol have had personal crises- Trip knows that something was troubling TPol, but he doesn’t know yet what that was….

      They are bonded, but don’t know it yet. It does affect the choices they make, and draws them together…but there’s going to be a lot of angst ahead, before they get to the point of the previous stories.

      Sorry if I’m confusing you by going out of sequence. I write ’em as TnT demand them! =D

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